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  • Can somebody update on this issue too� now that most of them are getting GC.

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  • TSC applied july 2nd..still update not even checks cashed.

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  • Myht 1: If I-485 gets denied I have H1-B to as a back up.

    Think of this - you get AP and EAD based on pending I-485. Similarly, you get H1-B extension beyond 6 years based on your pending green card process. Once your I-485 is denied, your AP, EAD and extended H-1, all are gone at once. Yes, extended H1-B is no longer valid after that. You simply can not fall back on that.

    Myth2 : I want to continue on H1-B even after getting EAD, I feel safer.

    Think again. Suppose you came to the US in 2004. In 2007 during the visa gate scandal, you filed your I-485 and got EAD. At that point of time, you had two options. You could have continued H1-B or changed over to EAD. Person A changed to EAD. Well, once he changed to EAD his clock of "Time spent on H1-B" stops right there. Come 2010, if his I-485 gets denied, he still has 3 years of H1-B left and he can use it till 2013.

    Person B decided to continue using H1-B after 2007 and kept his EAD as backup. Same thing happened, his I-485 got rejected in 2010. He can not go back to H1-B. He has utilized H1-B for all 6 years and he can not get it extended without going out of the US for one year.

    So by keep EAD for "in case I-485 goes south" and using H1-B, you are killing your options. If someone has a choice between EAD and H1-B, he should use EAD.

    Gurus.....any comments?

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  • sorry peeps, im anti database it would seem!! lol
    i just havnt seen the benefits of it yet... for now ill just stick to flashing clients ;) lol (heh i say it like ive had hundreds already as well! :P )
    so wuld u suggest i learn it if im to go into web designing or concentrate more on mastering Flash MX and Fireworks MX (and wen i eventually get it Dreamweaver MX) for now?


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  • I just started this thread to learn how other members are considering option to transfer EB3 case to EB2.

    - Please let us know,
    - Is it worth trying?
    - Is there any issue if you have tried? Success or failure.
    - If you got success, let everyone know.


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  • You mentioned that your lawyer has started seeing 485 approval from last week of July 2007? Is she going to see approvals come this July end?

    tere muh me ghee shakkar yaar...
    mera bas chale to procesing date ko rajdhani me bitha ke double engine laga du...

    jokes apart - seriously this is a very exciting time, no one knows what will happen - yet everyone optimistic... which is a good sign.

    I just talked to our company lawyer and she said that they are seeing a lot of 485 approvals from the receipt dates from last week of july and a little before that ...

    good luck to all!

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  • Thanks everyone for being patient and supporting us. The work is happening at all ends and it is an uphill task.

    We really need to increase our membership. Higher membership will mean us looking tall when we meet lawmakers. Please all try to help us spread the word of IV to everyone you know that is stuck in retrogression. We represent at least half million people but we currently not even have 6 thousand members. Thus we have to bring lot many people into IV. I would encourage everyone to pls. register on this forum instead of being visitors.

    Pls try to help us increase our membership in your own capacity, in any way you can. This is something everyone on this forum can help us with.

    Many users just browse through the forum/website. How about making the forum available only to registered members ?? This will also make users register/login. Remove anonymous access to forum

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  • asking contributions for each post is pestering. Please maintain sanity of the forum.

    hopefulgc, will you please concentrate on action items..........

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  • Question 1: If they do this, what will happen to my pending I-485, EAD & AP?
    Ans: I think it will be rejected, since the 140 has been revoked.

    Question 2: Lawyers are saying that they have to withdraw the LC Sub based I-140 because the job descriptions are different? Is it not possible to file a totally new I-140 and keep both of them pending?
    Ans: Not sure if this is ture. There are so many people who filed in EB2 as well as EB3. Hope it will and should not be a problem. If possible do stick on to the old PD since with a 2003 LC u can get the GC 2 to 3 years earlier that the 2006. Its worth taking a risk I suppose. If the company can prove Ability to pay and your qualification matches that of the LC, then it should be ok. There is no point of withdrawing the old one.

    The other option is the file the new 140 and after the approval then interfile 485 with the new and then have the old one withdrawn. If you withdraw the 140 then you will have to wait for a long long time to file ur 485 with 2006pd.

    This is just my opinion. Use it at your own risk.

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  • I have 4 years degree with Masters. However, if you made through EB3 you should be able to get through EB2. Nevertheless, it is worth a try as gains are large. I understand there is a risk (no risk no gain).
    I have just started the process and my labor is in process. I am filing with my current employer who filed my EB3 case. Green card is for future job so they are taking me for higher position say manger. My lawyer is making sure there is some kind of sync up with Eb3 labor and H1B application. They should be supporting the present labor application.
    Your employer need to be supportive and should be willing to work with you that help a lot. They have added some managerial stuff and kind of technical lead. I have not used my experience with present employer.
    To best of my knowledge, there is no impact to eb3 case.
    Hope this help.

    I don't think there's any relationship H1-application. H1's for current employment where as PERM labor is for future employment. Future meaning, after your 485 has been approved. One doesn't even need to be on H1 to proceed for Eb3 to Eb2 conversion.

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  • Dear IV Members,

    First of all, this is not an official request from IV Core team.

    Any one interested in participating in making Movie/Documentary please let me know.

    I would like to gather a group of individuals who are local to Bayarea and are creative in writing, acting etc.

    Even you are non local if you want to join with us you are most welcome.
    PM me for more details.

    We need more characters and also members for pre-production & post-production work.

    Any creative ones with musical skills are highly required.


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  • Techbuyer, thanks :) You fully deserve your GC dude. You waited your turn to get your GC!!

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  • Similar situation...

    I am getting married in the 1st week of Sep and am planning to get my spouse by mid Sep.

    Can someone please suggest if I am fine, if I apply alone for I-485 around Jul30(and not for EAD and AP??) and add my spouse around sep20th. I-140 approval is pending and have a valid visa till '08.

    How long does it take for the I-485 'approval' and is 2-3 months a safe window to add ones spouse?

    Any suggestions and help with my planning are greatly appreciated. :)

    I am in a similar situation. I am getting married in July 4th 2007. (What a day to loose my independence) in India. I am planning to come back and file my 485 before July 30th. My spouse is going to endorse her passport and come soon after, but won't be before Aug 15th. I also wanted to know what was the time window after my filing that I could still add my spouse. I have approved I140, PD is Nov 2006.

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  • I am working with the Radio Station to get the CD of the recording. I will make it available to the site admin to have it posted on this site as soon as it is available.

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  • Legal workers lose chance at green cards

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  • Thanks for the reply but how did you conclude 'Future AC21 Changes' will be retroactive?

    again from the same Murthy article:

    When explaining the risk of potentially stricter AC21 regulations to I-485 applicants, we are frequently asked, "If I change jobs under AC21 and the regulations are released after that, they won't apply to me, right?" Unfortunately, this is not correct. While it is not possible to predict the content or effective date of any future regulations, they will likely apply at the time of adjudicating the I-485 application, and not just when the job change occurs. In a hypothetical example, if new regulations were to limit the percentage of acceptable salary difference, or prevent multiple portings, the officer adjudicating the I-485 could decide that the job change violates the regulations, even if the change occurred months or years before the new regulations were issued.

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  • Done

    Your lawyer is cheap. I paid 7500 for 1 labor certification.
    Question for you. What USCIS fees did you pay. I don't recall any USCIS fee on labor stage.

    I think your lawyer is screwing you. $7,500 just for labor certification.

    It seems like USCIS is taking steps to up the revenue. I wonder if the next step would be to allow for 485 premium processing.

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