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  • Today#39;s giveaway: quot;I Love Youquot;

  • We should try and get at least $500 today to get the momentum going.

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  • I hope you won't try to buy your potential mugger some beer! He's just going to drink the beer and still shoot you :)

    i'll take this as joke.

    Trust me, if he wants to kill you, he won't ask for your money.
    If he asks for your money/car, he doesn't intend to kill you.

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  • Hello Gurus,

    I too have changed employer (B) from july 1st and have not yet filed AC21.
    I have contacted attorney (who filed my GC and I-485) and he said he needs an authorization email from my old employer (A) to proceed further. I have asked my "A" for the authorization email and he is acting like he is not getting my emails. He is not answering my phone calls, even by mistake if he answers my call he is saying he will call me back, but never called me. i dont know whether he will revoke the I-140 which was approved in around April 2007.

    I don't know what exactly I need to do in this situation like to wait for old employers' call. He was very nice when I was his employee, but from the moment I left the company, he is a changed man.

    What are my best choices in this situation?

    BTW, I have paid all the legal expenses for H1s and GC processing.

    Looking forward to Guru's replies....

    You are not required to "file AC21" when you change employer. Please don't worry about anything here and let USCIS send you an RFE if they want about change of employer. and let your employer revoke your approved I-140 if he wants to. It will not affect you at all provided you've cpmpleted 180 days after filing your I-485.

    If the attorney is a company attorney, I suggest you file a new G-28 to either remove the attorney and take the case in your own hands, or hire another attorney who has nothign to do with your old company.

    You are good to go and you don't need to do anything about AC21. It's not a document that you have to file, It's a law that you can use to change employer after 180 days of I485 filing with an approved I-140.


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  • Sorry folks for creating one more thread...But i think its time to get energized again and start afresh( some people might not be looking into the IV call campaign...becuase of too much depression..resulting from the HORSE discussion last week in the senate..)

    People..start burning those phone lines again...

    Schedule on 23rd September - Tomorrow


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  • Interesting... someone doesn't like my post. Just wondering if it's those Anties?

    Didn't think my suggestion was that good that it merit your attention ;)

    Just so you know... I don't give two hoots for those red dots but thought I'll let you know: we're slow to get together but eventually we'll roll all over you :p

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  • Will CIS generate the Receipt notice first before transfering the application to the appropriate service center. ( like transfering the application from NSC -> TSC when the I-140 was approved at TSC but filed at NSC) .

    Any idea ? Any sign of Cheque cashing for the 2 july filers ????

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  • Hello Guys,
    We all have only 1 thing going on in our mind where every we go & what ever we do is about GC when it will arive. You see this offer & that offer. What you do ? nothing. Because you dont have EAD :confused: or GC :confused:

    So now is the time we all can get together start our effort. No one knows about the result. Atleast some day some one will hear our voice.

    This is my first visit to this web site. I have contributed $100 dollars.

    Please give help to achive this target. wether it is $1,5,10,20,100,200 etc.

    Best of luck & May god bless everyone !!

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  • Be Sorry that you are link ain;t workin:)

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  • Here's another article

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  • But the thing is how i am gonna prove that i am paying money every month $500 for my H1. In my Pay stub they are saying "CASH ADVANCE DEDUCTION" = $500

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  • Looks like this meeting is going to be fun..
    I'll try my best to make it..

    yes - and your presence is a must.

    Come on folks - lets all meet and make this a mega event

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  • just made some additional monetary contribution to the cause.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Quite frankly, I did not want to reply to your post, but your repitition above forces me to!

    1) You have NO idea what it was like to find a lobbyist ready to work with us given a) We are dealing with a very sensitive issue b) We had only 10K in cash (5K raised by core members) and another 10K promised again by the core team. Do a real exercise and get a lobbyist to sign a contract with you for after revealing to them that you have only 20K. Try it now with even 50K and see how many lobbyists are ready to tow your line

    2) Regarding your talk of Erin Brockovich and all, you do not even seem to grasp the fact that AILA is interested in the 11 million undocument workers. 500,000 skilled workers are nothing but a drop in the ocean compared to them.

    In any case, have you done your part in contacting AILA? We have! Its easy to sit on the fence and complain but it takes conviction to actually DO something

    3) Do you have any idea how difficult the task is to get amendments in? Do you know how much a fine balance the Republicans and Democrats achieved and are not ready to take on anything that might disturb the balance? Also do not forget that 500K people is not even 1% of the US population but 11 Million illegal immigrants make a sizeable chunk and alsong with Hispanics make more than 13% of the population. Now given this, who would you as a politician try to appease? 13% of the population or 0.1% of it?

    4) And what made you think that faxing celebrities is an idea of the core team or QGA? Please read the posts again. It was an idea by a member!

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  • Thanks red200,

    There was no RFE at all . Infact I was following up my case through my congressman's office and we always got responce back from uscis saying it is under "Security review" .

