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  • If you do it in India. You will be back in Q just like GC here.

    Its better get it here.

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  • Thanks guys!!

    I have enough vacation time with my company. Is it possible to use the vacation time with the company and stay on H1B Status UNTIL i find a new job??

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  • I also don't think this is true. After you get your 3-year H1B extension beyound the 6-year limit and say your 485 gets denied while you are in 7th year, you can still stay and work for the rest of the 2 years on your H1B and use those 2 years to file for new LC etc.

    Gurus, please advise, with the slew of mistaken 485 denials this is an important point to clarify.

    He will be out of status. Your 3 year extension beyond the allowed 6 years is based on that LC/I-140 from which your I-485 was filed. If the I-485 is rejected you have no right to stay beyond 6 years.

    It is best to not use more than 3 years of H-1 if you have a pending I-485. That way you have 3 more years of H-1 in case you get rejected. The pending I-485 gives you unlimited time in the form of EAD/AP. Dont waste your H-1 time.

    It only makes sense to keep H-1 while you have AOS if your country of chargeability is ROW, which is usually current. If your country is backlogged, it will most likely extend your H-1 over six years. Please consult a proper immigration attorney before you do anything.

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  • H1+H-4 Extension: Applied DEC/18/2007. No Lud. Still pending

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  • Sorry to say this kind of thread is making this site loose its purpose. Urging admin to remove such thread and discourage from future occurance.

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  • I wanted to get an idea how many EB2 guys would be willing to visit DC to meet lawmakers to help out our EB3 brothers. Unquestionably all EB3 should be willing to visit. This is the chance to show that IV is indeed one.

    Refering to this thread

    So, obviously, you are not expecting any EB3 I to vote, right?

    Or do you want EB3 I also to vote?

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  • Done

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  • New Honda CRV Price in India

  • You have an approved I-140, so the PD belongs to you.

    Find a job that requires either an MS degree or BS+5 years experience (this could very well be your current job). File a new perm. When it's approved file for a new I-140 in EB2 attaching the copy of the old approved I-140 asking to capture that date.

    Then attach your new I-140 with EB2 to your existing I-485 application.

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  • I got my Wife's and son's passports renewed at NY. I printed the phtos on the computer. My wife's i mailed it(got it back in 1 week). My sons i went to NY. If you go before 11AM, you can collect it back same evening. I did this almost 18 months ago.

    Hope this helps

    Thanks for the response. Did you use 3.5cm x 3.5cm?

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  • And any time a product drops by 50% in 1 year its normally not a good sign. Scott
    One benefit in staying with Nikon, at least for the time being, is that I don't have to compete with DavidP & Co. for those abundant "9, 9+, 10, R, D etc" rated used Nikon lenses on the market (B&H, Adorama ...). LOL.


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  • With mush ballyhoo, the Nikon D2H hit the streets not too long ago. It was approximately two years in the making, and seemed to counter the 1D for Nikon users. The Canon 1D Mark II (on paper) , seems to be a very significant improvement to the 1D, and jettisons again past the D2H. How confident can Nikon users be that Nikon can maintain pace in the professional DSLR arena?

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  • We need experts advice in the following matter.

    Here is my situation, I have entered US on H-4 and after sometime I have applied for H1(Change of status) through a consulting company. I have worked for this company for 3 months.

    When I went for H1 stamping,visa officer said that my case need to go through Administrative processing . I came back on H-4.

    We have applied for 485 (through my spouse) and got EAD and AP.I have started working on my EAD. Recently we have received a mail from the consulate saying my H1 was denied and there was a note saying

    "section 212 (a) (6) (c) which prohibits unlawful misrepresentation. See form DSL-851 for further details . ". (Not sure what triggered this?). I couldn't find this form anywhere, what is this form?

    We have sent an email to US consulate abroad, asking for reasons and future steps, and we have received a response saying

    "your case has been fowarded to the USCIS for a final determination. As for your H-4 visa, a decision may not be taken until the USCIS makes a final determination in your case by the USCIS."

    Can you advice us what to do next?

    1. Will it be possible to withdraw the H1-B application from USCIS?
    2. Approximately how long it may take to get a final decision?
    3. Is it better to contact USCIS about the case?
    4. Will there be any impact of this on my 485 application? or on any future immigration processes?
    5. Will there be any problem while entering or leaving the country?
    6. Does USCIS notify us about the final decision?
    7. Is it better to seek help from Senator in this matter to know what is the decision on our case?

    Please advice on this matter as we have travel plans next month.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Hi Gurus - Can someone enlighten why lawyers reco. not to inform USCIS about AC21 and wait for RFE?

    Also does anyone knows how one can get back on h1b after invoking AC21? If AOS is denied how to get h1b again? (if not exhausted 6 year of h1b)

    If your read you will understand better.
    I changed my job after 1 year of filing I-485.
    I took a permanent job.
    Some lawyers say you need to inform and some say why do you want them to know and create an RFE.
    I never Informed USCIS of my change of employer.
    It is not necessary to inform USCIS.
    You do not know if the AC21 that you send will be attached to the file.
    Some people sent AC21 and they got NOID
    When you change Employers and the old employer withdraws your I-140 then
    You get an RFE or you will be called for an Interview because they want to see you
    where do you currently exist. Are you following all the rules set forth to get a GC?
    Read through that website.

    I finally got my GC with any RFE.
    this is my experience

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  • bumping

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  • need to send an email with name, email address, phone number and GC PD to:
    IL at immigrationvoice DOT org

    Only then you will have faster registration. :)

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  • Paper filing. Sent on 5/2. No FP. EAD approved on 5/26. Waiting for the card.

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  • This isn#39;t your mom#39;s CR-V.

  • Hi gurus-
    Please let me know Can we use EAD with out I140 Approval.


    Yes, you can. If it is with the same employer, you are OK., else there can be problems such as below.

    if 180 days have passed since your 485 RD and and if you plan to use it with a different employer then any RFE raised for your 140 will not be answered by your old employer and your 140 will be denied.

    if 180 days have not passed, your employer will revoke the 140 and you are in the limbo.

    The best course is to wait 180 days from 485 RD and have an approved 140 before venturing out.

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  • Can anyone please explain what does "Testing" mean in Combined EAD & AP Document - Under Review/Testing ?

    Even a wild guess will do for an answer! :)

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  • WHat happens when they return the visa number to DOS? Can they request them again later or these numbers are just wasted for this year?


    I just received the following email from TSC. case status is also updated with a hard LUD. It seems like TSC online system is working again!!!!!!!

    receipt Number: SRC07******


    Current Status: Card production ordered.

    On April 9, 2009, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    Congratulation. Good Friday brought great news for you. Enjoy the freedom.

    If IV is successful with this 485 filing ability by 2/15 deadline thing... when does it become law and more importantly how soon can we file for 485 (before or after the CIR wars in Mach-September)?

    I guess it becomes law on or before 2/15, as Pres must sign these bills in to law on or before 2/15. Not sure when we can file for 485. :(

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