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  • Upgraded to PP on 06/27.
    LUD on 06/29 , 06/30 ( working on saturday :confused: ).
    Holding my breath.... :(

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  • Starting July 2, USCIS will no longer allow petitioners to file their I-140's under the premium processing program.* This is expected to be a temporary measure; starting August 1 petitioners will be allowed to file their*I-140 cases under the premium processing program.
    The USCIS' press release can be accessed here:

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  • Hi
    I am applying for AP (new). Are they issued with 1 year validity or 2 years ( now that EAD is being given for 2 years)?

    I have not heard 2 year AP yet from USCIS. As far as EAD is concerned, we will start getting 2 year EAD from Jun 30.

    There was some proposal of single EAD/AP card, but heard no progress on that.

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  • Very good to see some movement in EB2 Category

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  • hi desi3933

    my wife was out of status from mar 2006, her visa got approved on mar 2006. till mar 2006 she was on a valid f2 visa since i was then on a f1visa...i will try to catch hold of the employer...but i 'm not sure this will work out well..i want to know more about fresh visa stamping at chennai, india. i will give all my docs and i have been on valid status, while filing form ds 156 in the visa type column, i will have to mention her visa types, however they are not asking details or duration of the visa types...., i do not want to lie abt it. i want to know if they would ask her paystubs to prove her status here..this is my question,anybody has any Experience regarding the stamping please share...anybody who knows a nice immigration lawyer, please let me know, you can email me at


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  • /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

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  • Dear valuablehurdle,
    You need to understand why your company is paying only 85K. Your base compensation is 85K, then you have another 10% on top of that as bonus. Also your Health/Dental/vision Insurance will be close to 15K payed by the employer. Also they pay Social Security at 8% base pay + Your H1B and other legal Expense for you and family. This will put your total rewards/compensation well above 100K.
    I am not trying to say that your present company is perfect, but these are the common expenses for a company , Thats the reason even if you get hired by the direct client your salary will not increase very much. Companies pay 180$ to the consulting companies for the following reason
    1) You are not their employee, so $180 per hour is all they pay ( No benefits, No H1b Legal hassles etc)
    2) They Hire consultants for a particular project for a set period of time. After the project is over, they can have the consultant "released" from the project.
    3) They dont want to hire independent contractors, cos, if the guy leaves in between the project, its the responsibility of the consulting company to replace your position with another qualified person.In your case, they need to find another candidate with your technical expertise, which is not very easy.Very few Companies wants to take that risk.

    You need to look at the total compensation rather than your base pay

    It was Hard-Hitting, Sanju !!!
    Anyway, I feel there are bad apples......but not all take commissions.

    Still, I am at a loss to understand the same company that pays $180 per hour to the American Consulting company will pay me only as much as $50/hr.

    What would be their logic?

    I would appreciate your replies...

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  • I would say that, there is 50% chance that it is true and false, I really hope this bulletin is fake, I cant wait for one more year.

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  • My inside sources tell me that EB1-I is going to be scrapped, and all those waiting in this queue are to be declared "illegal aliens".

    But cheer up EB1-I, immigration reforms are on the horizon, with big sops for illegals.

    EB1- U (Always)
    EB2- Sep 2010
    EB3-Sep 2010

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  • Technically, you are right. But on the other hand, it was at a time when one had to wait at the most 6 months for AOS.
    But, for people from India, on EB categories, the wait is not months, its in YEARS. So, its irrational to go by whats written there.

    On the other hand: I think we must request USCIS to recognize this underlying problem with EB folks that are primarily from India. They must print an exception on the AP for India and exclude the wording "for emergency purpose only". I don't know if USCIS has the discretionary power to amend minor changes.

    If AOS takes many years, then keep the non-immigrant visa, so that no need to worry about AP.

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  • I don't know how many years i have to wait to get out of namecheck. Golden years going by ...

    We are being squeezed all along the way... Did you notice I140 retrogression? Think about those who got stuck at labor, then 140, then I485, then name check...

    Did you hear that they were trying to eliminate AC21? So what's the benefit of filing I485 considering all the backlogs? Without AC21, you still have to start all over again should you lose your job.

    Pure stupidity on those bueracrats!

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  • What are you talking about? Let me have two of whatever you are smoking or drinking.
    You have it all wrong. Your experience or qualification DO NOT QUALIFY you for EB2. It is the requirement of JOB that matters. GOT IT.
    Now go scream your lungs out in front of the Capitol, Yelling "DISCRIMINATION".:mad:

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  • I have nothing more to say guys. what some people are saying is logic and what i'm saying is the fact.