    The email says "application denied." if it says RFE , I would not have such a shock .

    it was reall gard day for me y'day when I sow that . I was almost on the werge of closing a house deal this month and with this 485 issue , I don' think I want to take the risk of buying the house now.

    Though I do have little bit hope if it is because 140 revoke and we can prove the AC21 documents , it will get through .


    If this is real I hope things work out for you. But this post looks suspicious for the following reasons.
    1. A congressman has been contacted but the I485 rejection details have not been received yet.
    2. No details about the attorney opinion are provided.
    3. Words are mispelt in way that appears deliberate "sow" "werge" and done so consistently. Overall english is good but some anti feels indians have poor spelling.
    4. New account just to post this. Poster discovered IV after so many years. Possible but ...

    We need to be aware that anti's turn up here and post personal looking details like trouble at POE, RFE , denials to create FUD. This post looks suspiciously like one of those. The OP does not look agitated enough and basically is just telling us "Vinod" used AC21 and got rejected. He is unwilling to give more details in his profile but telling us his name is Vinod.

    Again if I an reading too much into this I am sorry.

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  • I diagree with you...Indian film Industry have very good directors, They are no way inferior to Hollywood. Firstly you can't compre them with Hollywood because they have differen audiances...Hollywood have money power so their movies are technically better, but as far as quality of movies Indian film industry is very good...It caters to all tastes. There are Shyam Benegal, Basu Chaterjee, Govind Nihlani for people who like simple senseful movies there are Karan Johar, Yash Chopra, Mani Ratnam for expensive, hip hop movies. There's RGV, Hirani, Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra for different story based movies. In my opinion caters to wide variety you need to pick up by your taste...None of the Amitabh Bachans did any thing for slums,Danny Boyle Made a very good movie.I think the fact is Rehman is a prodigy no doubt about that, he makes very good music we all know that.As compared to Hollywood directors Bollywood directors are subpar with the exception of very few good ones. Movie business is controlled in India by few families,what ever the movies they make rest of the people will watch it.I dont want to open the bollywood can of worms.Movie directors in India are usually sons of Bollywood actors or some one related to Bollywood.

    I am sure none of the Bollywood directors would ever be able to make good movies,they dont have a global outlook,neither the needed juice. usually Bollywood directors are some low key high school drop outs who have connections with mafia.

    If some one who is reallly talented is not going to make it in Bollywood,Southern Film industry is even worse.

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  • Someone gave me a Red and posted this message "by promoting hatemongers - you promote hate" - I would like to know in what way I am promoting hate?

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  • We need to heavily bomb our senators by letters and phone calls. Although most of people here are busy filing all the documents, please take a time to call/write THREE senators:

    Sen Cornyn, John. Thank and encourage him keep up the issue

    Two senators in your state. Thank and encourage one(s) who support us. Ask for explanations for senator(s) who said "Nay" also ask them why they vote yes for CIS, but now for this bill.

    If a broken system is not able to process a million applicants with full of immigration documents, how can it manage 12 million applicants without any paperwork even passports?
    If a broken system is not able to process a million applicants in the US with temporary visas, how can it manage millions of applicants all of worlds who meet merit point requirements?
    So if the existing broken system is not be fixed, CIR wont be feasilbe unless the government decides to abandon all the necessary evaluate procedures.

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  • First time contribution, but not last time. will keep pouring in time to time

    good job guys and thanks a lot

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  • I haven't applied for green card yet. Is IV only for GC purposes or it addresses other issues too which makes life of H1b holder hell?

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  • It was a great meeting. I was blown over by the enthusiasm of the folks. It was intended to be a casual get together, but beyond a point it became more serious:D We did have action items and we will communicate it through emails, we cannot post such things on public forum. We are working on the next event planning once we finalize the place and time we will get in touch with U.

    can you hold these meetings on saturdays? weekdays are impossible for me with a 1.5 hr commute (common with most tri-state folks).

    informal get togethers can be held at the flushing hindu center on sunday evening, at least for those who are hindus living in queens. (the majority here, i guess)

    Is it to learn something like this
    Once a finger breaks the fight's all out of even the most coked up thug. Of course if there are more than 1...give your wallet and start praying that you don't catch a slug.

    It's inevitable with so much unemployment there will be a rise in crime. Best thing to do is to install car security alarms, be wary of strangers and stay away from shady places. Of course can't help if you live in the deep south or the crime ridden NJ area. You are unfortunately a victim of your richer brethren of the same color who like to display wealth in their Mercs/Bimmers/Lexuses and who's women look like jewelry store mannequins (minus the stats of course :p) Sad story, can happen to anybody, anywhere

    some time back when I had called I was told it was assigned to an officer (PD not current though). What does that mean?

    I never had any RFE, but my case has been bounced around for no reason. From TSC->CSC->TSC and I am told that it is not even pre-adjudicated not even assigned to any officer as yet. I have yet to see any more illogical organization other than USCIS. :mad:

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