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  • My checks got encashed this friday. Applications were delivered to NSC on July 2nd, later forwarded to TSC. My I140 was approved in TSC.

    Man that was good news!!! I am very frustrated for the last few days as no one got with Texas I140's who filed AOS with NSC haven't gotten a receipt. I now see that we will all get the receipts soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Being in Consulting and searching a new contract at the same place of residence (during Nov-Dec) is always a nightmare. I'm in IT industry for last 10 yrs and into consulting for last 5 yrs and always tried to keep clients Extra-Happy starting Nov 1st , so that i could get thru these 2 winter months.

    Starting Mid-Jan the budgets will open up and you will surely land up.

    IT Jobs are there - worst case you may need to relocate.

    Congratulations on becoming a new Father. Though your name sounds as if you were the mother :). Anyway, if you got 4 interviews in 6 weeks, that sure does not look like weak economy. I remember the recession of 2001-2002. People used to get one interview in 4 months back then.

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  • well..I have been waiting for my labor certifcation to get certfied for too long. just after Sep 11 I applied both for US GC and Canadian PR. My wife also applied for her GC. meanwhile her GC moved to regional when suddenly DOL thought it was time to regroup and there it went into BPC. In the meantime we got canadian PR some 2 years ago but we did not move thinking that we have jobs here.Then she got pregnant and lot of complications ( premature labor) and during those complications her company got acquired by another bigger firm who thought they don't need her..and result was job loss plus GC into the trash....meanwhile my labor certification even after 5 years was still sleeping in EB3 category(PD Oct, 2001) when i still have Masters( god knows why my lawyer put into that category)..Now my canadian PR was set to expire in march, I thought i should decide fast..and i applied for jobs..and I got offer in vancouver with moving expenses paid from califronia..It has been the toughest decision because my employer is Indian here in california..and I have had good growth(10% average) but not the way I had wanted..I guess he also exploits..Indian exploiting another Indian..because they know I am not going we work hard.. I asked him to match what was being offered in vancouver..and he started converting CAD into is not fair..So I have decided to heck with US and the Employer..and move least I can come is not an easy move because my son being premature child had lot of free facilities in california..hopefully he will get the same in Vancouver until he gets to 3 years ..and then it stops..

    I have been in this country too long..and I guess one should settle down rather just wait for them to give GC...reading the other post about one lady whose EAD card got expired just tells me that how inconsistent this GC process can be and right until the end...

    Anyway that is all for now

    It is really sad.
    Pls keep in touch with IV forum. The deadline for this reporter has expired but I will keep you in mind for any future story. your story will be useful for reporters covering this cause and ultimately will reach lawmakers and public through media reports. I wish things could work out for you in US. It is sad and there are thousands of people like you with badly affected personal lives due to the broken immigration system. A lot of my motivation to work for IV also comes from coming across people like you and thus feel strongly to do something to solve problems affecting each one of us in the IV community we have all built. Good luck and best wishes.

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  • I did not like the idea of getting a red dot inspite of contributing $500 to IV. This is not a good idea of IV to flag members. I will take this up with my state chapter.

    Member of North California

    Speak about buying reputation. I'm sure your 1st Amendment rights are not being violated. The other members are just exercising their rights too. :D

    Maverick1 asked a very simple question: Why "upgrade" to EB1 when you think your country is all so hunky dory?

    It's a good alternative but the question is : Is it the best alternative? I think the least we can do is be honest with ourselves. :rolleyes:

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  • Hi,

    My passport expires in Nov, '07 and am planning to travel to India shortly. I would like to know if we are required to submit the original/copy of I-94 for passport renewal.
    Your answers are very much appreciated.

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  • The pattern of RFE's on AP's are from those cases applied at NSC >> CSC issued Receipts/EAD/AP >> 485 back to NSC.

    StuckInRetro - I believe you may be correct. My scenario fits into the case you have mentioned. May be you can add condition stating people who made lot of trips in and out of US. I have made close to 9 - 10 trips...

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  • called uscis they say its for faster processing and should get letter in mail.
    did anybody else get a mail like this.

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  • There is no problem in TX. My H1B is expiring in Dec 2006. I got New Drivers License upto Apr 2013.

    But, for H4, they wanted to see visa stamped. There is no relation between H1 / H4 / I94 validity dates to issue.

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  • I had similar issue with my spouse H4, then I applied her H4 again before the I-94 expires on the pass port. In my case (h4) costed only $200, I didn't wanted to take a chance then applied and got the extension. If you want to safeguard your status, you better apply for H1 extension, if it is really expiring they will extend your H1 otherwise they might return saying you cannot apply for extension prior to 6 month of expiring.

