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  • Even the documet is going to be voluntary. No fear :)

    Why don't we just voluntarily mention the amount that we contributed in our signatures ? Since contributions are voluntary, so should be the option of disclosing information on it. When many contributing members start furnishing their contribtion information voluntarily, it becomes the "fashion" and others will follow suit, as no one wants to look like a free-rider.

    As for the veracity of the information, we got to trust each other on that and follow an audit policy- I assume the core members/ administrators have the ability to cross-check the contribution information if someone looks suspicious. Anyone caught furnishing false information can be blacklisted. Such a policy minimises the work of the core team, without being overly intrusive.

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  • Same here...We received same FP fees rejected notice but checks are cashed. Our lawyer mailed the proof of cashed checks for 325 + 70. But to our surprise even before that we received appointment for FP.

    I think this is common error on USCIS system. Most probably they will send you FP appointment notice. So relax..

    I talked to my lawyer and they said the checks has been encashed. I talked to an IO, and he said that they did receive the $70. But I asked them why the status saying FP fee rejected. TO that he replied I dont see that. But since we have mailed you a notice, you go acheck the contect of the notice after you receive it.
    But my lawyer send an info from AILA, which says that the USCIS is erroneously rejecting the cases inspite of sending the correct fees.
    I dont know what to do ?

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  • Deleted

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  • You are making an assumption that an approved petition is an indication of a valid status for the entire duration of extension. This may or may not be true after the I-140 is revoked.

    That's why you have to be quick...Before your earlier employer revokes the petition...(that takes some time..) you got to get a new labor and a new approved I-140 and after that they cannot throw us out technically...
    The whole thing is a mess..

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  • I have a valid point to akhilmahajan.
    I work for security industry (database auditing) and i do know the concerns and security related issues.

    Here USCIS may be sending the information of one applicant to the other applicant. This may happen with a probability of 1 in 100.
    Now tell me, what will you or i be doing with someone else's data?
    Atleast skilled immigrants like us will not harm and or destroy knowingly someone else's credit history. This will not only destroy your future citizenship options but will also lead to deportation in case you are caught.
    Also, there will no credit card numbers and or bank account details to be lost.
    One more thing is, you can always fight back and reverse the screw up that may happen in case your social security number is misused and you have a proof of it.

    By saying this, what iam saying is, the threat is not as serious as the thread author seems to indicate. There are bigger concerns on our plate who needs our attention.

    Unless the USCIS mistakenly publishes your data on website and or looses hard disk with all the data in it at walmart, you shouldn't be worried.


    I hope i did not offend you.
    It looked to me a valid point.
    Anyways, everything is all set now and i hope this does not happen to anyone.............

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  • It's hard to believe that US economy will go down if they make some tough rules around H1 B visas or worse cancel H1 B program. I means, we can argue that it might create shortage for skilled works but if US really need some skilled workers, they can get it any time ( Like straight green cards for nurses etc). it�s few trillion dollars economy which won�t go down just because of H1-B visas holders.

    It is not that hard to imagine at all.
    500K h1b holders having $60K jobs (on average) means $30 billion to the US economy. That is only .002% of US GDP but that is still a *lot* of money.

    Remember the Swift meat packing plant raids. They cost Swift $45-50M they claim. That is greater than the wages of the workers rounded up. Probably around double. If IBM started feeling that hurt, they'd be summoning their representatives to their offices.

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  • I can create a spreadsheet on or any other collaboration site with information about monthly or recurring contributions
    All those who have contributed please send me the details via private message so that this thread does not get swamped - I will work on it next weekend.

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  • Is there a conspiracy, first there was delays in the processing of the EADs, now there is delay in the production of the EAD cards...
    Are there more RFEs happening too?

    My EAD renewal took almost 90 days to get approved, and my employer was ready to let me go if I did not get the approval before my EAD expired. Just made it with 2 days to spare.

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  • The point is that to lobby for keeping the spouse out of the "VISA NUMBERS CURRENT" constrain may not be politically hot as it becomes a very compulsive and humanitarian issue. There is expected to be less resistance and public support as its a family issue. Success may be relatively easy and hence its a ponderable issue.)

