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  • There is a very clear distinction b/n Legal and illegal immigrants. He loves chinese food, indian food. He never says he does not like other cultures. What he says is that others come into this country and try to claim that it is their own country and start doing things the way they want to do. But legal immigrants for the most part are different they come here and play by the rules. they speak english, they love america and that is the reason they stay here. I think it is very important to talk to him and see what his stand is on this. It does not hurt. It is tough to get thru' to talk to him and hence I posted the message here so that others can also try and may be one of us will get to talk to the guy. If we just stick to the IV talking points and tell him we love america and of course are english speaking ( we are definitely not lying) he will be fine.
    I would not recomen contacting Mr Savage. He does not appear to be the person that would help our cause.
    He is openly anti-latino, openly calls for burning of mexican flag etc..

    why do you think he would support legal immigration?

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  • He will be out of status. Your 3 year extension beyond the allowed 6 years is based on that LC/I-140 from which your I-485 was filed. If the I-485 is rejected you have no right to stay beyond 6 years.

    It is best to not use more than 3 years of H-1 if you have a pending I-485. That way you have 3 more years of H-1 in case you get rejected. The pending I-485 gives you unlimited time in the form of EAD/AP. Dont waste your H-1 time.

    It only makes sense to keep H-1 while you have AOS if your country of chargeability is ROW, which is usually current. If your country is backlogged, it will most likely extend your H-1 over six years. Please consult a proper immigration attorney before you do anything.

    That's not true, as per my attorney. When you are on the 7th yr of your H1 the only reason for the you get the 3 year extention on the H1 based on your approved I140 after filing your 485, is so that you won't be out of status even if your 485 gets rejected. You can still stay is status in US and appeal your 485.

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  • Has anyone sent I-120 application to USCIS to get their I-94 extended?
    What would be the basis for them to give extneded or issue a new I-94.
    Should i send the copy of my passport with the visa stamping in it?

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  • the number on the back of my check is a 10 digit number.9030******........but it is not same as the number on my EAD card

    i have read that man ppl have put SRC or LIN in fronnt of the umber on the cashed checks.........?

    can someone theow light on that?

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  • i'm just putting my opinion in my way. that's what this forum is for. atleast not talking BS, just staying on the main topic.

    btw u answered for ur urself, i'll just repeat with a change "why are you replying to this!" go see a doctor, is my advise.

    Sir with High Regard,
    My request is that if you are starting something like personal discussion then
    Please don't put message which look like something is confirmed like your topic �Secret news! Per country limit would be removed�.
    this sense like something confirmed and people will come and read.

    don't feel bad if people are pointing you for something good for everybody.

    Thanks with high regard again :)

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  • My company laid me off in one day without thinking a H1B guy has to leave the country immediatley. I asked them to buy my car, furniture and appartment lease as an obligation for fair value. ...

    This is important information. Is it really true that a company laying off an H1 employee is under the obligation to buy all his household stuff, car, apartment lease etc.? If this is correct, we must share this information with others. In this economy lots of H1 guys are getting laid off. Many are selling their cars at distress values. They can benefit from this information.

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  • What will be my status after i file my I485?

    My current I-94 will expire on 16th Sep 2007 (on the day my current visa stamp in my passport expires and my current H1 B is set to expire Mid April 2008).

    I am planning to make a trip to Cannda or someplace to get a new I-94 as soon as i get my new passport (i had sent it for renewal on june 2nd). But i am a little worried about my status if i am unable to make the trip.

    So my question is what will be my status after 16th sep 2007 (once i file for I485 (first week of July2007) and my I-94 expires on 16th Sep 2007)?

    Appreciate any responses ...

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  • The large drop in competitiveness (is that a word?) in the U.S. is largely attributed to the immigrant population posting to message boards during work hours!

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  • Amitjoey,

    Don't you think it's a good idea to post:

    Total Contributions Received:
    Total Expenses:
    Efforts Undertaken:

    On a weekly or monthly basis by the IV Core?

    I think that would motivate fellow members to contribute more (or less in some cases).