    So decide yourself, don;t ask peoples opinion too many times, you always get mixed results.

    NOTE: according to my employer, I-94 given at the POE super seeds all the other form of I-94.

    I visited my local USCIS office and the officer told me that they don't do I-94 updates and asked me to contact the CBP office. When I called them up to get an appointment, I got transferred to a lady who asked me the details. After listening to my case she said its perfectly okay and asked me to attach the new I-94 from the 797 to the passport. Is this true?

    I am trying to get hold my lawyer but in vain. Please help!!!

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  • I am a July 2nd filer and my checks cashed August 14th. I got the receipts on August 20th from my lawyer and am waiting for my FP notice. Does anyone know how long does it take to get the FP Notice?

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  • hey pd-capturing,

    when you go to Info pass office can you also please find out that Interlinking happens auto matically or do we need to send some paperwork to them

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  • i am looking for oracle DBA openings. ,anywhere in US

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  • When i get my GC in 2023, this will help me a lot ;)

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  • You have three options

    1) Talk to your employer and see if he is willing to support your I-140 while you are away on leave of absence, if he agrees then great!

    2) Talk to your school and check if they will differ your admission by an year.

    3) Go anyway...forget about US, you can do great in Europe or Asia too

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  • Sounds good!
    "In simple English, the bill would eliminate the annual green card lottery and give the 55,000 green cards each year to foreign-born graduates of U.S. universities with advanced degrees in the sciences or in medicine.

    With the employment-based second preference category (EB-2) backlogged for many years for persons born in India and mainland China, our country would benefit greatly if 55,000 more green cards were available annually for highly-educated people."
    However the bill would also benefit EB3, as the numbers will roll down from EB2. Not a bad deal, as it would reduce everyone's stress.

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  • Hi All,

    Found this on murthy site as well as on shusterman this going to add any extra mile to the things we already doing for a while?


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  • Please visit.

    It is was posted three years ago but best I could find so far... Below are the details.
    Since it was posted so long ago...
    Readers, please advise, which one of the following points are no more relevant or have changed or are missing.
    The process of E-filing was easy !!. The ASC took only 10 min for the photos and Finger Prints.

    Advantages of E-File:
    - Enter the data yourself => so NO chance of Typo errors by TSC. Make sure YOU do not make typo / name swapping errors : See :
    - Pay by CC ; => you can immediately see that the Money has safely been charged. (Hey earn some credit card miles ..or points !! See Below : about Security Code when using Credit Card )
    - Get Recipt # instantly.
    - No more LOST receipts (or anxiously waiting for a RECEIPT )
    - No more LOST photos See
    - Save Money on Photographs
    - Service Center ALSO sends a copy of the Receipt at the give address within 5 days.
    - ASC guys have become EXPERTS in handling EAD appointments. (Wait time is less than 30 min )
    - ASC officer signs and "stamps" the copy of your EAD online receipt (proof that you went there )
    - Online Receipt has "Bar CODE" which the ASC guys scan to import data.
    - ASC has a seperate Quality Control Officer who checks ALL data entered including FP , Digital Photo , A# , etc. The Quality Control Officer then signs the I-765 Application as well.
    - Appointment set using 800 # ( wait time on phone 2 ~ 3 min )
    - Time at ASC << 30 min.
    - ASC has printout of Appointment Schedule. (so no hassle explaining to them)

    - You Have to go to the ASC for Digital Photo (U might have to take half vacation day ... ) it depends ( I took a 8:00 AM app ; Reached ASC at 7:40 AM . Door Opened at 7:50 AM . finished by 8:10 AM. Back to Office at 9:00 AM )


    These instructions assume that this EAD online application is based on an I-485 adjustment of status application filed at a SERVICE CENTER based on an I-140 employment-based immigrant visa petition.

    Before you start the online application, please make sure that you have the following:

    1. Your computer has Adobe Acrobat Reader (to create and save a document in PDF format); you can download the Acrobat Reader for free at the following site:

    2. You have your ALIEN NUMBER assigned to you when the I-485 adjustment of status was filed (and contained in your last EAD card);

    3. Your I-485 filing receipt number

    4. The I-140 filing receipt number (for the principal applicant);

    5. The date you last entered the USA and the category admitted in (H-1B, L-1,advance parole, EWI is for persons who entered illegally);

    6. The port of entry to the USA (city);

    7. Current status (enter the same category that you entered in or converted to while in the USA: H-1, L-1, F-1, advance parole);

