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  • Its a question.. THIS IS NOT A RUMOR ...

    Are they even filing a lawsuit ?? If they are SO READY, where is the big press release saying USCIS SUED !!!!!!! :cool:

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  • It took a richard attenborough to show case Gandhi and it took Danny Boyle to show case Rahman's talent. as simple as that.. people who cant rejoice at this moment are sore frigging losers. end of story. :D

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  • I am setting up for the transfer of my second contribution...

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  • Only 25 Vote...

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  • Probably you were busy with your GC and someone else was doing what your balls should do..

    We have 2 pages of posts, but just 150.00.

    Sanju is right when he says, we are High-tech educated illiterates.

    You have 15 posts. First you were crying for EAD, then GULTI, now all this.

    And you think this is the way for convincing law makers on our contributions to American society? Is it because of your bad language, the law makers should give your spouse, EAD?

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  • For all those filing I-140 and I-485 for the first time (I.E. No PD recapturing),

    You DO NOT need to file I-140 in premium. YOu can simply file the I-485 AS-IS. Actually Right now since everyone is current ANYONE can file for the I-485 provided their Labour is approved. The only way the I-140 approval would help is with the 180 day clock after which the employer has no control over your GC application.

    This is what my lawyer had told me when I had asked her last time. Now if the dates were still Retrogressed but your OLD PD was becoming CURRENT, IN THAT case you WOULD need your I-140 approved before you can file the I-485 coz at that time technically you cant file for a I-485 as without the PD recapture your PD would be today's PD and that would Not be current.

    Hope this explanation helps. However Please confirm this with your attorneys as i m like you just a little more experienced due to what life has put me through ;)

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  • But the bulletin still shows only the Aug dates

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  • :D :D :D Dude, There has been several incidents in past 1 year enough so you can draw a pattern. Do not act in ignorance. We have to pay attention to happenings around us and be cautious of the surroundings.

    I agree - these are things that have to be taken very seriously.

    I am also hearing that desi houses are being targeted in New Jersey as ZDesis have jewelery in houses.

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  • Denied licenses, legal immigrants sue state Registry
    Say status wrongly contested
    By Yvonne Abraham, Globe Staff | December 15, 2006

    Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles employees are routinely and unlawfully denying driver's licenses to immigrants who are here legally, according to a class-action law suit filed yesterday.

    According to the suit, Registry workers asked the immigrants for proof of legal residency when they were not authorized to do so. The workers then denied licenses to the applicants, incorrectly concluding that the immigrants had not demonstrated they were in the United States legally, the suit alleges.

    In all cases, the immigrants' lawyers said, the Registry workers were overstepping their legal authority and violating the immigrants' constitutional rights.

    "They don't have the authority to enforce federal immigration law," said Sarah Wunsch, staff attorney for the ACLU of Massachusetts, who is representing the seven immigrants who brought the suit. "But they've taken it upon themselves to do it, and they're doing it wrong. It's not an isolated case here and there. This appears to be policy."

    Wunsch said hundreds of other immigrants have similarly been denied licenses.

    A spokeswoman for the Registry of Motor Vehicles declined to comment, saying Registry lawyers had not yet had a chance to review the lawsuit.

    Under state policy, applicants for a driver's license must present proof of their identity by providing a valid Social Security number, which the Registry checks against a Social Security Administration database.

    In order to obtain a valid Social Security number, an immigrant must be in the country legally. Applicants must also show proof of their age and address.

    All of the plaintiffs presented valid Social Security numbers when they applied for licenses, Wunsch said. Even so, Registry workers rejected their applications.

    In some of the cases, applicants were not given any reason why they were rejected. In the others, Registry employees improperly sought additional proof of the applicants' immigration status and then said the documents were not adequate.

    Registry spokeswoman Amy Breton, speaking generally, said Registry employees do not enforce immigration laws.

    But she added: "Certainly, we've had to become more familiar with immigration documents. We want to make sure we are issuing licenses to Massachusetts residents, because that is what the law calls for."

    She said the Registry has been responsive to complaints that immigrants have been treated unfairly. On Wednesday night, the head of the agency, Registrar Anne L. Collins, met with about 300 immigrants and their advocates in Hyannis to hear their concerns about the license application process, she said.

    In many cases, Breton said, immigrants who feel they have been unfairly denied a license can file an appeal, which costs $50.

    Lawyers for the seven plaintiffs say their clients should not have to spend money to challenge what is clearly a discriminatory practice.

