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images quot;Sabre Cutquot; to left or right cuts on wrist. Man Cuts Woman#39;s Wrist During
  • Man Cuts Woman#39;s Wrist During

  • Hi Zcool

    I don't have a job right now with this vendor But in the future if the vendor finds me a job shall I work with him.


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  • Makeup - Casualty - cut wrist

  • I just sent Webfax # 15 sent.

    cuts on wrist. wrist tattoos designs.
  • wrist tattoos designs.

  • What is EB2-I please can you clarify. I am thinking EB2 is single entity.

    its EB2-india

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  • BBC gets wrist slap after

  • Are you guys nuts?

    Which country in the world would lobby another country to take in its citizens? Why would India lobby America to give permanent residence to its highly skilled Indian citizens? So that America can benefit? This would be tantamount to treason.

    You are not talking about H1B here. This is concerning Permanent Residence for eventual American citizenship. Think reasonably guys!

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  • name tattoos wrist cuts

  • so without both of US we cant get the certificate from India. I can go to India but my wife cant ..........she will be out of enter the country....wont be?

    For EB1 I will share info. with you soon...pls hang on.

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  • Hamtaro Cut Cartoon Stainless

  • Your AP is most likely approved. The LUD on AP is generally an indication that they have requested it to be printed. (Similar to card production ordered). Unlike EAD there is no status associated with this, in another few days you will see the status changed to Document Mailed to the Applicant. This is for everyone with LUD on AP without change in status.

    Folks i got a LUD on my AP 7 days back and again LUD 5 days back. But the status didn't change nor i get any letter of so far.

    Does this means i'm on my way to a RFE :) If they send RFE does that gets reflected on the Online Status ??

    Thanks much!

    cuts on wrist. Wrist Cuts Videos | Wrist Cuts
  • Wrist Cuts Videos | Wrist Cuts

  • Hi everyone, I have been approved on 9/6/7.
    only 92 days after AOS filing.
    My sponsor, I did work with them from 2002-2007. They agree to file i-485 in the hopes economy would get better. However house builders are doing very bad now and they cannot take me back after approval.
    The question is, does this spoiled my chances for citizenship?

    2010 wrist tattoos designs. cuts on wrist. quot;Sabre Cutquot; to left or right
  • quot;Sabre Cutquot; to left or right

  • We have 8000+ members but only 200+ contributed. I have been thinking about it and here is one possible answer. If you look at the poll result about whether we should push for 485 or not, there are about 280 guys supporting this goal. Maybe almost all recurring contributions are from this group. :confused:
    where is this poll?

    cuts on wrist. length across the wrist.
  • length across the wrist.

  • Webfax # 15 sent.

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  • It cuts wrist size diameter

  • The aim of participation on these talk shows is two fold- One to increase the awareness amongst the general masses regarding the problems being faced by legals as the masses are mostly ignorant about out situation. Secondly, for people who are waiting for their GC's and could be potentail members of Immigration Voice for them to join the organization. It has been proven time and again that there is strength in numbers and also the organization needs resources from it's members.

    It is a logistical challange to put a program like this together with the host and the panel and IV did a good job at it with knowledgebile authorities like Stuart coming out strongly supporting our cause. Every one felt that the moderation could have been better. It is the skill of Larry King or Neil Conan of NPR that sets them apart but some times there are moderators who are very knowledgible, not necessarily on every issue but are challenged becuase of their heavy accent and other reasons.

    One of the posts questioned about the publicity stunt of having a senator on the program. I am not sure if every one realizes the amount of ground work that has to be done to make that happen and must I say that all the efforts were made to get them but it did not work out finally in the end because of issues with timing.

    Over all, in my opinion, it was a good program and served IV's agenda.

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  • cut those cuts her arm

  • I know sir every one has right to choose whatever they want but info pass only gives you the answer which in online or when u call them its the same thing. and for your information i have filed my application on june 2nd and still not received anything...and it can cause my job....and when i tried to get info pass it does not allow me another city when i put my zip code and all the dates in the next month are taken..........

    Did you try the walk-in option. Some offices have walk-in option and they do let you in without a Infopass appointment. And also since you think that your case is so serious , did you try to talk the security person explaining him the situation that you are not able to book an appointment for Infopass and let you in for walk-in appointment.

    Local offices are usually accomodating if there is a genuine issue.

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  • So cut my wrists amp; black my

  • Hi,

    Doesn't the recent USCIS Yates memo (the same one that said that H4 time will not be counted against 6 year H1 limit), also say that dependen children will be granted a GC if they were under 21 at the time of filing the petition? They need not necessarily be under 21 at the time the petition is approved...
    not completely sure.. please check or ask a attorney...

