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  • Friends I think a great injustice is being done to NSC filers , their applications are taking months for ead and ap, while TSC filers are getting ead adn AP as soon as they get receipt, do you think this will improve for NSC in future, at this time looks like august NSC filers will haveto wait till the end of the year for EAD,ap, which is sad.

    You didn't say any where in your message that TSC applicants are getting RN very late. Sorry to say but it seems you are very mean and selfish person. But looking at only NSC your concern is currect.

    I think we are united here.

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  • I have a medical RFE. RFE asks me to go back to the original Civil Surgeon. Since I have moved to different place going to same civil surgeon is not an option.
    Has any one run into similar situation. If so please share your experience.

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  • Got the status update email from USCIS stating a card has been issued for my 485 application.

    I am not married yet. What are the implications if I get married to a citizen of india residing in India.

    Kindly refer me to appropriate material if you know of any.



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  • Please visit.

    It is was posted three years ago but best I could find so far... Below are the details.
    Since it was posted so long ago...
    Readers, please advise, which one of the following points are no more relevant or have changed or are missing.
    The process of E-filing was easy !!. The ASC took only 10 min for the photos and Finger Prints.

    Advantages of E-File:
    - Enter the data yourself => so NO chance of Typo errors by TSC. Make sure YOU do not make typo / name swapping errors : See :
    - Pay by CC ; => you can immediately see that the Money has safely been charged. (Hey earn some credit card miles ..or points !! See Below : about Security Code when using Credit Card )
    - Get Recipt # instantly.
    - No more LOST receipts (or anxiously waiting for a RECEIPT )
    - No more LOST photos See
    - Save Money on Photographs
    - Service Center ALSO sends a copy of the Receipt at the give address within 5 days.
    - ASC guys have become EXPERTS in handling EAD appointments. (Wait time is less than 30 min )
    - ASC officer signs and "stamps" the copy of your EAD online receipt (proof that you went there )
    - Online Receipt has "Bar CODE" which the ASC guys scan to import data.
    - ASC has a seperate Quality Control Officer who checks ALL data entered including FP , Digital Photo , A# , etc. The Quality Control Officer then signs the I-765 Application as well.
    - Appointment set using 800 # ( wait time on phone 2 ~ 3 min )
    - Time at ASC << 30 min.
    - ASC has printout of Appointment Schedule. (so no hassle explaining to them)

    - You Have to go to the ASC for Digital Photo (U might have to take half vacation day ... ) it depends ( I took a 8:00 AM app ; Reached ASC at 7:40 AM . Door Opened at 7:50 AM . finished by 8:10 AM. Back to Office at 9:00 AM )


    These instructions assume that this EAD online application is based on an I-485 adjustment of status application filed at a SERVICE CENTER based on an I-140 employment-based immigrant visa petition.

    Before you start the online application, please make sure that you have the following:

    1. Your computer has Adobe Acrobat Reader (to create and save a document in PDF format); you can download the Acrobat Reader for free at the following site:

    2. You have your ALIEN NUMBER assigned to you when the I-485 adjustment of status was filed (and contained in your last EAD card);

    3. Your I-485 filing receipt number

    4. The I-140 filing receipt number (for the principal applicant);

    5. The date you last entered the USA and the category admitted in (H-1B, L-1,advance parole, EWI is for persons who entered illegally);

    6. The port of entry to the USA (city);

    7. Current status (enter the same category that you entered in or converted to while in the USA: H-1, L-1, F-1, advance parole);

    8. The date you last applied for an EAD; (Or MULTIPLE EAD's) Have information for all of them.

    9. The place where you applied (Texas Service Center, etc);

    10. The results of your last EAD application (granted, denied, etc);

    11. Credit Cards / Personal check so you can read the Bank routing and accounts numbers; (I would recommend CREDIT CARD )

    12. The name of Credit Cards/ checking account holder as it appears in the Bank records;

    13. The address of Credit Cards/ the checking account holder as it appears in the Bank records;

    14. The phone number of the Credit Cards/ checking account holder as it appears in the Bank records.

    Use the LINK:==>

    The first step to take is to got the initial page of the BCIS website:
    Please select e-Gov Services @ BCIS

    **At the next page, please select eFiling BCIS Forms.

    **At the next page, please select Form I-765, E-Filing Application for Employment Authorization.

    **At the next page, please select I-765 .

    **At the next page, please select Begin Application.

    **At the next page, please select oval one (I am filing the form for myself or to assist someone. I am not a qualified Attorney) and then press CONTINUE;