    8. The date you last applied for an EAD; (Or MULTIPLE EAD's) Have information for all of them.

    9. The place where you applied (Texas Service Center, etc);

    10. The results of your last EAD application (granted, denied, etc);

    11. Credit Cards / Personal check so you can read the Bank routing and accounts numbers; (I would recommend CREDIT CARD )

    12. The name of Credit Cards/ checking account holder as it appears in the Bank records;

    13. The address of Credit Cards/ the checking account holder as it appears in the Bank records;

    14. The phone number of the Credit Cards/ checking account holder as it appears in the Bank records.

    Use the LINK:==>

    The first step to take is to got the initial page of the BCIS website:
    Please select e-Gov Services @ BCIS

    **At the next page, please select eFiling BCIS Forms.

    **At the next page, please select Form I-765, E-Filing Application for Employment Authorization.

    **At the next page, please select I-765 .

    **At the next page, please select Begin Application.

    **At the next page, please select oval one (I am filing the form for myself or to assist someone. I am not a qualified Attorney) and then press CONTINUE;

    **At the next page, please select RENEWAL OF MY PERMISSION TO ACCEPT EMPLOYMENT and complete all the biographic data about yourself – almost at the foot of the application, include the ALIEN NUMBER beginning with the letter A and followed by the numbers without any dashes (there is NO NEED to include the I-94 number—all you need is the alien number);

    **At the next page, select YES to the question “Have you ever before applied for employment Authorization form BCIS? And include the Service Center where the I-485 application was filed: TEXAS SERVICE CENTER, VERMONT SERVICE CENTER, NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER or CALIFORNIA SERVICE CENTER; also include the date of the last EAD application (see the date of the last EAD was issued and use that date) and the results GRANTED – You should also enter the DATE OF LAST ENTRY TO THE USA, PLACE OF LAST ENTRY, MANNER (B-1, H-1, ETC)

    AND CURRENT STATUS IN USA (parolee if entered with a parole or otherwise the same status as last entry even if expired, if in doubt leave blank !!
    Options are NOT in order; so it is possible that you may select the wrong one e.g (Select H1 insted of H1B ) Please see the alphabetically sorted list ::

    At this point, you will see a box that states PLEASE SELECT YOUR ELIGIBILITY STATUS. Here you will enter the code (c)(9) Filed I-485.

    Very Important:
    Then a box that reads PLEASE PROVIDE INFORMATION CONCERNING YOUR ELIGIBILITY STATUS – Here you should enter the filing receipt of YOUR I-485 application and the I-140 filing receipt (yours if your are the principal applicant or of your spouse/parent if you are not the principal applicant) –Example I-485 SRC-00-000-00000 and I-140 SRC-00-000-00000 –

    **The following page will ask to confirm the particulars of the Credit Card or checking account being used to pay the $120.00 filing fee.

    Very Important:
    Always check the box which says I will be mailing supporting docs !!

    Why Mail Supporting Docs : Read this:

    Very Important:
    Once the payment has been accepted, please PRINT THE ENTIRE APPLICATION, which will include a filing receipt, and a completed I-765 application.
    Please also SAVE the application in your computer for future reference.

    Very Important:
    Print application : Make a covering letter: (see Below) : Send to Appropriate Service Center. Send it CERTIFIED MAIL + RETURN RECEIPT. If mailing 2 APPILCANTS send 2 MAILS / ENVELOPS: MARK THE ENVELOPE CLEARY: ORIGINAL SUBMISSION : SUPPORTING DOCS FOR E-FILED I-765.
    [U]Following is not applicable any more:
    The instructions will provide you with an (800) number to call to make an appointment to go to the nearest Application Support Center (ASC) to have your INDEX PRINT AND PHOTO TAKEN. PLEASE CALL IMMEDIATELY AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. When you call the (800) number, please select the FINGERPRINTING OPTION. When you go to the ASC, BRING THE ENTIRE APPLICATION AND FILING RECEIPT AS WELL AS PASSPORT/DRIVER’S LICENSE . At the ASC they will photograph you and take your index print. The photo and index print will be digitized by the ASC and will be forwarded electronically to the SERVICE CENTER where the I-485 application is pending.

    NOTE: THE ASC has a "PRINT OUT" of all the APPOINTMENTS that were made by calling the 800 NSC number. So when you go to the ASC they will have the information about your name, APP time, A#.

    Things to take at the ASC:
    Current Unexpired EAD.
    Printout of the EAD APPLICATION that was filed online. (Note the ASC uses the "BAR CODE" on the Application to enter some data during FP)
    Driver Licence

    Sample Covering Letter for PRINCIPAL APPLICANT:

    Dear Immigration Officer,
    I have submitted my EAD renewal application electronically on xx/xx/xx. The BCIS Receipt number is xxxxxxxxx. My A# is xxxxxxxx
    Currently, I am working on the EAD which was issued on xxxxxxxx.

