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  • There is no way to clean every thing with in 3 to 4 years, Why because like EB3 china and India had country limit per year.

    Country limit is EXCLUDED for employment based visa spill over. Read USCIS policy.

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  • Next week will be very crucial as CIR come back..

    We need to start our campaign now..

    Let keep the fight ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ask CORE to advice

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  • Hello Everybody,

    Due to budget restrictions, I may be getting laid off from my company soon. I have filed for I-485 and have received EAD. I am currently on H1B. I have a citizen friend who runs his own company. He has no employees. He does pretty much all work by him self or get it done by hiring outsouced help whenever needed. He has a legitimate company - but he does not have big revenue (May be 100K/ year). Would it be okay if I join his company on EAD to get my GC going or should I look for a firm that employs lot of people and has sizable revenues. What (if any) are any risks?

    Thank you.

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  • Not sure if anyone experienced this, but on 2 computers this site, antivirus software detected a virus & my work PC (protected with McAfee) is not booting up, IT said my hard drive has been corrupted. My laptop survived with a freeware anti virus. Please don't give me reds, this is what happened to me, I just wanted to warn any unprotected members of IV.

    Stop using Windows.
    As long as windows are there, problems will be there...

    I use Ubuntu and boot Windows only when I have to use something which can only be run on windows.

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  • this is also assuming that you have filed for your 485. you cannot apply portability with:

    approved labor + approved I140

    you can only move to another employer with:

    approved labor + approved I140 + pending 485

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  • applied on 29th june
    reached on 2nd july TX.
    our checks got cleared on 15th AUG.
    on 17th our i-765(EAD)-status changed to card production ordered.
    but we are waiting of our receipt and FP notice

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  • Finally I gave a thought to all this GC business and I am planning to start my Canadian PR too, here are my questions :

    1. Does anybody know of any good immigration cunsulting company for Canadian PR processing ?

    2. How much would be the total cost to get it done throught the consulting services ?

    3. Are there any hidden costs which these companies tell you at the end and try to rip you ?

    Hello Anurakt, so you have lost hope with your US greencard!! ;)
    Will you be okay in the cold canadian weather?
    You do not need a lawyer. You can do it yourself. This is what I have gathered from various forums. It is much easy than the US process.
    BTW I have not applied yet!! I sincerely hope we all 7500+ IV members can get a bill passed soon enough.

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  • Does it mean that these developments or should we call no developments on the high skilled immigration front in the developed countries have an underlying message for all of us? Return back to your home countries.... In USA, one positive thing was that it has been 'the melting pot' of people of all cultures and nationality to come together. I will give you an example: my friends 2 year old says that he is an American and not his native origin. In UK, you will still find 3rd generation people telling their nationality to be of their native oigin.

    In USA, the immigrants intergrated with the society but in Europe, the message is clear, you are here that is ok, but live in the other side of the city and have limited opportunities. If Sensenbrenner and co have their way, US would be on the same path.

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  • If they ask for police clearance .. you give it..
    Unless it was a felony that requires certain jail-time or something it's not always counted against you.. remember .. purpose is not to exclude shop-lifters.. they got plenty of those in Canada but rather identify and filter out security hazards.. you might need in person interview.. but it should be alright.. I know even US immigration allows folks like that.. so can't imagine Canada being more stringent..

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  • some one help please

    You can appeal quoting your friend got approved. I have seen in the past, people got their approvals in appeal.

    You must consult a good attorney and go for appeal if you think your employer is willing to help and has the ability to pay, appeal is your best route or go for another job and reaply with your new employer.

    Good Luck..


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  • I fully agree with the intent of this thread..

    Those who do not agree with IV agenda and want to run their own agenda here are free to create their own forum and pursue their agenda there.

    Everyday people come up with different divisive agenda. Enough is enough...
    We cannot take it anymore...

    Founders of IV and those who believe in IV don't do it just for themselves. We are fighting for betterment and for the relief of the whole community.

    We should challenge those who divide us - whether they are outsiders or insiders. If insiders don't believe in our mission, they are no longer insiders. They are outsiders and dealt with the way we will deal with anyone from NumbersUSA trying to divide us... If banning such people works, I am all for it!

    Let them go and start their own groups.. lawsuits and civil action or whatever...

    If people are here to divide, we are no longer going to be silent spectators.
    Enough is enough!

    We stand united in our fight for relief to IV community.

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  • AND
    - You will never apply for US citizenship
    - You children won't need tuition or resident rates when they go to college

    The last point depends on the university. Many accept EAD as sufficient for qualifying as an in-state resident for tuition purposes.

    At least, one I am in contact with does.

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  • Cool down dude, I can understand OPs frustrations, I am in same boat and see similar cases around, not that ead or ap is anything great, just that someone who applied before feels rejected seeing TSC giving out eads like cookies:)

    When baby cries mom gives milk cup or some time slap. But they like each other. So nothing to cool down here. You need to face argument.

    Even receipt is also not some thing great but for you question should be what is more critical at this time getting receipt or getting ead.

    I guess every one can wait for EAD but every one need receipt first.

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  • Babu, thanks for confirming that this stupid rule is in fact true. I always wonder how USCIS gets crafty in making new rules.