    Anyway, My lawyer used the PERM. right after i received my Labor I had to renew my H1b which took 6 months (regular processing). After i received my renewal I sent my I-140 application. I didn't even bother to use the premium processing for my i140 because the i485 was not current that time, instead it way way back as a EB3. anyway, you know the rest of the story.....

    Yep, that makes sense. Now only puzzle remained is USCIS approved your case during 10/19-20/07 and EB3-ROW is not current but hey it is USCIS.Anyway, buddy, Congrats and please keep us visiting.:)

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  • Please provide the email address/new thread where we can write the articles. Perhaps the admins can review all the articles submitted, and then choose some of the articles which they think are worthy, and other users can then try to post their comments. Last, the admins can edit the article based on those suggestions.

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  • The broken system is causing a reverse brain rain, right? Well How about we:

    1- Each one of us buys 10 bath tub stoppers (you know, the stoppers you use when taking a bath, to stop the water from going down the drain) and mail them to Congress, Media, USCIS, etc- With a letter "Please stop the self-inflicted U.S. Reverse Brain Drain, already 100,000 highly-skilled have left, stop the 10-year green card delays for LEGAL highly-skilled immigrants that is pushing them out of the country in frustration and lured by the boming economies of their home countries. Retain these highly-skilld immigrats that the U.S. needs while American universities train more Americans in the sciences, math and technology that the country does NOT currently have and desperately needs to retain U.S. global leadership and competitiveness"...or something like that

    2-At the same time, we ALL send WHITE roses to Congress (Roses are now IV's trademark, we are known for them and the peace they mean, and roses should probably be on IV's logo too) Attach same note

    THAT will send a strong message!!! (trust me)
    Last year anti-immigrants send bricks to lawmakers to make a point about broken borders, strong symbolism, bricks to construct walls.

    In a similar way, this seems like an interesting idea.

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  • Let me stop with final words.

    I only came to know about USINPAC recently with this flowergate.
    And i don't know about USINPAC mission or robinder.

    But, if USINPAC is such a great organization, then IV and USINPAC should sit together and support each other.

    Let us forget the mess and we all know the whole world acknowledged IV for flower campaign.


    please stop this.

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  • I personally think that 6 month rule-of-thumb is nonsense.

    AC21 clearly states you can switch employers 6 months after your green card application has been pending. On what legal basis could USCIS then come back and deny citizenship to anyone for switching employers too soon after getting their green card?

    I'd really be interested to hear if someone has specific knowledge of a case where someone had their citizenship denied due to switching companies too soon after getting their green card.

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  • Atleast they are moving EB2 by few months so the chances of old cases getting approved is high.

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  • Mine.. July 2, 10AM. EB2

    Too bad u fell for Obama's political POS :)

    After listening to his crystal cut views about fixing broken immigration system, my confidence level is boosted and felt like Dr.Obama has guts to deal this challenging CIR initiative for the better future of immigrants and for families of all of those hardworking smart legal immigrants who have been waiting for approvals from past 10 years. Hope it's not alluring speech for his upcoming elections. Problem clearly persists with politicians who don't like our EB VISA applicant community.

    I think these following things should be the high priority items for IV core team and to all of us. People who have been patiently waiting to file for 485 since JULY 2007 are loosing hopes based on ongoing immigration trends. I think that it would take at least another 2 or 3 years to pass the CIR and to see it's law in action if GOP fellas have guts and to let this pass it successfully. I think that we should focus on two things to minimize the damage to our personal and professional lives.

    I think one quick solution for fixing the issue of century old broken immigration system of USCIS is by allowing disciplined and long waited legal immigrant applicant to file for 485 application once his/her (I-140) application is approved. (Technically, I-140 is the real application for employment based green card. It makes sense for allowing applicant to file for AOS application (I-485 for personal information). this is justifiable with the current USCIS practice as USCIS doesn't approve his/her green card even if his/her PD ( Priority Date) is current unless they have visas to allocate for the case, so it should make prefect sense for 140 approved applicants to allow them to file for I-485)

    Another thing is about huge EB backlogs for this broken system , that can be fixed temporarily by supporting and passing the recapture bill which allocates visas of those unused and wasted around 400K immigrant visas of last several years..


    I have just registered myself & contributed $100. I am also willing to volunteer for any help I can provide in Sacramento, CA area.

    Good luck to us all.

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