    **At the next page, please select RENEWAL OF MY PERMISSION TO ACCEPT EMPLOYMENT and complete all the biographic data about yourself – almost at the foot of the application, include the ALIEN NUMBER beginning with the letter A and followed by the numbers without any dashes (there is NO NEED to include the I-94 number—all you need is the alien number);

    **At the next page, select YES to the question “Have you ever before applied for employment Authorization form BCIS? And include the Service Center where the I-485 application was filed: TEXAS SERVICE CENTER, VERMONT SERVICE CENTER, NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER or CALIFORNIA SERVICE CENTER; also include the date of the last EAD application (see the date of the last EAD was issued and use that date) and the results GRANTED – You should also enter the DATE OF LAST ENTRY TO THE USA, PLACE OF LAST ENTRY, MANNER (B-1, H-1, ETC)

    AND CURRENT STATUS IN USA (parolee if entered with a parole or otherwise the same status as last entry even if expired, if in doubt leave blank !!
    Options are NOT in order; so it is possible that you may select the wrong one e.g (Select H1 insted of H1B ) Please see the alphabetically sorted list ::

    At this point, you will see a box that states PLEASE SELECT YOUR ELIGIBILITY STATUS. Here you will enter the code (c)(9) Filed I-485.

    Very Important:
    Then a box that reads PLEASE PROVIDE INFORMATION CONCERNING YOUR ELIGIBILITY STATUS – Here you should enter the filing receipt of YOUR I-485 application and the I-140 filing receipt (yours if your are the principal applicant or of your spouse/parent if you are not the principal applicant) –Example I-485 SRC-00-000-00000 and I-140 SRC-00-000-00000 –

    **The following page will ask to confirm the particulars of the Credit Card or checking account being used to pay the $120.00 filing fee.

    Very Important:
    Always check the box which says I will be mailing supporting docs !!

    Why Mail Supporting Docs : Read this:

    Very Important:
    Once the payment has been accepted, please PRINT THE ENTIRE APPLICATION, which will include a filing receipt, and a completed I-765 application.
    Please also SAVE the application in your computer for future reference.

    Very Important:
    Print application : Make a covering letter: (see Below) : Send to Appropriate Service Center. Send it CERTIFIED MAIL + RETURN RECEIPT. If mailing 2 APPILCANTS send 2 MAILS / ENVELOPS: MARK THE ENVELOPE CLEARY: ORIGINAL SUBMISSION : SUPPORTING DOCS FOR E-FILED I-765.
    [U]Following is not applicable any more:
    The instructions will provide you with an (800) number to call to make an appointment to go to the nearest Application Support Center (ASC) to have your INDEX PRINT AND PHOTO TAKEN. PLEASE CALL IMMEDIATELY AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. When you call the (800) number, please select the FINGERPRINTING OPTION. When you go to the ASC, BRING THE ENTIRE APPLICATION AND FILING RECEIPT AS WELL AS PASSPORT/DRIVER’S LICENSE . At the ASC they will photograph you and take your index print. The photo and index print will be digitized by the ASC and will be forwarded electronically to the SERVICE CENTER where the I-485 application is pending.

    NOTE: THE ASC has a "PRINT OUT" of all the APPOINTMENTS that were made by calling the 800 NSC number. So when you go to the ASC they will have the information about your name, APP time, A#.

    Things to take at the ASC:
    Current Unexpired EAD.
    Printout of the EAD APPLICATION that was filed online. (Note the ASC uses the "BAR CODE" on the Application to enter some data during FP)
    Driver Licence

    Sample Covering Letter for PRINCIPAL APPLICANT:

    Dear Immigration Officer,
    I have submitted my EAD renewal application electronically on xx/xx/xx. The BCIS Receipt number is xxxxxxxxx. My A# is xxxxxxxx
    Currently, I am working on the EAD which was issued on xxxxxxxx.

    Please find attached the following documents for the Renewal of my I-765 E-Filing

    - Copy of the Confirmation Receipt notice
    - Copy of Current EAD (Front & Back)
    - Copy of I-485 petition (Adjustment of Status Application Pending with TSC)
    - Online Status of my I485 receipt
    - Copy of I-140 Approval Petition
    - Copy of Previous EAD mailer
    - Cut out mailer of previous EAD Approval.
    - Copy of I-94
    - Copy of Passport (which has Bio-graphic data)
    - Copy of Drivers License

    Thank you, I appreciate your time and attention to this matter.


