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  • How many photos should be sent along with the supporting documents? I have concurrently e-filed I765 and I131 renewals.

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  • Just a warning. The one and only time I filed an ammended return, I was audited. Therefore, I am assuming that ammending a return could cause greater scrutiny by the IRS. Even though my audit went fine, it is a PITA.

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  • If so, an inner lip tattoo may

  • sbind,

    Going to Initial Review after approval is scary but normal when you get done FP after approval. I think if you have the I-797 approval then there is nothing to worry about. If you follow a thread in tracki*t you will know that couple of people also got similar status change after FP.

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  • from the day of check encashment,

    when do we expect EAD in mail
    when do we expect receipt
    when do we expect AP

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  • count me too..
    Eb2 pd dec 04

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  • For this reason IV should stop posting any strategy and plans on www that is accessible to everyone.

    With due respect to your contribution to Immigration Voice, I completely disagree with you. I don't think there is anything wrong in discussing strategies on IV. Actually people will support that not discussing strategies among members have created more damage to us then discussing and let antis know about them.

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  • you try these lip tattoos?

  • I am in IL, about 130 miles from Chicago. Please add me to the chapter.

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  • Here is more detail about the degree from University of Melbourne
    Melbourne students set to study online : News : The University of Melbourne (

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  • My I485 is pending, recently I have changed my address online. I also recieved confirmation letters for this address change.

    After 2 weeks of address change, USCIS issued an RFE. I have not yet received it, but I just want to prepare for this.

    What could be the reason for this RFE? Is it common?

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  • Background:

    My wife did her MS from US university and is currently on OPT working with a small US Oil services company in Texas. Her OPT ends next May.


    Can a non E-Verify company file for H1 visa?

    Can a person extend their Drivers License in Texas during cap-gap? My wife's OPT ends next May and if her employer files H1 visa, can she work from May till October and extend her drivers license also?

    inner lip tattoos. Inner lip tattoo is one such
  • Inner lip tattoo is one such

  • HV000 thanks a lot for the information.

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  • Libra,
    I think everybody here appreciates your effort to get people to contribute. But use of such demeaning language is simply uncalled for.
    This approach will simply drive away new members and degrade IV's reputation.
    Another question is how do you know if somebody has not contributed. Maybe they did, but just didn't update their signature.
    I almost don't feel like visiting here anymore because of all this. Bu you know what, missions of IV are way more important to us.. so much that we are willing to put up with all this and help IV further its missions.

    Maybe, we should explore other avenue of making money, like banner ads and targeted SE ads.

    People who come here just to create threads and post all silly things need to get remind that this forum/organization is ran by members contribution, people like me who are contributing are allowing you to use this site. You better get this.

    And somebody said it right, to contribute someone has to be huMAN.

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  • More H1-B workers in the labor pool and in GC Line more outsourcing openings for Indian Companies ...:)

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  • I second to CC123. I had G-28 on everything. I got the EAD and AP directly. However, I did not get any original receipt notices from USCIS. My lawyer got the all original receipt notices.

    In our case got EAD directly, but AP went to Lawyer.

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  • I should clarify that is "better" to have same or similar job when you are on EAD so that you labor certification-based green card application has a good standing if it is challenged at any point by the USCIS - it is a safe bet if you have a similar job. When I say it is not a necessary condition - it means that you can get any job you like, since there is nothing noted on the EAD application like it is on H1-B (with specific wage and job descrition) and if there is a challenge to your application by the USCIS, your attorney might be able to find reasons to justify why you are not in a same or similar job.

    Again, to reiterate, as far as I remember, EAD renewal does not ask for job description. It is a simple application to issue an new card.

    Since your I-140 has been approved for more than 6 months, you are within your legal portability rights (so called AC-21 clause) to switch employers without jeopardizing your pending adjustment of status "AOS" I-485.

    My understanding is that one of two things might happen- either you will get an RFE or not. RFE can be triggered by many factors including notification from your previous employer to USCIS revoking the H1-B or other issues, including simple things like address changes. You can either provide AC-21 letter from your new employer when you get the RFE or do it proactively - listen to your attorney's advice on this.

    If no RFE and priority date is current, you should get your GC as if nothing else happened. If priority date is current and at the time of GC adjudication there is an RFE, your attorney should be able to help you respond.

    Don't sweat things too much - a lot of people have experienced life after the protective umbrella of H1-B and it is much nicer out here in the sun :)

    Just get a good attorney to represent you personally in case your new emplyer does not have an immigration attorney on retainer for other immigrant employees.

    Great..Thanks so much for your response. I will definitely consult an attorney as suggested by you, but your response gives me a ray of hope and clarifies quite a few things.

    So, does this mean that same or similar job may not have any meaning? Because, now since I have an EAD, I can change my job in any field and then when my priority date becomes current, I will get my GC if no RFE occurs.
    Also, does it also mean that once I have my I-140 approved and I-485 pending and also have my EAD, i don't need any kind of sponsoring or supporting documents from my new employer? I mean, can I apply to jobs that say Employer cannot sponsor a Visa or GC?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • The attorney gets the AP documents.

    I did get my EAD cards at home but the AP went to Attorney.

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  • Some employers won't provide us the receipt notices for our I-485 applications. Yeah, it is supposed to be OUR application but that's how they play this game. Attorney refuses to release the RNs without employer's permission.

    If we don't get our receipt notices, can we still change employer in 6 months using AC21. There must be a way out otherwise these suckers have an easy way to bypass AC21 laws...


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  • per my lawyer you can come back from EAD to H1 by filing a new H1 petition (if its past 6 years on H1, then you need some basis like approved I-140 or old LC). You will need to leave the US and return to activate the H1. So thats always an option if you jump to EAD.

    In your case, you can still file a H1 transfer, if it comes without an I-94 attached (meaning H1 got transferred, but status was not activated which typically happens when last H1 status ended more than a couple of weeks ago like in your case) all you need to do is leave the US and return some PoE where you will get hte new I-94

    When I talked to my lawyer few months ago he said the same thing.

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  • rounds: 3 volleys each (6 total rounds)
    theme: Heaven
    apps: Any
    image: psd exchange
    image size: Determined on 1st volley

    You go first. Then send me link to .psd file.

    Your 797 approval notice will have updated I94 which will supercede your previous I94. The new attached referes to your 797 number starting with "RAC" or "WAC" like that.
    You need to submit this one too along with any old ones you have when you leave the country.

    Lol, how abt employers (exclude body shoppers) deciding on what category you should belong to based on your performance. Because just getting a Masters degree from US school doesn't mean you are better than a Masters degree holder from a non-US school. And this is often proved in many MNCs.

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