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  • Can you get AC 21 advantage if you just wait ( NOT WORK in case of a friendly past employer) after filing 485 ?

    Is it necessary to work for 180 days ?

    If working for 180 days is not required then, one can work for someone else on H1B & file 485 from the past employer. After 180 days of filing, one could use AC21 to move from one job to another.

    Can some one give expert advise ?


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  • Dear members,

    I am on H1B with I-485 Pending and i have layoff coming. I have Approved EAD but i haven't used it. How much time I have to find another job without loosing H1B Status?

    I appreciate your help

    I believe the H1B status ceases after the date of your termination ( i.e. you stop working for the H1 sponsoring employer ). That is the zero tolerance policy of USCIS. Now, one should use AC21 and notify USCIS before the I-485 is approved ( with previous employer as sponsoring entity ).

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  • I received an RFE too in Nov 1st week. It was about the evaluation. (It was submitted earlier but still) Lawyer mailed them the required document and now the status has changed to "We received your response to the request on Nov 14th and the case processing has resumed".

    How many days does it take them now to make a decision? (Btw I am EB3 and my 140 submission date was Nov 2006)

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  • Folks,

    why not get Jagadish Tytler involved? He's the man to go to.

    See this link :

    He has his contact info on his website as well.

    Address (Resi): 9, Thyagaraj Marg, New Delhi
    Phone No. : 23015056 (Residence) 23018596, 23012219, 23013386 (Office)

    Mobile No. : 9811044164

    Email address :
    Guys, didn't he quit after he was indicted in the 1984 riots? I am not really absolutely certain but I think somebody else is running the NRI ministry!

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  • With mush ballyhoo, the Nikon D2H hit the streets not too long ago. It was approximately two years in the making, and seemed to counter the 1D for Nikon users. The Canon 1D Mark II (on paper) , seems to be a very significant improvement to the 1D, and jettisons again past the D2H. How confident can Nikon users be that Nikon can maintain pace in the professional DSLR arena?

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  • My point was that it doesn't matter. It represents $1000/ per person, hardly enough to make a dent in poverty. We need sensible labor laws, a pro-business attitude, and that money will return to India.

    Dude, I am sure a lot of that money in these accounts belongs to the same "Railbay Meeneester' you are talking about..


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    * Multi year EAD - Under Review
    * Multi year AP - Under Review
    * Combined EAD & AP Document - Under Review/Testing
    * Reinstating Premium Processing of I-140 Petition - No Timeline Given

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  • Don't need to get excited. Nothing has changed.. Its again depend on you if you want to file and get it rejected and then be a part of law suit or if you just want to wait till Oct. But so far all these are rumers. and good roumers never become true..
    But nothing wrong with being hopeful.


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  • Buddy let me know ASAP if its really going to make a difference, I will try to speed up the process.:D

    We would like to know the count of GC waiting applicants with US citizen children.

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  • I have applied for Advanced parole at the end of July 2007. My H1B visa is expired, but my H1B petition is still valid. Should I just take the risk of traveling and try to get H1B visa renewed to re-enter ?

    OR should I just keep waiting for Advanced Parole to be approved ? I can wait until end of November 2007. But I am not sure whether I should plan to travel in Dec 2007 or not. I dont know how long its going to take to get the approved AP.

    Any thoughts ?? Do any of the July filers who have filed for AP know what time frame should we expect for approval of I-131 (AP) ?


    Thanks in advance

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  • They ask for entire requested period. Send everything you have + my lawyer wrote a letter specifying that this client is where I will be for next 3 yrs. and contract is always extended every 6 months. (This part was not specifically mentioend anywhere.)
    We also had 3 other offers from local fortune 500 co. One of them even had open ended contract with no end-date so
    that may have helped

    If you are working for past 3 yrs. that is a VERY sTRONG case. send all the contracts for past 3 yrs.
    They want to make sure it's a genuine high-tech employment.

    I applied for my H-1B extension and got an RFE asking for contracts and client letters for the requested period i.e., for the next 3 years.
    I see that they asked for client letters from you ... but did they ask for the next 3 years? and if so, did you guys reply the RFE with a client for 3 years?

    I have been working at the same client for the last 3 years, through a vendor. Mine is a small consulting company. The client has been extending the contract in 6 month increments and I could get a client letter for the next 6 months only.
    Same is the case with the contract.

    I could not file for 140/485 in july, 07.. so do not have the EAD safety net.
    Please advise.

    Thank you.

