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  • Not sure if anyone experienced this, but on 2 computers this site, antivirus software detected a virus & my work PC (protected with McAfee) is not booting up, IT said my hard drive has been corrupted. My laptop survived with a freeware anti virus. Please don't give me any reds, this is what happened to me, I just wanted to warn any unprotected members of IV.

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  • My Vermont ext says received on Jan 9th and i see a LUD on Feb 17th but after that pindrop silence - no movement.
    Dont understand what that LUD means , earlier i always got approval within 7-15 days of LUD from Vermont.

    H1B Extension received Dt 02/20/2008. Based on this thread I have to wait another 4 to 5 months.:confused:

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  • I wonder the reasons for Switzerland to be #1. Its a small country with minimal immigration and not much resources. Key revenue might be from Tourism. They are not known for scientific work etc.
    ... Maybe swiss bank accounts are key to it ! ;)

    actually they do a lot more than tourism........

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  • Jsut sent the fax. Thanks for your hardwork. We need to have to ammendment in bill.

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  • I am sorry you made BA as a choice. Kindly do not support any airlines/countries that require visas for Indian citizens in transit.

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  • please participate in the fund raising thread if you haven't already-thx

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  • Thats great! Congrats!! :) Are they charging $350 just for initial checkup or with shots, x-ray??

    Ok, just back from the doc. Took around 2 hours . Charges - $340 for adults (Includes Physical, Blood test - HIV, Hepatitis, Syphylis, Tetanus shot), doesn't include X-ray ($80).

    Good thing about this place is, they do X ray, Blood test inhouse. SO you don't have to go out (means another appointment).

    Right now they are doing extended hours, Dr.Anand Patel told me that appointments are full till July 4. But they do take walk in.

    Go on a weekday at working hour.

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  • I wanted to get an idea how many EB2 guys would be willing to visit DC to meet lawmakers to help out our EB3 brothers. Unquestionably all EB3 should be willing to visit. This is the chance to show that IV is indeed one.

    Refering to this thread

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    ...I don't mean to sound skeptical, but it is my firm belief (after watching the series of events over the last 8 months), that nothing is final till it's final.

    Though, this kind of encouraging news pops up every now and then in the media - we have to (as part of the IV group), work toward getting our provisions passed in whichever Immigration Bill that is on the floor for discussion.

    It's surprising that IV is the only group representing the "highly skilled group" and though 100s' of thousands have been affected by the "retrogression" phenomena, we have just about 9000 members...

    Let's hope something concrete gets done, this year!

    Hope 2007 is the year which puts to rest all the uncertainties we face...

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  • maybe there is some method to this madness ....

    Try getting an infopass and get more details
    I'm going to check my case status right now

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  • Guys,

    Getting a residency now is very difficult. Getting a waiver now should not be that hard. I would not say it is easy but if you get a residency position, just take it. We hesitated at first but got through all the issues without any problem.



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  • ... Although, USCIS will not give you a 3 year H1B extension because you have already filed AOS.

    not true. Irrespective of whether your 485 is filed or not, if your PD is not current, you can get a 3 year extension of your H1 if your I-140 is filed.
    Saying this based on personal experience, and this has also been clarified by USCIS in its FAQ. Your attorney needs to mention that and ask for 3 years when the extension request is made. If they request one, they'll get one.

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  • Hi Cobra,

    Don't lose hope. Your will get your approval.

    My wife and I went to India in Jan 2011. We both are on H1 and work for the same employer. My company is a 150+ employee IT firm. We both went separately for our Visa interview to Mumbai Consulate.

    When my wife appeared for Visa stamping, she was asked questions about her job, education and company. After her interview, the consular gave her the 221g form that requested all the employer details (tax returns, audit statements etc. ). So when I reached India, I carried the documents for my wife and similar set for myself. She appeared for the interview again and after reviewing the documents the consular approved her visa. Our immigration lawyer mentioned that it might take 2-3 months - but this was quicker than we initially assumed.

    When I appeared for the Visa India, I was asked questions about my education and how am I on my 7th year of my H1. Once the consular noticed that I have filed GC and the 7th year extension is due to my I-140 approval, she issued me a 221g form and mentioned that my case is taken in administrative processing. They didn't give any turnaround time for the processing. However, I received email from consulate after 4 days to submit my passport and my visa was approved.