    This will expose on what IV core is working on.

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  • Who gets FP notice? is it attorney or us?

    We also filed on July 2nd at NSC.. got EAD and AP. buit no sign of FP yet. we were also out of country for last 3- 4 weeks. Is there chance we could have missed it?

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  • Hey Coolduggar,
    Can u pls give me the number u called...

    Hello All ,

    My application for i485 , i765 and i131 was recvd in Lincoln,Nebraska on July 23 , 2007. (Sent by my company's attorney on July 21) . I have been waiting for over 2 months for any updates or receipt notice but nothing so far . After reading some forums in this website , i called USCIS (number from USCIS website) and got my case escalated to an officer who asked my last name ,first name , date of birth and coutry of birth . He gave me all the three receipt numbers for AOS , AP and EAD . All the receipts numbers are starting with WAC meaning the cases were xferred from Nebraska to California Service Center . When i looked at online status of i485 case , it says the case is xferred to Nebraska since it is in their jurisdiction . The other two cases for EAD and AP are pending . I still have not recvd any receipt notices from my attorney . So , i guess everyone who is waiting for their receipt notices might want to call USCIS and get their numbers .

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  • I have done FP on Sept 27th. no LUD so far. Same with my wife.

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  • Just saw a soft LUD today. No status change from yesterday though.

    fundo14 - how long has it been since it was transfered to the Des Moines office? Have you called and spoken to an IO about this change?

    Same here. I saw another soft LUD today 6/14 after a LUD yesterday 6/13. Wonder if USCIS works on Sat or it's just some regular database update.

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  • Its not over yett.
    Lets get some media attention on how the GCs are wasted and how we suffer for years.
    Let the public know how much injustice the people from backlogged countries are facing..

    We don't contribute less. We work no less than others ..but yet we are discriminated.

    I wonder why they don't have 7% cap on H1B . And all this stupid media says people from ...... are stealing jobs and ....... overstay:mad:

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  • I completely disagree..There is this huge debate in IV about EB2 & EB3 IN. Everyone is looking at the dates and predicting that EB2 I will be current sometime in '09. This is perceived as injustice to EB3. What people don't realize is that USCIS is not processing. What good is a forward movement if there are no tangible benefits for folks who have already filed AOS.

    Forward movement in Sep VB magnifies the USCIS inefficiencies. Despite the rhetoric on the board, this is -ve development in my view. Empirical evidence suggests that there are 1000s of cases pending for pre 06 EB2I & C and yet USCIS could not get that back log cleared. They obviously could not process enough to exhaust the available visa numbers and thus the forward movement by DOS.

    This bodes well for CP filers…good for them.

    USCIS is trying to make EB2 all countries Current sometime during FY 2009. Of course "a few" 2004, 2005 cases will still be pending past Oct08 but hopefully not too many.

    If EB1 and EB2 are shown as current soon, then the DOS can transfer the so-called "spillover" into EB3 ROW, then into EB3 IN & CH.

    Based on available numbers, EB3 India / China will see rapid movement in dates April 09 Visa Bulletin onwards.

    What will happen during 2009 in all likely hood is the following,

    Almost all EB1 spillover will go to EB3. (~ 25k)
    Some of EB1 and all of EB2 spillover will go to EB2 IN/CH (~ 10k to 15k)
    In 2009, there will be no more Name Check delays - therefore expect rapid EB3 approvals after April 09.

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  • look up O*NET codes yourself:

    A recruiter would perhaps be: 13-1071.01 or 13-1071.02.

    What is your O*NET code from your LCA?
    If its software engineer: 15-1031.00 or 15-1032.00 then this move is potentially risky.

    I know that its a greayarea but are there any general guidelines on the O*NET code that will pass as same/similar test of AC21. For example if a person change a job from a job code of 15-10xx to 15-10yy is less risky; while changing from 15-10xx (programmer) to 15-20yy (mathematician) might be more risky etc.

    Does USCIS takes this approach of comparing the job codes based on title or job description? It could lead to misinterpreation by the already confused USCIS personnel who will deal with these cases (who may not what an oracle appl engineer does).

