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  • I think this is a very interesting topic. Neelima's story is about an American citizen of Indian origin. Since, she is an american she can choose to go to courts whereas we are non-immigrants with very few rights. If you are facing abuse at workplace the only solution for an H1B worker is to change jobs.

    That having been said, this highlights a very important aspect of the american society (or rather any culture) in general. You can become a US citizen but unless you are a european (read caucasian) immigrant you will become a hyphenated american. You can spend all your life in US and you will still be referred to as Indo-American/Asian-American at various points in your life. Some of it will be generic comments, some of it will be racist. Infact, you will always face more harassment from your fellow countrymen (e.g. desi consulting/desi manager) in US than from americans. An industrialist from Punjab visiting US gave me a fine example of this. He said, we employ 75% labor from UP/Bihar because they are cheaper and subservient. We make one of them the foreman and he's the one responsible for getting the work done. The same thing happens in US, the first line managers are Indians and so are the tech employees. [Off course, some of the Indians have risen to great positions on the corporate ladder and that is a testimony to both their abiliity and the general open-mindedness of american people.]

    The choice is yours. Do you want to enjoy the wealth of this great country and tolerate occassional racism or do you want to be in your own land and be not as well off?

    On a lighter note, as far as curry smell is concerned, I have heard goray complain about curries, Indians complain about how chinese ppl stink up the kitchen when they heat food. None of the smells are offensive, ppl just aren't used to those smells.

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  • Called all.


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  • This would be the last visa bulletin for this year. The dates should move just like they did last year to consume all numbers.

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  • I guess country quota is root of all our green card related griefs. everybody else can dream of getting a green card someday, but EB-3/EB-2 India & China should stop dreaming about Green cards...I am sure this can be prooved illegal.

    Ombudsman mentioned that "visa wait-times within some preference categories
    for certain nationals may exceed 10 years."

    I think the OP has some valid points. Certainly recapture lawsuit may work as the law does not say that allocated EB visas expire. Do not listen to nay-sayers, just do it.
    Here is one example of the succsessfull class-action (even though the court case died in a court of appeals, it was beneficial to immigrants):

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  • @thankgod

    I certainly respect your view on this post that this information is irrelevant to this forum. At the same time I disagree your view. Different view points from other members absolutely help us to know how others perceive things.

    But your "offensive language and replies" to other members views are uncalled-for.

    Now in recent posts, you are using "we" and trying to gain support for what you have been writing.

    I request other members (whoever expressed their views that this post is irrelevant in this forum ) to express their concerns about Thankgod's language in his posts.

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  • Hi, I applied for AOS with my wife for EB3 on July 25, received all my receipts today with 08/23/07 receipt date. The checks have not been cashed yet. I'm wondering if someone else is under the same circumstances. It seemed a little odd as the most I see people talking about is having the checks cashed but no receipts. Any help will be appreciated.


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  • I think we have a very strong case this time. After what happened with June VB Other workers (rejecting without any announcement based on internal memo), USCIS/DOS tried to cover their ASSes (with a BIG hole in the cover right in the middle) this time by revising the VB with announcement from both agencies.

    Sure there are multiple categories of people but from a Litigation lawyer point of view, they always first try to generalize the case and depending on it goes can come up with specific group/point. I undoubtedly think AILF is preparing the cases depending on each scenario, go ahead with the wide group first and then narrow it down if needed or may be file a multiple lawauits.

    Meanwhile we should do our parts by sending emails/calls/faxes to lawmakers and media, contributing and supporting the AILF lawsuits every way we possibly can.

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  • Based on my reading I would like to provide few AP Renewal FACTS for the I-485 pending cases:

    1) You need to submit 2 recent photos.
    2) You do not need to submit $80 FP fee.
    3) As per the text, you do not need to provide the letter justifying your request for AP, but I think it would not harm giving one. The reason does not have to be an emergent situation, it could simply be "Family Visit".

    Please correct (or) add more.

    Editing on 06/25/2008 - Adding additional information (provided by one of the IV-members)

    Templete Cover Letter for AP

    Some more clarifications

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  • `Sec. 245B. (a) In General- The Secretary of Homeland Security may adjust the status of an alien to that of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence if the alien--

    `(1) was physically present in the United States for a continuous period of not less than 5 years immediately preceding the date on which this provision was enacted and has maintained continuous physical presence since then.

    This if i am reading and understanding right may not be too bad. Let me kow if i am missing anything......

    I think its only 1 time amnesty to all aliens who were present 5 years from date of enactment of this law, if it becomes a law.

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  • I visited the PA DMV yesterday to renew my driving licence based on my pending I-485. With all the valid documents like EAD, I-485, SSN card, I-94 etc. They refused to renew it saying that they have a new pilot program implemented called SAVE and need to get clearence from that, it will take upto 30 days. Anybody else gone throgh this proces?? Day by day more hurdles to pass...what a life, why dont they keep their systems uptodate or provide some temp permit as long as their check is pending. I am frustated with all this GC process, name check, DL SAVE system check etc..Why dont they implement just one check and give approval to everything.. atleast make it less time consuming.

    Anythoght from anybody? anybody else went through this SAVE (Systematic Allien Verification for Entitlement) program, or am I the only one?? D&vgnextchannel=71919c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 ____

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  • With all due respect asking Bernanke to increase visa numbers of to do visa recapture is like asking a very successful lawyer to do a by-pass surgery.