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  • Receipt on Nov. 09,2007, No ref, no approval yet.
    Very frustrated, especially I am planning to travel outside of America in April.

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  • Mr S Hammer

    1. I am a full time employee too with a fortune 500 company working for the past 6 years with the same company since I got laid off first after working for another American company for 3 years. So there goes your argument for working with a desi company.


    Oh, so when you made the statement below you were not assuming everyone fakes their projects because YOU faked yours? All of a sudden you became this guy that has never faked his resume! From your statement anyone would assume that you are not the guy you are claiming to be - genuine!

    Pllleeeease dont act sacrosant.. dont tell me you never faked your resume about your project to get a break.

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  • AC21 cannot be used before 180 days. Also the employer may be upset if you take a vacation and do not return. Why not give two-week notice and quit normally? Plus, the new job is contract to hire. To use AC21, the new employment offer has to be permanent, IMHO. Programmer analyst to DBA may not be a big issue. You have to try to make sure your previous employer will not withdraw I-140.

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  • wow...New Jersey is really becoming a place for Scumbag employers huh...

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  • For Press Distribution:

    Highly Skilled Professionals Call on Congress to Pass Green Card Reforms

    Immigration Voice Organizes Congressional Advocacy Days for Highly Skilled Legal Professionals

    Washington, D.C. – From April 4-5 2011, over 175 members of Immigration Voice from around the nation will descend onto the nation's capital to ask their congressmen and senators for reforms to the broken Green-Card process.

    “While K-Street, the Hi-Tech industry and Congress is distracted once again by H-1B visas, recycling the same old talking points one more time, Immigration Voice’s laser-like focus remains on the nearly 500,000 highly skilled immigrants who remain backlogged for 10-15 years waiting for their Green Cards,” said Aman Kapoor, president of Immigration Voice. “These highly-skilled professionals believe that the H-1B visa controversy sucks-up all the oxygen in the room whenever employment-based immigration policy is discussed. However, the real problem lies in the fact that there is a huge pool of talent untapped by American employers in the form of highly skilled legal professionals who have been living here on temporary visas as they patiently wait for their Green Cards. These law abiding, tax-paying, highly skilled future Americans, cannot start their own companies and immediately create jobs in America, change employers or accept promotions during the Green Card application process, which now spans 10-15 years. This creates serious quality of life issues and ultimately hurts the U.S. economy.

    “Immigration Voice aims to create awareness with members of Congress, congressional staff and policy makers about the Green Card backlog, which inhibits job creation, entrepreneurship and wealth creation for all Americans. These immigrants are waiting to showcase their innovation leadership with their U.S. work experience American education. Immigration Voice will insist that Congress focus on the Green Card backlog rather than on H-1B visas,” concluded Kapoor.

    Immigration Voice has arranged nearly 350 visits to congressional offices April 4-5 in both the House and Senate. You are invited to meet these activists at their Capitol Hill reception:

    What: Immigration Voice Congressional Reception
    When: 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
    Where: B-340 Rayburn House Office Building

    To learn more and to arrange an interview with Immigration Voice on the dates listed above, Contact: Immigration Voice (202) 386-6250 or

    Founded in December 2005, Immigration Voice is a rapidly growing, national grassroots, non-profit 501 (c)(4) organization with 57,000 highly-skilled legal immigrants as members. Immigration Voice is committed to commonsense reforms to the employment-based immigration and Green Card process.

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  • You work for Govt on H1b. Payment would not be an issue. The only issue could be experince certificate. They might ask you to provide experience certificates.

    NSC is really crazy about RFE. They complan about resource and they have time to issue RFE. 99% RFE's are cleared on first response.

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  • If they do that assuming 500K people apply for premium they can generate over 2.5billion dollars. Add to that all the investment this 500K people will make once they get their GC. Like buyin houses and makin other investments. All this should be brought in front of people so that they see there is a big advantage for them in us getting GC's

    + straight As only ?

    why - only tier1 & tier2 ? should be based salary withdrawn- isn't?

    If the masters degree is from tier 1 or 2 schools I support else NO!

    Nobody is policing here. This is to inspire some of those 8,394 "mature adults" who made no contribution yet love to surf this site. We are all starting to think that core group is wasting its time if only 212 members out of 8,606 (only 2.4 %) want to support this organization.

    To start off with inspiring 'others', maybe you should note in your signature IF you have made a recurring donation, as a lot of other members have done.

    I am sure that should work with people who can get 'inspired'. I dont think we need to worry about the others, since they will not contribute anyways.

    I dont think we can achieve much by pointing fingers at people.

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