    Sample Letter for Derivative Applicant:

    Dear Immigration Officer,
    ****same as above*****

    - Copy of the Confirmation Receipt notice
    - Copy of Current EAD (Front & Back)
    - Copy of I-485 petition (Adjustment of Status Application Pending with TSC: Derivative Adjustment)
    - Online Status of my I485 receipt
    - Copy of I-140 Approval Petition of Principal Applicant (My spouse: xxx xxxx)
    - Copy of Previous EAD mailer
    - Cut out mailer of previous EAD Approval.
    - Copy of I-94
    - Copy of Marriage Certificate
    - Copy of Passport (which has Bio-graphic data & Husbands Name)
    - Copy of Drivers License

    Thank you, I appreciate your time and attention to this matter.

    Very Important:


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  • Hi,
    Sorry about your employment situation.
    If you think it is serious enough, I strongly recommend getting an Attorney's advice on how to transfer your H1B smoothly and also to clairfy any questions that you might have.
    Paying few hundred dollars for attorney's consultation is worth the peace of mind that you get, once your questions are answered., etc are some of the good ones that I know of.
    Good luck and donot worry too much (as these kind of things never stops occuring in life).

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  • Same here switched jobs in April with approved 140 in EB3 and hoping to get in the EB2 line with earlier priority date and now have nothing with EB2 PERM in audit. Hope to keep the priority date atleast.....

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  • I-140 Filed on June 30th Still waiting to get cleared..

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  • The school is wrong on 2 accounts:

    1. The only exception to the full-time student rule on F1 is your LAST semester of graduation. If your wife is in her LAST semester, and she has fewer credits remaining for graduation, and enrolls in less than full-time credits she CANNOT be out of status. I myself was in that boat in my last sem. Not sure if things changed in the past 2 yrs.

    2. If she has an EAD, then your lawyer is right. She is not required to be on F1.

    I totally agree with what was said by she18. If your are in the last sem and don't have enough credits to be a full time student, they need to update the same in SEVIS and continue the studies.

    Best of luck

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  • Hi guys,
    I have booked an online visa appointment (Chennai consulate) on Feb 26th.

    Help me with what is all required for Visa stamping.
    Anything to be really careful about?

    Any tips will be highly appreciated.

    My wife and I have an appointmnet on the 20th of Feb at Chennai. I am taking the same set of documents I took couple of years ago (of course the updated ones). Olny thing is this time my I-140 is approved and I have disclosed that info in my application. I am hoping that nothing will go wrong. PM me if you want feedback after my interview.

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  • thomacan72,
    (1)I agree that the non availability has to be from the place of jurisdiction of birth, but how about the letter from the registrar of muncipal office does this also need to be from the place of birth or it can be from the city the parents are presently residing.

    (2) If affidavit signed in presence of registrar, does the registrar give a letter or he also endorses the affidavit.

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  • My plan is making the following

    Movie - A full length feature with characters that represent our life (includes H1 to GC process) in US with humor

    Documentary - A professional documentary on our issues like H1 quota problems, GC backlog processing etc.

    As most Americans are not aware of employment based GC, I think a professional documentary makes more sense than a full length movie. (I wonder why Michael Moore didn't attempt this before :rolleyes:)

    Portraying the GC limbo of skilled immigrants to Americans on a full length comedy movie would be like explaining Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” in cartoon to a bunch of ditsy blondes. Infact, a few movie critics who might have vaguely understood the movie would comment like "Two thumbs up for an honest, emotional, funny and deeply moving portrait of ILLEGAL immigration” :)

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  • My DL was renewed for four years, much beyond my I-94 expiry, both the guys, come on to CA...Golden land of jobs, good weather, cosmopolitan and accomdating/tolerant ppl of all races/religions :-). I am still on H1-B though..

    Man you have a punchline which you could use to sell CA in Mexico.. send this to Arnold...and you could land up with the PR job for the state..and get your GC under EB-1 ..

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  • Hello,

    There is an official way to file a complaint against CBP individuals, see this link: 3Jvd19jbnQ9MTQ3LDE0NyZwX3Byb2RzPSZwX2NhdHM9JnBfcHY 9JnBfY3Y9JnBfcGFnZT0xJnBfc2VhcmNoX3RleHQ9Y29tcGxha W50IGFnYWluc3QgQ0JQIG9mZmljZXI!&p_li=&p_topview=1 ( 3Jvd19jbnQ9MTQ3LDE0NyZwX3Byb2RzPSZwX2NhdHM9JnBfcHY 9JnBfY3Y9JnBfcGFnZT0xJnBfc2VhcmNoX3RleHQ9Y29tcGxha W50IGFnYWluc3QgQ0JQIG9mZmljZXI%21&p_li=&p_topview=1)

    I request all affected to file the complaints here and request the revocation/reconsideration of their visas (especially if they have been subjected to deportation).

