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  • Last year I had already filed for married filing jointly before stimulus check thing was in discussion. From what I understand once you file married filing jointly you cannot amend to married filing separately. You can amend otherwise.

    Anyhow this year if I do my taxes separately I end up owing to IRS. Does anyone know where to look for info for amendment?

    How funny and no brainer this is ? We can give taxes (thousands and thousands of dollars) and no body says , "since your wife is not having SSN, you do not have to pay taxes". But while giving back tax rebates of $1200 to $1800 or so , they say, so.

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  • You guys all are excellent. I never thought that this thread would grow as much as it did.

    To Admin: Please start seperate thread for each consulate, where people can share their experiences and ask specific questions.

    Now coming back to my question. My labor is approved and I-140 is pending.
    I have declared that my employer is applying for my GC.
    Should i carry documents proving that my I-140 is pending and that labor is approved?

    My 6th year H1-B will be expiring in Aug 31 2007 and i have valid I-797 approved upto that date. I know i can get 3 years extension anytime with approved I-140 or atleast 1 year H1-B extension.
    Will that be a problem at all? I am asking this because, the numbe rof months for which stamping will be valid will be just few months.

    Thanks again for wonderful answers.

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  • Thanks for the response. Did you use 3.5cm x 3.5cm?

    I printed the normal size passport photos

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  • I received receipt nos. from CSC. Later i received EAD also. Today i received mail from USCIS stating that my case is transferred to Nebraska. :(
    Does anyone know that what is the processing speed on getting mail receipt from CSC? my checks were just got encashed last night 9/12/2207.

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  • you have to apply for extension hope you got the passport renewed.

    Visa stamp is for entry, I-94 determines the status and length of stay. Even if the stamp is valid if I-94 is expiring you will be out of status.

    If you have filed for I-485 then your status will become AOS.EXACTLY,btb i was in canada and travelled back on 07 feb 07.My passport was valid till sep 07,but somehow the IO gave me i94 till my visa expiry in 2009.

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  • With due respect, Can you please tell me why it will fail?

    Are you going to go there and ask for more visas or ask them to move the dates forward?

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  • yes, no checks cashed yet, checking my account regularly. the notice date is 21st sep, so I am thinking it might take 3-4 business days for the checks to cash, do you guys think my assumption is right?
    Anybody in the same situation?

    So you got the receipts without the checks getting enchased? Ddid any one who were sent to CSC did not get their checks enchased but recieved receipts?

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  • Catch22 - Seems like u hv touched the surface now.

    It's more deep-rooted, even to an extent that the two Countries are sharing the "acquired" Citizens (thanks to the dual Citizenship format). It didn't amount to the Indian Govt saying " Give me back my elite. I just lost it" and the US Govt saying "Sorry, it's our gain and for keeps". It's all part of an elaborate and acknowledged process (creamy situation for the individual) .

    US needs the Skilled force and matches them up with opportunities (some other countries have the force in abundance and are overwhelmed). At no point in time should the force be subjected to undue hardship, especially if a process can be remedied. Immigrating is tough. Alongside, a host of collaterals get pledged by - families, roots, skills, labor, career, merit, all towards one goal. It's a conscious decision that an individual involved makes and backs it up with his credentials. If these credentials are deemed meritorious, the process starts (in a mutually acceptable manner, if there exists a provision). If rules get changed midway affecting those collaterals, you raise it with the concerned. In this situation, I give this much to the Indian Government - it's for its people (doesn't mean to say that it lies in wait to net a wings-clipped bird). It would honour your decision and look into your cause, if justifiable. In the same vein, the US Government acknowledges merit and talent and has laid out provisions by which it welcomes the same. Hence, the process.

    Word of caution: It's also in the way that you put across your viewpoint

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  • dragon waterfall tattoo.

  • I just read in Murthy.com that if a H1B is terminated and the same company wants him back they have to pay the entire salary for the period he was out of job. (google H1B employers obligations) So i think that won't be your case. You should be on EAD.

    When you are on EAD they need not inform USCIS. There is no need for you to join your old company back.

    Correct.But it's surprising that my company wants to inform USCIS about my lay off even though I am using EAD to work with them.

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  • I have made a contribution of 300 and another $20 re-curring monthly contribution since jan 07. Now you get my point, the spreadsheet would help u get that information without asking me for it.

    To start off with inspiring 'others', maybe you should note in your signature IF you have made a recurring donation, as a lot of other members have done.

    I am sure that should work with people who can get 'inspired'. I dont think we need to worry about the others, since they will not contribute anyways.

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  • There were speculations that AUG bulletin will be released at 1 AM EST , then 2AM EST , then 10 AM ESt , then 11 AM EST....

    None of the speculations came out True - Anyone has any idea when AUG Bulletin will actually come out ?

    That's the key word here. ....I don't believe in "reliable" sources. I need to see the outcome.

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  • Filed I-485 on July 31,2007. Checks cashed on Sep 10th and received Receipt Notices for me and my wife through the attorney yesterday. I am in the EB-2 category with PD: Oct 2005.
    However, on both of our I-485 receipt notices, the Category shows up as "Unknown" ...Has anyone else faced any such thing...

    Please advice.

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  • Did anybody went for interview from your company within last 3 years?

    It might be that you are the first person from this company appearing for interview and they don't have sufficient employer information.

    Also when was your company got acquired?

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  • Sent the fax. TX

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  • What IO told is correct. Untill the case 140 is not approved, EB information is not updated and IOs at the infopass has limited access.

    If the 140 is approved, IOs at infopass can see this, otherwise they cant.

    I was also under the same impression that IO at Infopass is able to see whether my case is in EB2 or EB3. She told me that she cannot see even though both of my I-140s are approved and interfiled(hoping success).

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  • I found a very detailed discussion thread (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=5890) about good/bad experiences with different immigration lawywers. This was back in July Last Year when most ppl were filling for 485.

    Now many of them are invoking AC21, can some one share experience with AC21 attorney representation?

    I know we do not need an attorney for AC21, but I am inclined to go with one just for the peace of mind.

    After carefully reading thru' every post on above thread, calling some friends and my own online research, I am thinking of either Rajiv Khanna or Ron Gotcher. I have a close friend who is with Rajiv Khanna for a long time and has good words for him. But I personally do not know anyone who is currently a client with Gotcher Law firm. If there is anyone who has specific experience or recommandation with Gotcher Law Firm or any other, please share.

    On a side note, my current company's corporate attorney is very rude, not-apporachable and very costly. Never replied to emails or phone calls. Also by contract, I can not have him represent my case, once I resign from my current position.

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  • Bump

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  • I just sent mine. This is so easy and everyone else who have not sent it as yet, please do your bit.

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  • ask lawyer to file MTR and resend response to RFE along with it. You should get a quick response (within 4-6 weeks). If MTR is denied, ask to file appeal, but sometimes it's better to change employer and start from scratch. Appeal can be a long process.

    I will come to DC.

    I am sending Mirage's letter Today and will send Pani_6's letter tomorrow.

    There were only about 3 or 4 that had more than 1 vote. Having a poll of 4 entries seemed odd, so the only fair thing would have been to give every entry you all voted for a spot in the poll.

    No overriding was done :P


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