    Exactly. I believe lobbying for legislation such that spouses can be added even when PD is not current as long as the primary applicant's AOS is pending is quite reasonable, and may not invite that much scrutiny or opposition compared to the larger and thorny issue of actually excluding dependents from the visa number cap. I know that the two are essentially related under current legislation, but if we (IV) can decouple them it would be a major success for us.
    As Jitamitra mentioned, this was not a huge issue earlier because movement of PDs was relatively predictable.

    Another option would be to lobby for a provision where the primary applicant's EAD benefits could be transferred to the dependents as well.

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  • I signed contract on my house and now looking for a mortgage. I’m looking at eLoan, LendingTree, credit union and a few banks/lenders listed in
    I would appreciate if you can share any information regarding any of the lenders, your experience dealing with them or any other useful information which will help me make a informed decision.
    I’m at Houston, TX.
    If you are one of them who would like to remind me it’s not an immigration related question….I’m an immigrant and I have a question….so would it make it immigration related? :)

    Thanks for your time.

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  • Got the approval notice today :) "Welcome to the United States of America" - ironically i have been in this country for a decade now! finally the "welcome" :)

    It has been a very long journey!!! and a very frustrating one for the last few years... but the feeling that I now get is really liberating... first thing I did was thanked God for ending the seemingly endless wait that me and my wife (she didn't care as much) were in.

    I'm already thinking of the things I want to do after this new found liberation... it includes showing the middle finger to those who have taken undue advantage of my status :cool: :D and i'm not taking it anymore... I'll be a new person starting Monday!

    Just so there is no confusion... my PD was Feb 2003 EB3 but my wife's PD was EB2 April 2004... we got our freedom through her application. If anyone needs more info on how/what/when - i can share that (it had its up's and downs - mainly downs, but all's well that ends well)!

    Lastly as a token of my real support to the cause of IV I will be donating a small amount. I have donated in the past... I have participated in conversations in the past... I was not so active on other fronts but I truly believe in this organizations effort to help the community. And God willing each one of you will get this freedom soon! God Bless!

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  • Done!

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  • I was not bragging. I was just thinking out aloud, so to speak. Economic ups and downs like this this are a normal part of economic cycles in a capitalist economy. My observation is that IT industry is not as badly affected as other sectors. I have not seen people sitting without jobs for extended periods. I mean, some people do loose jobs but they get something else within a couple of weeks. That is pretty much normal functioning of markets.
    Just quick question
    Are you on the Moon or Mars ??

    My team (reporting directly ) reduced from 14 to 8 , so are others within IT
    Company termintaed the contract with Offshore prod support team of 20
    Over all IT will be reduced by another 10% within 3 months

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  • piyush,

    pls see my pm....


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  • done

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  • well..I have been waiting for my labor certifcation to get certfied for too long. just after Sep 11 I applied both for US GC and Canadian PR. My wife also applied for her GC. meanwhile her GC moved to regional when suddenly DOL thought it was time to regroup and there it went into BPC. In the meantime we got canadian PR some 2 years ago but we did not move thinking that we have jobs here.Then she got pregnant and lot of complications ( premature labor) and during those complications her company got acquired by another bigger firm who thought they don't need her..and result was job loss plus GC into the trash....meanwhile my labor certification even after 5 years was still sleeping in EB3 category(PD Oct, 2001) when i still have Masters( god knows why my lawyer put into that category)..Now my canadian PR was set to expire in march, I thought i should decide fast..and i applied for jobs..and I got offer in vancouver with moving expenses paid from califronia..It has been the toughest decision because my employer is Indian here in california..and I have had good growth(10% average) but not the way I had wanted..I guess he also exploits..Indian exploiting another Indian..because they know I am not going we work hard.. I asked him to match what was being offered in vancouver..and he started converting CAD into is not fair..So I have decided to heck with US and the Employer..and move least I can come is not an easy move because my son being premature child had lot of free facilities in california..hopefully he will get the same in Vancouver until he gets to 3 years ..and then it stops..

    I have been in this country too long..and I guess one should settle down rather just wait for them to give GC...reading the other post about one lady whose EAD card got expired just tells me that how inconsistent this GC process can be and right until the end...