    We should have this link in IV wiki.

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  • Let�s see, Senate has so far passed Bill #2
    And here are some of the bills in numerical order in which they were listed in Senate

    3. Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007
    4. Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act of 2007
    5. College Student Relief Act of 2007
    6. CLEAN Energy Act of 2007
    7. College Opportunity Act of 2007
    8. Rebuilding America's Military Act of 2007
    9. Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007

    Also on an average it takes about 10 Business days to debate and vote on bill.

    Lookup at the senate calendar (working days week offs etc)

    Lets assume (when have things gone right for us?) everything goes according to the order listed above. We have 80 days of work before CIR comes to senate.

    Considering that senate takes weeks off (first from Feb 19-23, second from April 2-9). I don�t see how they can start CIR before May at the latest.

    Now they might say some of the bills could be a days worth of work, or not necessary bills will be taken up in numerical order etc.

    But I ask you again. When was the last time we were lucky?

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  • According to my attorney 2 things

    1. You just need the receipts to travel not the Ap approval perse.

    2. If your H1B petition is still valid, you are OK, if you notice the botton part of your petition is your original I94, so you are covered with that.

    3. according to my attorney CIS will take 45 days for the RD to deliver the I797 notice to you home, so if you applied the last days of July, by the 3rd week of September you will receive the I797 notice.

    As note my attorney was president of the AILA last year and her husband work in the CIS, so some how the info is trustable.

    Good Luck

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  • Done , send from NJ. Keep it up IV

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  • Hi friends,

    Can we start working for the new company immediately once the transfer petition is mailed i.e. without waiting for the EAC number ?


    Mailed is not equal to received or applied for transfer. Until you have proof that USCIS has received your application, dont start at the new employer. Waiting for the receipt # is the safe route down the road even though you have to delay by a week or so.

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  • Not really, broadly speaking lack of information can never be a benefit to consumer. (Read: hidden clauses in agreements). It might be that they have been doing that and we don't know. You will ONLY know if you apply for another H1B transfer or any other application say I-140/I-485 with new employer and then USCIS MIGHT tell you that your I-140 is revoked on MM/DD/YYYY and you are no longer in valid H1B status since then. That would be too late and it is not retroactive. Remember that onus is on you to maintain valid H1B status all the time during the period of H1B. Once again I am not saying what I mention above is the correct interpretation of law, but in the absence of any clarify it can be one of the implication.

    then it is to our benefit that they dont clarify it for as long as possible, bec normally any decisions are not retroactive but only for cases going forward.

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  • not that it matters but do you know who signred for it and the time at NSC?

    thanks in advance!

    I also met several American citizens who were passing by and were curious about the rally. Me and JazzbytheBay explained and they listened patiently. One hour later I saw them marching with us holding flowers that some of our volunteers were distributing to passer bys. One gentleman was a school teacher.

    IV needs grassroot support from half a million people stuck in various stages of green card process. You can be from any country. We welcome and invite members from all countries and communities to join our efforts.

    Additionally, one of our best friends can be American citizen who understand the issue from economic, personal and other perspectives. If they become part of our voice we will become more effective.

    Each one of us has to become "IV brand ambassador" and present our issue in right perspective to counter so much misinformation floated by some vested interests. Yes, you can do it. We can facilitate.

    The guy in black shirt/pant is he a IV member? Next to him is definitely an american Kid. If they indeed are american citizens that listened to our cause and joined the rally, hats off to them.

    That article is a joke and more like propaganda. It says around 58K H1Bs are issued and most of them are extension - but are they not aware the extensions are not counted towards the cap...?

    The moment I read this...I have stopped reading any further.

    The job is first moved by the out sourcing firm and then offered for Americans...?-
    This is interesting information. This is the first time ever that such news has come out of Indian press. You may belittle it by calling it a joke but to me it is critical because this issue may turn into a trade issue. Call for negotiating a comprehensive services agreement is not mundane. Together with rejection of billions of dollars worth Us defense deal, this is seriously moving towards becoming a significant issue. You may want to dot the is and cross the ts but that is not how the Law makers, Senators US or Indians think about these issues. They are at 30K feet level looking at the Forest while we waste time in just going around our own trees.

    To me the intent is more important than the content in the early stages. We will get to details once there is broad agreement on the issue, that is basic negotiation 101.

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