    I noticed this has happened with most of the friends I know were visiting India for stamping. And the 221g form is issued to anyone, irrespective of IT or Non IT field, Small or Multi-billion Corporation. A friend of mine who is working in biggest telecom got 221g, another one working for Research Hospital for 221g, then one in a Biotech firm and in Manufacturing firm - all non IT got 221g

    It will take it's course and you should get your approval. All the Best !!!


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  • All pls PM each other and exchange phone numbers and emails so that you can start building your local IV community. Once you have contacted each other, you can start the action items for state chapters.

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  • Hi Guys,

    My LCA has Computer Software Engineer as job title.I have 5 years of Experience as Oracle functional consultant.Currently I'm working as Oracle consultant.My 140 is approved and got my EAD card.In jan 2008 it will be 180 days of filing 485.I want to change my career towards IT Sales.

    I have an offer from an American Staffing company as a Technical Recruiter.The job responsibilities include hiring Software Engineers.But the job title is different from my LCA.I want to join this company using EAD in jan 2008 and apply AC 21.Today I have checked with my Lawyer this is what she says"

    In instances such as this, when we send the letter to the USCIS regarding AC21, we include the following details with reference to the job title. � Although the job title differs, the job duties are substantially the same. The title used by the company is their internal designation for this position."

    She says that i will be able to work as Technical Recruiter using EAD.Any one can suggest me on this?I have very little knowledge about AC 21 and how it works

    Thanks in advance

    look up O*NET codes yourself:

    A recruiter would perhaps be: 13-1071.01 or 13-1071.02
    with titles of:
    Employment Representative, Employment Service Specialist, Personnel Coordinator, Staffing Coordinator, Workforce Development Officer
    Human Resources Director (HR Director), Corporate Recruiter, Human Resources Representative (HR Representative), Human Resources Specialist (HR Specialist), Personnel Officer, Search Consultant
    View report: Summary

    What is your O*NET code from your LCA?
    If its software engineer: 15-1031.00 or 15-1032.00 then this move is potentially risky.

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  • Ombudsman:

    Get your facts straight. "Undocumented" does not mean a person who has "lost" his means a person about whom there is no record (i.e. documentation) at the USCIS/Dept. of State. A legal immigrant would not become out of status just because he lost his documents or they were destroyed in a flood or fire because there are typically copies and records available at the employer, the IRS, the Social Security Administration and the USCIS. A person who has all his documents would still be classified as illegal if he or she overstays their visa.

    Anyways....please do not try to hijack this thread in a different direction than what is intended. After a series of hearing by the strongly enforcement only leaning house questioning each and every aspect of the CIR with negative connotations, finally, there is a hearing organized by Senator John Cornyn, who was instrumental in getting the SKIL bill included in the CIR focusing on something positive and fairly non-controversial in the CIR/SKIL/PACE bills and that directly affects all of us legal, documented, high skilled immigrants.

    SO, to bring the thread back to its original intended path...Are there any members in the Dallas or nearby areas who would be interested in attending the hearing, please contact himanshu at The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.


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  • I received receipt nos. from CSC. Later i received EAD also. Today i received mail from USCIS stating that my case is transferred to Nebraska. :(
    Does anyone know that what is the processing speed on getting mail receipt from CSC? my checks were just got encashed last night 9/12/2207.

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  • Friends I think a great injustice is being done to NSC filers , their applications are taking months for ead and ap, while TSC filers are getting ead adn AP as soon as they get receipt, do you think this will improve for NSC in future, at this time looks like august NSC filers will haveto wait till the end of the year for EAD,ap, which is sad.

    You didn't say any where in your message that TSC applicants are getting RN very late. Sorry to say but it seems you are very mean and selfish person. But looking at only NSC your concern is currect.

    I think we are united here.

    And even if it pass the mark-up tomorrow, there's a long winding road ahead before it becomes a law.

    Only miracle can make this happen.

    My checks got cashed Yesterday.
    I sent my application on June 30 th, according to Fedex, my application reached to TSC on July 2 10:20 AM

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