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  • Stewart cuts wrist during

  • Action Alert: Please give your 1 minute to IV for media work

    Please click the link below - Advocacy -- Issues and Legislation ( Under the media section, please click on the first item: Highly Skilled Professionals Call on Congress to Pass Green Card Reforms

    Enter your zipcode, select the local and national newspapers you want to send this message to and hit go.

    Please help post this press release to media so that they become aware of our issues and can reach out to us for any coverage or information about this issue.


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  • Well today was the day of my

    Its is always advisable to file the petition as AILA clearly stated that they are going to identify "class" of people. The court may or maynot give benefit for all classes .so better file and be in the "Best Class" where if AILA wins the case you will get benefited ,Dont be penny foolish as if you already spent money in getting other stuff ..what you are loosig in 1 grand for attorney fee , ( think of desi employers who gets 2 grands every month on you )

    Also with todays's rumor some thing positive is in pipeline ..even july VB flip-flop also started as a rumor

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  • Though, scars from cuts and do

  • Well they will ask for police clearence form every country where u have stayed for 6 months or more after age of 18.
    So if he/she stayed for less than 6 months in singapore then its not even needed

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  • Emo Wrist Cuts Videos | Emo

  • Hi friends,

    Can we start working for the new company immediately once the transfer petition is mailed i.e. without waiting for the EAC number ?

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  • These aren#39;t cuts.

  • AFIK, the affidavits must be notarized.


    Rajiv Khanna says affidavits do not have to be notarized if they are self-attested. If you have a link which says otherwise, please post it here.

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  • person#39;s wrists, and cut

  • For people thinking canada, or H1 b with children, what should I tell them.
    Go to canada no job, will not be able to keep familiy there. Don't tell me people are not able to find a job in US in this market.

    It is up to people to think of Canada or india. India is faaaaar better.
    More jobs, very well paying.. own house and family..

    I like that jonty more than 6 months..
    People have stayed years and not found a sensible job in canada.

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  • wrist cuts on her hand,

  • I agree with sri1309. This would stop the bleeding of the economic crisis. Folks just wont stop by buying house alone, they all will be motivated to spend more money. guys, our folks most of them are well positioned with good paying jobs and pay and the only reason for not spending and not buy houses are because of the insecurity of the stay due to the h1b extension.
    We all to some extent know that this whole mess is due to the deregulation of the financial institiution and because of which high supply of houses ( SUPPLY and DEMAND. Now with the bailout government owns all these houses). By passing some legislation can control the deregulation but how do you sell the government owned houses quickly to the people? who will buy? Immigration is the best option. Here is my recommendation, regulate and tightenend the loans for the house constructing companies to control the supply side from the constructing compnay and issue green cards to all the legal immigrants to increase the demand side of the equation. Additionally bringing the ?? milliion illegal immigrants to legal will increase the tax revenue of the government. My 2cents says that whoever the next president, the comprehensive immigration reforms would be the best solutions for solving the current economic mess.
    There are a lot of US citizens wanting to buy house. The problem is they are not able to afford and sitting on the sidelines. The house values will drop to affordable levels for regular folks to buy. Nothing will stop it. Even if all immigrants buy today, you can only postpone the crash. The basic problem is affordability. You can reduce the supply, but who will be able to pay inflated house prices?

    The cynic in me believes that everyone thinks it is just a matter of time before it becomes current or there is significant movements in dates. This is dead wrong.

    Very true. I was talking with a guy last week end and he is very much elder to me. During our conversation he told me that he is waiting for his PD to become current and my minds were blown away when he said "Presidential elections are coming up and people will get GC's" . He summed it up as Politicians doing favors during election period (like in India). O M G!

    I wonder why your lawyer is asking you to change the number of years. your hiring manager should be the one comming up with Job Description and Justification. May be he already has one and all you need to do is send it over to your lawyer
    It's always not the case. My boss sent the request from the atterney about job requirement to me, saying you two work it out. I had to work out requirement that is acturally in favor of me, but not obvious to others. And why are those requirements too. Those requirements are the key. If you didn't get them right, and lots of people applied for the postion, you are in trouble. My HR mageger told me she hates the interviews and making records of them.

    Here we have the atterneys who know the law but in most of the case not much or even nothing about the specific job involved. And in the other side the boss who knows the job, but not how to play trick. To work this out, it will involve intense and lengthy back and forth between them. No boss would like that. So you always find yourself doing this.

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