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  • Many here are 'strongly against' those 'horrible' desi or whatever companies after getting an h1b through them. As we know most of the software consultants are here only because those companies could utlize the loopholes in the system. (We all know that this labor certification and such things are nonsense!). It is great to fight for 'legal' things but when you see those who misusd it themselves are 'fighting' for it, makes people feel so funny! We all know that what we all need is GC, whatever be the way, and whatever happens to 'others'. It is legitimate and understandable to fight for 'our cause', otherwise who will fight for us?
    [According to me nothing is 'wrong' to be here using any method even being an 'illegal immigant', but fortunately I am here in USA 'legally' and not using 'desi' or such companies]

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  • I am on H1-B, Can I buy 2 underwears? It will cost me 3 dollars in WalMart. Please is really critical!

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  • I won't be able to make it, but I plan to contribute to help cover airfare or a couple nights' stay for someone else that goes.

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  • There has been time check used to be payable to:
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security - USCIS

    Now at some places it is shortened to:
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security

    And at other places it is shortened to:

    I think, they are interchangeable.

    On USCIS site: Fees should be made payable to Department of Homeland Security or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. refer to first dotted instruction of D&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    It does not talk about putting US in front of Department of Homeland Security. Going exactly by USCIS instructions, lawyer did mistake - but it is OK.

    Look at the PDF file for I-765 and I-131 Instructions from USCIS website (Checkout page 8)

    Here is the relevant info from the USCIS instructions:

    Use the following guidelines when you prepare your check or
    money order for the Form I-765 fee:

    1. The check or money order must be drawn on a bank or
    other financial institution located in the United States
    and must be payable in U.S. currency; and

    2. Make the check or money order payable to U.S.
    Department of Homeland Security, unless:

    A. If you live in Guam and are filing your petition
    there, make it payable to Treasurer, Guam.

    B. If you live in the U.S. Virgin Islands and are filing
    your petition there, make it payable to
    Commissioner of Finance of the Virgin Islands.

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  • guys, already suffering that pain. Please enough of the beating...

    I have requested for your valuable advise. But if you ask me why?no reason.... Why do we have many criminals? Why? Why? Why? I believe every one is not perfect in any sense, some get caught, some not....

    Thanks pal

    please update your profile.

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  • Actually, the analysis of numbers and the "math" that you refer to was also done on the prediction threads. So it wasn't really all that useless.

    BTW, I am one of those others who are all over the prediction threads. I don't have a big problem with prediction threads. My PD is Dec 2004; so I do need some comic relief once in a while.

    You want some comic relief? About this one: a friend of mine (from England) applied at the same time as me. We both filed 485 in 08/2004 and our PD is 01/2002, meaning it is current since 09/01.
    We both did FP but he never did the physical (I did it in 05/2005).
    Guess what happened today? His wife (the dependent) just got her GC in the mail!!!! About his? No news!!! Anyway, I told him it was a complete aberration: how could a dependent get GC before the main applicant was approved?
    And how can you get approved when you haven't taken the physical (neither of them has done it yet)!!!
    What do you guys think of this?

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  • Wow PCS, your case is great example!!!
    I vote for PCS
    I agree...PCS seems like an excellent candidate for this need.
    Without delaying further...someone from the IV team can take this up that the ground work can be done in preparing for the testimony.

    Appreciate the great work being done by IV!!

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  • Seek
    first to understand,
    then to be understood
    Stephen Covey

    not personal, addressing many issues.

    1. if your company pays for everything, why such reluctance to put up a few more dollars for your own cause? think of those that pay for everything themselves and still contribute.

    2. each contribution to paypal costs, they take a chunk off it. making small 10 buck contribution is really not the intelligent way to go.

    3. there used to be a 20/mnth recurring contribution. now it does no exist. what do you want? should we throw out the original 20 buck guys? of course they can continue doing it. i can't imagine why it would put you off? btw we did not really lose any money by going to a minimum of 50- you know why? those who were serious still contributed. others who were whining at that time (why is there not a 10/mnth option) were in many (though not all) cases not going to contribute anyway. this is just fyi.

    4. what is 50 bucks a month? step back and think sometime. a family meal/movie? do you indulge yourself occasionally worth 50 bucks?
    i think in many cases the answer is yes. the money we need for lobbying ie very's hard to make it form 20 bucks at a time when barely 5% of the membership contributes.
    you have the choice hereof donating 100 now and considering it as two 50 buck donations, so your next one will be delayed. there are various ways of looking at this.

    there are various ways to contribute, money is just one of them- although very important. if you have not done this, join a state chapter and start meeting lawmakers in your area. get friends to join iv. put up fliers and posters in local grocery stores/fairs and festivals etc. there are many good examples of these activities being done successfully. in the end it's going to matter is whether we put enough effort to push over the line- whether it's today or in 2 years.

    we all have a choice. please make a wise one.

    The, few, motivated members like me who do take time off to visit Congressmen offices - do make all the points written down by you and some more. Our issue isn't that we are short of ideas or points. We have them in plenty. I assure you that I have raised these issues and made these points in every meeting that I have had so far.

    Our issue is shortage of volunteers ready to visit Congressmen offices and making these points. It's highly critical that IV members keep visiting these lawmaker offices in small groups on a continuing basis (one group after another) to keep up the pressure and convince them of the genuineness and the breadth of our problem.

    It would help our cause immensely if members did actually meet the lawmakers and made these points themselves, instead of expecting the few motivated members to act like a postman between them and the lawmakers. If lawmakers saw a larger number of members approaching them with the same points, it will make a better impact than a group of three which approaches them one in a while. It would help your cause as well as ours, if members did take initiative, set up meetings, and participated in these activities organized by state chapters in greater numbers

    I think what is killing this movement is that core and senior members are not open to suggestions from other members. They seems to be saying, our words are gospel truth, any deviation is not allowed. And that is killing the motivation of ordinary members including me.

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