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  • what option you used to call? my case is similar. but both labor is mine(one stuck due to auto remand). I want to know if interfile is automatic or not? I am candidate for layoff this month end after 7 years of job in company. I also want to call to USCIS know.

    hi pd_recapturing/gene 77,

    Is there any update on your case, I have similar situation,

    I have applied my I485 with priority date of Jan2006 (my I 14O is approved).Mean time the same company
    applied a sublabor with a priority date july10,2001 for Eb3 ,which is current. Can i replace my old i140 with
    the new i 140(eb3). and if i success fully do so, do I have still have to be with same employer for another 180 days.

    When I called USCIS today they said some officer is reviewing my case, does this mean interfiling is automatic?

    My PD is current for 2001 july10 eb3 category?

    Please let me know...

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  • I applied for my H1B 9th year extension using I-140 substitution in 10th March 2008. My 8th year H1B was expired on 14th April 2008. Currently my 9th year H1B extension was is in pending status. Unfortunately my I-140 was denied on 18th April 2008 due to 4 years Bachelors degree.

    I used PERM EB2 labor substitution (May 2006 PD) and filed I-140 in July 2007 and denied (NSC) directly with out RFE. This is due to 4 years bachelor's degree and I have 10+2+3(Diploma) +3 (engineering-AMIE). I already applied my 485, EAD and AP. I got AP and EAD, but didn�t use it.

    Now how can I get my 9th year extension?
    Can I appeal for I-140 and get 9th year H1B extension?

    Could you please give me your valuable suggestions on this?


    Get your degrees evaluated by the certified evluators and add your experience to be qualified or you can go for EB 3 but your priority date will remain the same. A friend of mine was in the same boat, but had 3 years commerce college and 2 years MBA from UK and was in his 9th year of H1, I 140 was denied. He appealed and REAPPLIED I 140 with all the evaluations, he got approval in less than a month but EB3 with the same old priority date.

    Good Luck..


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  • Yes, at this point, my fear is that my file is missing or just sitting somewhere and collecting dust. I have not seen a status update since September 2007 on my case. I filed AC 21 last year, and did not see any LUD at that time. The only LUD after September 2007 that I had was this year, this was when I applied for AP and EAD renewal.

    I am going to be asking my attorney to send an email to TSC streamline procedure, and will also submit a problem with CIS Ombudsman. That is what my plan is for the next 13 days.

    Other than that, I am not sure what can be done. Will writing to the first lady help? I dont want to get the same standard answer that we got when the local senator send an inquiry.

    I agree, I think EB2 will retrogess when October bulletin comes out. We will then have to wait until September 2010.

    Come september 2010, we will start from scratch again and will hear the same thing - wait 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc....

    Hang in there, is all I can say!!

    I hope IV does push for the 485 measure but if for whatever reason they change there mind and dont push for 485, I would be disappointed but that will in no way affect my attitude towards IV. Over the past year or so I have seen enough of core tem to say they take a decision in the best intrest of IV.

    I have not filed for I-485 and neither am I close. I feel I-485 is much more controversial interim relief then most members think. This is explained in a post (from a law firm) in another forum. Another reason for my feeling is that AILA is not supporting I-485 filing for health care: they are supporting a temporary 25K-75K increase in GCs. It is possible that health care GC does not have I-485.

    You have to choose an issue that has a chance of getting through rather then an issue that most persons want or is logical. I will be surprised if I-485 filing as interim interim relief reaches the bill state and/or the bill gets approved in Senate + Congress.

    I do not consider this to be a reason to move away from IV. I agree with some requests that require IV to explain their finances and dis-agree with some IV decisions. In particular, I very strongly dis-agree with some topics + language + tone allowed in the forums. As we are seeing, it is turning people away from IV.

    However, based on the big picture and the attitude of core, I will roll with them on any issue they decide to pursue.

    In my opinion the USCIS did this to get the 485 cases to be filed after July 30 when their new fee schedule kicks in. They have just created a mess.

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