    Anyway that is all for now

    It is really sad.
    Pls keep in touch with IV forum. The deadline for this reporter has expired but I will keep you in mind for any future story. your story will be useful for reporters covering this cause and ultimately will reach lawmakers and public through media reports. I wish things could work out for you in US. It is sad and there are thousands of people like you with badly affected personal lives due to the broken immigration system. A lot of my motivation to work for IV also comes from coming across people like you and thus feel strongly to do something to solve problems affecting each one of us in the IV community we have all built. Good luck and best wishes.

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  • Rueb am a sensing just a touch of animosity toward Nikon ;)
    Hahaha, despite the fact that an ever so considerate d100 user decided to sit himself at the edge of the runway to check his images on my last show shoot, effectively ruining 30% of my shots. I have no grudge against nikon except for the fact that it wouldnt have killed em to put some curves on that D70.

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  • Beautiful friday and these scumbag news! If he sues you, counter-sue him for unnecessary duress.

    First things, he will never sue costs him more than what he can ever get from you so dont bother
    Regarding your pay: if you did not get paid for the time you worked, do you still have the timesheets you submitted at client-site? If you have them prepare a complaint with DOL, attach the timesheets and clearly mention what has been going on since you completed work and any emails or phone bills showing calls between you and employer. Clearly mention your employer threatened to sue you if you pursue opportunities outside his company.

    Filing a complaint is easy, cheap and risk-free - do not be afraid - and do not be rude - just do it

    Let the scumbags pay for their crimes...:mad:

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  • I am proud of IV!
    Yesterday, I felt proud to be part of a crowd that is so dedicated, selfless, hardworking, fearless, educated, discplined, understanding!!
    Each one of you were an inspiration. I cannot thank you guys enough for all your effort.
    Logic Life's speech was awesome. I wish he can post it here too, for people who missed it. are the rock star we need!
    Franklin is full of energy!!!!!!!
    People were thrilled to finally see/meet Aman. He deserves the respect he gets from IV members!
    I could go on and on......I have so much to say! Will continue the story in my next post.

    Thank you all, for helping me out with everything. We were like a family...looking out for each other. I really felt sad when I was coming back from D.C. Is there a way, all of us can stay there in the White House :)

    Thanks once again,

    "Full of energy"?!? Are you kidding me?!?

    I was a complete slacker compared to our fearless leader, the drill sargent, the lost and found chap, the spine of organization ladies.

    I barely kept it together! I strongly oppose :)

    Just waiting for my flight back now - its been an experience of a life time. I have done things in the last 4 days I never thought I'd experience.

    Congratulations to all who came!

    The real work now begins and I'm sure there will be an update from Our Fearless Leader soon

    possible reason for mysterious rejections :

    You are a mail room guy, you go home friday (06/29) and comeback on monday (06/02).
    You start the monkey business of timestamping incoming mail, but half an hours into the day (around 8 or 9:00 am), you realize "sshhttt: i did not change the date on my stamp, its still read 06-29-2007". In the classical govt. fashion, you do not bother to go back and restamp the applications with the correct datetime. Not because you are evil, but because you simply don't understand the ramifications of early stamping. You think u are doing the guy a favor, putting him/her early in line.. but guess what... the guy's application is gonna get rejected.

    Could this be the case with some apps mysteriously being rejected?


    Send school the copy of EAD and I-485 for her and that should be it. After that, they can report to whoever they want (ofcourse they won't because there is nothing to report since your wife can continue with the school on EAD without registering for cradit hours)

    I need urgent advice from you. As you know my wife is on F1 visa and completed most of her credit hours needed by school. She has get only 1 credit hr to complete the course. However, that�s below 9 hr full time student status. She has been asked to register for additional 8 hrs..and pay tuition fee accordingly ( > 8K). Which I think is unreasonable. They told her that if she doesn�t register by tomorrow they have to report it to INS. She told them that she has EAD..there answer doesn�t matter in order to remain in school and F1 visa she has to register.

    My questions is:
    1) Can she continue working on her Thesis on her EAD and AP ?
    2) What will happen to her f1 if she use EAD

    In response to these questions my Lawyer said

    1.) yes, she can continue to be a student as an adjustment applicant � she can work using the EAD and travel using the AP.

    2) she is basically no longer an F-1 because she has demonstrated immigrant intent by filing the adjustment. Which is fine � she has valid legal status as an adjustment applicant and can work with the EAD and travel with the AP.

    What do pro�s think..:)

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