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  • This is absolutely fantastic. An article on the frontpage of Washington Post dedicated to IV. I'm sure the opponents must be cringing in their seats and biting their finger nails.

    We sure do need more members to contribute to sustain this level of intense involvement.

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  • another angle is that if the law itself violates the constitution - there is a separate procedure to appeal against such a law (like may suits going on in state courts on laws related to gay rights) - however USCIS would not be party to such a lawsuit since USCIS does not make laws. one would need not only a good immigration lawyer but also a constitutional expert for a venture like this.

    Yes true. This is the only angle that is viable in theory. All that can be done is challenge that the per country quota violates the constitution. Then the judge can strike that clause off.

    Besides this it needs a law change.

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  • Democrats are PLAIN DISGUSTING! <RETCH>!!!

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  • gandhi's non violent resistance is a universal thing
    MLK and a Mandela adopted it
    it is just a way to show protest.
    why are we arguing about this?
    call it any name you want. we need to regsiter our views and get media attention.

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  • Our state is like Indian farmers. Indian farmers look for rain in July, August and september for good harvest...we look for July, Aug and Sept for good visa bulletin. Government will not do anything for hard working farmers in India and here for hard working professionals.

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  • Hi ,
    I am a GC Holder can anybody advice me top5 Life insurance companies for Term as well as Whole Life Insurance.

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  • This links says it is at 1pm EST, I am curious from where are you getting this 3 pm EST.
    @3PM EST

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  • Technically, you are right. But on the other hand, it was at a time when one had to wait at the most 6 months for AOS.
    But, for people from India, on EB categories, the wait is not months, its in YEARS. So, its irrational to go by whats written there.

    On the other hand: I think we must request USCIS to recognize this underlying problem with EB folks that are primarily from India. They must print an exception on the AP for India and exclude the wording "for emergency purpose only". I don't know if USCIS has the discretionary power to amend minor changes.

    If AOS takes many years, then keep the non-immigrant visa, so that no need to worry about AP.

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  • Guys .. Guys.. Guys....

    Check out other threads on IV.. Our efforts will definitely show some good results..

    We have to make this event succesful..

    Join up .. Take the poll..

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  • Obviously i was wanting to know what the law states...and not a democratic answer. I dont always expect forums to quote the law correctly - use your judgement!

    Thanks anyway for that answer. My situation is different beacuse with the I-140 PP going away for now...and my H1B expiring Feb 2008...I am left with approved I-140,Labor and retrogressed dates to be eligible for 3yr extension.

    Now that if 140 is pending ...then I am left with EAD as the only option to continue manitaing my status.

    Correct my intrepretation of law if wrong..

    If your labor was filed after Feb 07 (since your H1 expiring in feb 08) and your I-140 does not get approved by feb 08, then EAD is the only option to be in status, (unless u join Patni, TCS, wipro, Infy on L1 :-)

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  • If the USCIS cashes the checks and then returns the packets (total $1490 in my case), is there any legal recourse to get a refund from them? Since they are pretty much doing whatever they want, this thought just occurred to me.

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  • Sent thank you message to author Spencer Hsu for great work.

    Quite the same text in WP ...MSNBC has used WP text.

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  • Yoda says:

    Bill hard to be approved that it is.

    Unemployment rising for Americans rapidly it is. Tough to let more immigrants like us get jobs from Americans. Obama try he will.

    Be the Force be with you. IV contribute more should you.

    Done !

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  • well said my friend

    often times, i see that there are people who say India is getting better than US. Wages are going up. H1b is tiring. H4 dependents are not able to work.

    but not once is the person posting the message declaring that he is leaving to India. He/She thinks that more "people from india will not come" . It is the person's ulterior motive that people from india should not come to US.

    once i am in, let the doors close behind me.

    Our attitude is playing one against another. We just need unity among ourselves.

    EB1 against EB2. EB2 against EB3. EB3 against Family based etc. But fact of the matter is that our own brother/sister might belong to the same category. What if our parents fall sick. Would we want them to come to america or should we move back to India.

    let us all be together in our efforts. If not, at the very least be neutral instead of imposing our thoughts on everyone else except the owner of the thought

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  • I downloaded the 2004 file as you said and searched it, but could not find any information about my labor. Do you think the labor apps processed by backlog centers are in a separate file???

    If you click on the link called "PERM" on the left hand side - there is an MDB file called 2004 (in a zip file). Try to download an Access reader and go for it.

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  • There is a story: when seeing a bottle filled half with water, optimistic people would say it's "half full", pessimistic people would say it's "half empty". I think this problem is also just people's perspective. Retrogression is still there, it will not be any better or worse with/without the July event. Some people see that retrogression is still there so they are pessimistic, some people see that at least you get something from this even, so they are optimistic.
    I see this prediction every now and then. Why don't you guys get your facts straight. Retrogression will remain the SAME. The pace at which they process GC's is not going to change. It's just applications moved from your home queue to the USCIS queue. Why would that make retrogression worse?? Think before you talk!!

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  • Hey guys, Our collective voices worked.
    We got a partial correction on their on line article at the bottom which was just added after our e mails started hitting their inboxes. It is good that they realised their error. A pity it did not make it into their print edition.

    See at the bottom under Amplification.
    Thanks everyone for writing to the editor

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  • Is something being arranged on the chapter level as well?

    I was there for rally and will also join for this one.

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  • Dilip,

    Thanx for sharing ur experience. Could u pls lemme know the documents that u mailed along with the I-765 renewal form? As per the instructions form what we need to mail to the Service center is:

    1. Filled I-765 form (latest)
    2. Copy of existing EAD card(front and back)
    3. Check for $ 340 (for ppl who filed for EAD b4 July 30 -2007) in favour of US Dept of homeland security
    4. Copy of I-485 receipt
    5. 2 Photos with specifications as mentioned in the instructions form

    ***If one is self-paper filing its not necessary to do FP***

    Am I missing something? If so, pls let us know.

    I'm about to file my EAD extension and will be filling up the form in a day or two. I'll email u if I have any questions on what to fill. But in the mean time, pls confirm if the required documentation is correct :).

    Buddy in SFO

    You are absolutely correct, u did not miss anything.
    - fill the complete i765 form, dont forget to sign
    - copy of 485 receipt
    - front and back of current EAD card
    - 2 photos (make sure to write A# and name at the back using a pencil)
    - check payable to US department of homeland security
    - file it correctly to the right service center (dont worry if the address is different than what u filed last time)
    - nothing else (since its a adjustment of status case, there is even NO need of i94)
    - Just make sure A numbers are written properly everywhere.

    We could do the same poll in october and see the decrease for 2004

    EB2 -- Dont run fast, you will fall down again ...

    I'm EB3 , with PD Oct 18th, Off by 3 days since last 2 months ...

    I don't think dates will go back again unless they drastically move the dates forward. The dates could remain stagnant for a long time though.

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