    "The Registry seems to be asking immigrants to produce justification for their presence in the United States," said lead attorney Kenneth Berman of Nutter McClennen & Fish.

    The lawyers said that the problems demonstrate the danger of having state employees who are not trained in immigration law taking on enforcement of that law.

    Two immigrant advocacy groups are also plaintiffs in the suit, alleging that the Registry's discrimination against immigrants forces them to divert time and resources from other activities.

    "This is extremely common," said Desmond FitzGerald, an immigration lawyer who represents four immigrants who were denied licenses in a separate case to be heard early next year. "We want the Registry to regulate the safety of our roads, not enforce immigration rules."

    One of FitzGerald's clients, the wife of a prominent Spanish scientist who is in the United States on a visa reserved for persons of exceptional ability, was denied a license because Registry workers who asked for proof of her legal residency did not recognize her visa. After she sued the Registry, the agency settled the case, granting her a license.

    One of the plaintiffs in the class action suit filed yesterday is an immigrant from Zimbabwe who has a pending application for asylum. The woman, a nurse, has work authorization and had already been granted a driver's license.

    When she tried to renew that license this week, she produced her old license, her Social Security number, and proof of her car insurance coverage, which showed her address. Still, she was asked for her passport.

    The woman, who fled political persecution in Zimbabwe, does not have a current, government-issued passport from that country. She showed the Registry employee a document showing that the US government had granted her permission to remain here. Her application was still denied, as was her daughter's application for a learner's permit.

    "Given how dependent we all are on the right to drive an automobile, the denial of a license is causing real hardship to the people I represent," Berman said.

    The issue of driver's licenses for immigrants has become highly charged over the past year, as the national debate on immigration has grown more fractious.

    The question of issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants was a matter of fierce dispute during this year's gubernatorial race, in which Governor-elect Deval Patrick said he would consider giving licenses to those who are here illegally. He was pilloried for that suggestion by his opponent, Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey, who with Governor Mitt Romney has taken an aggressive stance against illegal immigration.

    Immigrants' advocates said they worry that the Republican administration's zeal is causing Registry employees to punish immigrants who had followed all the rules.

    Earlier this year, I haad problems getting a driver's lisence in CT, the officer would not accept my h1b papers and would say it is fake. I wrote a strong complaint to DMV and they replied back to me that I must go back to DMV and go through the process again and if I have trouble again, I must report to DMV. I went next time and I got it.

    Most times it is improper education that makes people do it. They keep hearing negative thhings about immigrants and they be advised by their bosses to strictly scrutinize immigrants, and they try to experiment their crack down on us. It is very unfortunate that such things are happening.

    There seems to be an agenda to catch illegal immigrants. As Illegals who cross the border are getting busted through raids, those who violate visa regulations or overstay visas, or do not have proper work authorization come under strict scrutiny when they approach govt agencies. Unfortunately, it is us legal immigrants who are bearing the brunt because we also go through the same scrutinity. DMV people are not educated in immigration law ,so is the common public and it is this process that's hurting us a lot.

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  • Seems as though every time there is a funding drive there are always people who come with questions that have been answered so many times before. It almost seems that these inflammatory posts are deliberate. All the answers to such questions are already on the forums and it takes less time to search than to post.

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  • Government of Power?

    original name: gallant old party, Popularly known as Grand Old Party - Pet name for republicans. I think anti slavery people established in 18th century.ABraham Lincoln was first president from GOP..

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  • Should we write letters individually stating how this law has been unfair to us personally? I do not think DOJ will respond to each of us individually. This has to be a mass campaign under one umbrella to be effective. I understand that the leaders in IV are pursuing this with congress currently so probably cannot participate in this campaign? What other ways do we have? Could this be an online campaign?

    On a separate note, it has been frustrating to see politics in US congress over last two years. I am sure they know about the legal immigrant issues and about retrogression, but clearly say no piecemeal legislation would be passed. They work purely for vote bank which we are not. I would favor working on alteranative means to try to get relief.

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  • I don't know about it true that i can get interim EAD after 90 days???

    cant you get an interim EAD after 90 days...

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  • gc101, if you are not able to get married before you you file your I485 (by Aug 17th). I would recommend that you file alone. these are my reasons for this recommendation:
    1) You have more options open to you for your wife after you file I485 (ie. throught family based categories, even though the wait time is 7 years).
    2) If you don't file now and have to wait for you PD to get current, with the current laws that might be close to 6-7 years. In this time you might get your GC and your citizenship too. After citizenship your wife can get her GC very quickly.