    Please find attached the following documents for the Renewal of my I-765 E-Filing

    - Copy of the Confirmation Receipt notice
    - Copy of Current EAD (Front & Back)
    - Copy of I-485 petition (Adjustment of Status Application Pending with TSC)
    - Online Status of my I485 receipt
    - Copy of I-140 Approval Petition
    - Copy of Previous EAD mailer
    - Cut out mailer of previous EAD Approval.
    - Copy of I-94
    - Copy of Passport (which has Bio-graphic data)
    - Copy of Drivers License

    Thank you, I appreciate your time and attention to this matter.


    Sample Letter for Derivative Applicant:

    Dear Immigration Officer,
    ****same as above*****

    - Copy of the Confirmation Receipt notice
    - Copy of Current EAD (Front & Back)
    - Copy of I-485 petition (Adjustment of Status Application Pending with TSC: Derivative Adjustment)
    - Online Status of my I485 receipt
    - Copy of I-140 Approval Petition of Principal Applicant (My spouse: xxx xxxx)
    - Copy of Previous EAD mailer
    - Cut out mailer of previous EAD Approval.
    - Copy of I-94
    - Copy of Marriage Certificate
    - Copy of Passport (which has Bio-graphic data & Husbands Name)
    - Copy of Drivers License

    Thank you, I appreciate your time and attention to this matter.

    Very Important:


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  • Actions speak louder than words... Lou Dobbs says Microsoft has waged war against the American middleclass by taking the company to Canada. But that hasn't stopped the company from starting a development center in Canada, nor has the company cared to answer Lou Dobbs in a press release or anything. What I am saying is, we should not care about what Lou Dobbs thinks or says on his show. As long as we being here helps grow the American economy, nobody cares about what Lou Dobbs thinks!!!

    Maybe you and I don't care what Lou Dobbs thinks since we already know what the truth is. How about that average family who are oblivious to our situation ? They just watch network television and dare not question the facts because it is coming from CNN and Lou Dobbs.

    To the average American H1-B visas almost mean outsourcing American jobs. The reason for this is the misinformation perpetrated by the mainstream media. We stand to lose a lot if we don't counter it. It is necessary to be LOUD and CLEAR and tell them that they are wrong.

    Our silence will just reek of acceptance. All the information dispersed by these self-anointed saviors of the American middle-class, will become the truth and we will become the culprits - the so called outsourcers of American jobs. To some extent we already have acquired that reputation.

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  • From what I know TN visa is not dual intent like H1B. So you can't continue processing your GC when holding a TN visa.

    Changing citizenship does not affect how Priority Dates are recaptured (aka pd porting).

    Once you are Canadian citizen, you can also avail TN visa (in addition to H-1B) to work for US employer.
    Check this link
    NAFTA � U.S. Consular Services in Canada (

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin

    I think EB2 India may be retrogressed only for the month of September as most of the visas will be used in August itself. The dates will rapidly advance once again with the new quota in October. I think it is very likely that EB2 will be compensated with the number of visas that were improperly given to EB3 last year. So I expect EB2 to receive those extra visas from EB3 quota next year as DOS will try to compensate retrogressed countries in EB2 for the mistake that they made last year. If this happens, EB2 may become current very soon.

    I strongly think DOS tried to compensate EB2 this year itself with the visas that were improperly given to EB3 last year after it received the directives from the US Congress. But unfortunately DOS could not compensate EB2 with the lost visas this year as there were no visas left in EB3 by the time they realized their mistake about 2 months ago as EB3 used most of their visas. This is exactly why DOS made EB3 unavailable so that they can compensate EB2 atleast to some extent. By law they are required to compensate a category that was artificially retrogressed because of their mistakes. It is highly unlikely we will see any significant movement in EB3 ROW or retrogressed countries until the entire EB2 category is current as EB2 will be compensated from EB3 quota. If EB2 is compensated with the visas from the new quota in October, then I expect EB2 including India and China to become current by the end of the year or early 2009(before March 2009) itself.

    Once EB2 becomes current, I think EB3 India will get equal spill over as EB3 ROW as both the categories will be retrogressed and will move equally(as per PD) with the spillover from EB2 and EB1

    yes. there is a possibility of some retrogression for EB2 India/China in the comming bulletins. But that is just for few months and it might be a mild retrogression as long as there is horizontal fall outs of spill over visas.

    The response doesn't address retrogression.. the focus is purely on illegal immigrants..

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