    It will be easier to just get the stamping done in INDIA. That way, will get stamp till 2010.

    Looking at reply from Babu. I think Babu. got I-94 corrected through Amended H1 (INS) . and then travelled to INDIA. While returning from INDIA
    by the last updated rule He would have retuned with a valid I-94.

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  • is that if you leave the employer before 1 year, it can be a problem. But if the employer lays you off, its not an issue. Get an opinion from an attorney to be sure.

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  • Applications were sent to NSC on July 19th' 2007. I got my receipt numbers today and all three numbers (I485, EAD & AP) start with WAC ### ### ####. The online status for the applications say that the 485 application was transfered to Texas Service Center and the EAD & AP applications were sent to Califorina Service Center.

    Also just fyi, my I-140 app. is pending at NSC since Dec' 2006. So now I am all over the country :-) Don't know its good or bad. Any idea anyone?

    Best of luck to all....

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  • Hi,

    Mine also similar case and my priority date is 11/04/04. I searched in 2004, 2005 and 2006databases but I did not find mine. Is there any other place to get the accurate info.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • As somebody said earlier, it's not right a forcing statement to make somebody donate. When I read the first reply of my email was not something which I asked advice but a dontation I was somewhat flustered. IT reached the limites when somebody mentioned cancel your trip of Bahamas and donate. Bharatpremi, I must say mind your own business, don't tell me what to do.

    On top people have repped in wierd ways as well.

    I would just say please mind your own business in these things if you don't want to give advice, dont act like some jerk and tell me what to do and what not to do..

    By the way I have already donated money in past before DC rally and will donate again.

    Please don't spoil the spirit of forum and try to act maturely!!!

    Bunch of losers. I am done with this forum.


    Please read my post again and again till you get the real message out of it. Neither I was advising you nor I was telling you what you MUST do. Yes, what I conveyed was 'This struggle is (What IV has initiated) very important in your immigration life or my immigration life.' I do not know at what stage you are as far as immigration is concerned but if you are at later stage (2004 PD and afterwards) you will remember me in coming years. Yes, this struggle is more important for yourself right now rather than going to Bahama. And yes, if I might have that extra money meant for leisure I definately should have donated to IV and decided not to go to Bahama this year but I am not as fortunate as you are and that is a different matter.

    And please take this as a very serious informative suggestion but not as a "intrusion in your life" or "advise". If you decide not to go to Bahama this year and instead would donate to IV ,you will certainly pat my back in future years (Probably while sitting on a beach in Bahama :)) for thinking good about yourself and your family.

    And still You would like to go Bahama, go and enjoy and relax with your family and we will put an end to this suggestive information.

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  • 05/26/2006: Critical Role of House-Senate Conference Committee and Importance of Selection of the Conferees

    More than ever, in the Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation, the role of the upcoming House-Senate Conference Committee will be critically important. Traditionally, once conference committee reaches an agreement, the floors of both Houses usually accepted the compromise report of the conference committee. It is thus critically important to learn who will be selected to the conference committee by each House. The key players in the selection are the Speaker of the House, the President of the Senate, Majority and Minority leaders in both Houses.
    In the Senate, the floor has already decided how the conferees from the Senate will be selected. It proposes to send conferees at the ratio of 14 from the House and 12 from the Senate. On the Senate side, all the conferees will be selected from the Judiciary Committee at the ratio of 7 from the Republicans and 5 from the Democrats. On the Republican side, the Majority leader will select the seven Republican conferees and the Minority leader will select the five Democrat conferees. Without doubt, the Democrats will select the hardcore supporters of the CIR, but it is unclear who the Majority leader Bill Frist will pick on the Republican side. He may attempt to balance between the hardcore supporters and the hardcore opponents within the party. We just wish that the hardcore Republican opponents who posed a roadblock to the today's passage of the bill in the Senate as revealed in the amendment and final roll calls do not take a dominant power on the Republican side of the Senate delegaton. Readers may want to know who these opponents are by checking the voting records of S. 2611.

    dont worry about actual salary being higher than LC salary.
    i had the same issue last bonus put my total salary over $50K than what was listed on the LC. i checked with my lawyers and they said that was fine.

    Just curious - Have you heard of a case being rejected just because the salary was higher than the original LC ?? (Assuming job title/description are same or similar). I think it will be almost impossible for them to reject just because is higher!! Govt. cannot dictate the upper limit of salaries (in private sector).

    Yes, at this point, my fear is that my file is missing or just sitting somewhere and collecting dust. I have not seen a status update since September 2007 on my case. I filed AC 21 last year, and did not see any LUD at that time. The only LUD after September 2007 that I had was this year, this was when I applied for AP and EAD renewal.

    I am going to be asking my attorney to send an email to TSC streamline procedure, and will also submit a problem with CIS Ombudsman. That is what my plan is for the next 13 days.

    Other than that, I am not sure what can be done. Will writing to the first lady help? I dont want to get the same standard answer that we got when the local senator send an inquiry.

    I agree, I think EB2 will retrogess when October bulletin comes out. We will then have to wait until September 2010.

    Come september 2010, we will start from scratch again and will hear the same thing - wait 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc....

    Hang in there, is all I can say!!

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