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  • Who said the position must be in zone V only to qualify for EB2?

    For the position to be qualified for EB2 it must require MS. For position requirements to be considered "normal", they must fit into the respective zone in terms of SVP level. As I learned from my bitter experience, though offficially for a PERM to be approved the requirements don't have to be "normal" (if they are not, you just need to supply the "business neccessity" letter), it looks like the current PERM's software just doesn't have such possibility "in mind" and automatically denies the application if the total education plus experience requirements exceed the SVP level for the zone corresponding to the position. You will get a denial notice which will blatantly claim something like "By answering YES to question H-12 you have attested that the requirements are normal, but the total SVP level exceeds the normal level for this position..." even if you have answered NO to that damn question! Therefore I don't recommend to exceed "normal" SVP level for the corresponding position code.

    However, if a suitable code falls under zone IV, nobody (except for emplyer himself maybe) can prevent the employer to require, say, MS plus 2 yrs of experience. And it is within "normal" SVP level for zone IV, and it does qualify for EB2 (because it requires MS).

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  • yes i meant saab :D:D

    I think you meant "saab" and not "saanp" ;). Or it was a deliberate mistake :D Just kidding.

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  • Big big thanks and congratulations to core team. This is courageuos & selfless work or may I say 'Nishkam Karmayoga'.
    My second contribution of $100 is on its way.

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  • What is your issue? All he said was that Rahman was better in other movies and how do you link that with terrorists? I guess you get cheap laughter by igniting some stupid issues like this. All we need is people like you to be the spokesperson for immigrationvoice.

    Let me guess, you are a pakistani terrorist. Now you are jealous that how come an Indian muslim win 2 oscars? How will you give out your hateful message to other pakistanis terrorists that indian muslims are being torchured, so you have to "save" indian muslims. Too bad, no pakistani got an oscar. I know why, because the terror capital of the world is going down the drain pretty fast.


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  • THis thread is confusing a lot of people. My understanding in once 1485 is pending , one can to county office get EAD card after a month. Gurus please input your comments

    If both of you are Indian citizens then your only option is PIO as OCI needs atleast one parent to be a US citizen.

    If we move back to India on Indian passport and my son continues to hold US passport then he has to leave the country every 180 days or register with police under PIO card scheme. That is a very strange. Children of Indian citizen are at a disadvantage compared to those of a non-Indian citizen even in India.


    I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to this new effort taken up by a group of people badly hit by the immigration delays or we can say immigration black out in U.S.. is a banner under which we are getting together to
    1) Find solution to employment based greed card retrogression
    2) Labor delay in the backlog centers.

    All the members of this non-profit organization are facing severe problems due to these issues. We have started the awareness drive and professional strategic help (lobbying) efforts have started for the new Comprehensive immigration reform bill due on the floor of the Senate and House in Spring of-06. To make a difference and to have the new law passed in the way the current visa retrogression & Backlog center delays cane be addresssed with the new bill, I would request you to please spread this message or forward the email to as many people as possible.

    Attached file contain the flyer. This flyer is to create awareness for this effort and add to the ongoing membership drive for to find solution to Green Card Retrogression problem as well as the backlog centers. We are actively starting to work with the lawmakers to make appropriate changes in Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill.

    I would urge you to please go ahead and post these flyers at Chinese/Pilipino/Indian stores/religious places or anywhere you now think individuals supporting our cause will gather. Additionally, please forward the flyer to as many family members and friends as possible and request them to do the same. This will really help us with the membership drive. If you or anybody in your family wants to volunteer please let us know at we need volunteers mainly to send emails and making phone calls.

    Here is how you could help towards this cause and solution to retrogression & Labor Delay problem

    1) Register as a member of It is free.
    2) Post the flyers in as many places as possible. Email the flyer to all your friends and anybody you know is on H1 or applying for GC or already applied for GC. Request your friends to do the same.
    3) Please contribute generously at and know that every penny you contribute will work for you.
    4) Please continue to contribute to the discussion forum at with your ideas, information and participation that would help everybody.

    Thanks for all your help .... Happy New Year!
    Please forward this mail to as many friends you can.

    Volunteer @

    I have just contributed using paypal. I really appreciate the efforts you are putting into this. Is there any introductory email that can be sent to prospective members to spur their interest and compel them to come join and contribute?

    I would like to send such an email to my contacts. I am sure many people can use that.


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