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  • Applied H1+H4 Ext Dec 12th
    Approved Mar 17th

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  • Yes I think you ar confusing the processing times with the actual bulletin date.

    The dates as you vision seems to be highly optimistic ...
    Yes it will be true in 10 years or so...

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  • how about
    what about

    You guys really have to give a deep thought before you suggest names that contain the word slave....

    The argument goes like this : America is a great country. We do not want slavery. Slave labor would undercut citizen salaries. Slave labor should be abolished..Hey..These people call themselves slaves...Let's abolish H1B program...H1b must be abolished...

    Now see where the argument ended up...Think completely what you are getting into...

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  • But with the new rule, it doesn't matter if FBI name check is pending.If your PD is current, whether your name check is pendign or not GC will be approved.

    Am I correct?

    GC will be approved contingent on the grounds that it can be cancelled/annulled if the FBI name check comes up not in your favour when the FBI finally reviews your name ..In a way, it's a conditional approval till the actual FBI clearance....IV seniors may be better at answering this.

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  • [QUOTE=pd052009;2116961]GC quota should be based on skillset(1,2,3), not solely based on salary.(remeber, we are talking about future salary here).

    we do have it : EB1/EB2/EB3. See EB1 is exploited by 'lot of' people (due to legal loophole) -these people have 4-5 yrs. total work-exp. & get half the salaries & are only 50% useful to US economy than tons of people stuck in eb2 & eb3.

    (i know - it is all useless discussion ; won't result in anything).

    I probably didn't get what you meant. So if somebody does PhD in a core engineering or science and works as a post doctoral or full time researcher in national labs like Argonne and gets paid half of typical software salary (Even prestigious fellowships like Seyborg sometimes pay half of Bay area software salary) he does not contribute to the economy?

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  • Texas
    I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status Employment-based adjustment applications August 23, 2007

    I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status Employment-based adjustment applications July 24, 2006

    I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status Employment-based adjustment applications September 08, 2007

    I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status Employment-based adjustment applications January 15, 2009

    Could you please update your profile with the dates so that it helps others.
    Since you wrote Dec 01 as your date and you are still pending, we can use such number of people info for advocacy purposes to show that despite the date advances/current for some people, they still do not have the approval. We have created IV tracker and this profile info fields for such purposes and thus urge everyone to keep their profiles updated. If you find someone with incomplete or fake profile, please politely urge them to update it or just ask them to write N/A so that we can help each other in fixing the immigration problem.

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  • for your continued great sacrification, dedication and hard work to resolve employment based immigration issue. We are with you...please keep it up!! :)

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  • I got my FP done on 11/21.I did open a SR on 10/05, based on which I got my FP notice on 11/06.

    My details:
    485 filed at NSC on July 6th
    Receipting done by CSC on 09/05, EAD and AP sent by CSC
    485 pending at NSC

    Looks like they have started the FPs for transferred cases like ours...

    I haven't got my FP Notice yet! No SR opened.

    Is there any NSC-CSC-NSC filer who got FP notice without opening a SR?

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  • This is the list of Witnesses(Panelists):

    Panel I

    David Daniel, Ph.D. , President UT at Dallas
    Richardson, TX

    Bo Cooper
    Former General Counsel INS on behalf of Global Personnel Alliance
    Washington, DC

    Panel II

    Philip J. Ritter
    Senior VP and Manager of Public Affairs
    Texas Instruments, Inc., Dallas, TX

    Phyllis Norman, VP
    Patient Care Services
    Harris Methodist Ft. Worth Hospital
    Ft. Worth, TX

    Lance Kaplan
    Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen, Loewy, LLP
    on behalf of the American Council on International Personnel
    Iselin, NJ

    We should contact anybody who works in these companies.

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  • do you know where i can find the exact text to make this certain?
    or is there any?Only H1B expenses should be paid by employer. If employer pays anything else - it's his good will.

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  • I really empathize with your frustration! In fact, I'm also in the same boat.

    My EAD renewal was filed on May 18th, and the RFE was issued on June 25th. I've not received the RFE yet, and I was told to wait for 15 days. Also, the CS Rep told me that the 90 day clock stops after the RFE was issued.

    Not knowing the reason for the RFE is causing too much stress than the actual wait. At this point, I've no other choice than waiting. My EAD and Driver's License expires on Aug 10th.

    This is the reason why I tried to maintain H1B. On H1, at least you can work if you have a renewal receipt. Unfortunately, I lost that status last year when I was laid off during recession.

    Please check your PM.

    Good luck to you.


    I self e-filed my EAD application and the Receipt date is 6/7/10. They called for Biometrics which is done.

    I got an email saying that they have sent a RFE. Waited for 10 days, still no signs of RFE. When I called USCIS, they asked me to wait for 15 days. When I called after 15 days, they created a Service Request to re-mail the RFE. Now they say, I have to wait for 45 days. When I asked them if they will extend my deadline to reply to the RFE, she said she doesn't know.

    Has anyone been in this situation ?

    What kind of RFE will they send for an EAD extension.

    I sent my 485 receipt and a copy of my EAD when I e-filed.

    How many days do they usually give to respond to the RFE ?

    Any feedback is appreciated.


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  • Hi folks !
    need help .
    I140 denied from NSC .got REF on 03/08 . Was for A2p.fellows got same RFE and got approved from same employer but mine got denied .Didnt get official notice yet .What are my options .please advise.
    Im on 4 ye H1b .and have option to change employer and also have option to keep the same employer and work for another employer at the same time .
    please advise !!!

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  • If a person has a copy of 140 approval, can he/she port the PD even
    if the employer revoke it?


    Different lawyers have different opinion about it. Some believe you lose the PD once the 140 is revoked but others believe the PD is yours for life even if the underlying 140 is revoked later on.

    There are some risks in changing jobs based on 140 and depending on your personal situation, you got to decide whether the risk is worthy or not.

    One reason that all lawyers agree on is you can lose your PD if the 140 is revoked for fraud. But then thats a completely different ball game.

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  • Help!!

    Is any company filing new PERM applications in this economy? I was told that my current company (a really big one at that) is holding off PERMs indefinitely because we had some layoffs- indefinitely!

    My H1 runs out in Oct 2010, and I heard that I have only till end of Nov 2009 (including what I found out is called recapture time) to file.

    Now, I found out that my company have do newspaper/online ads for positions to demonstate that they tested the labor market etc etc (all stuff that I heard from the attorney), and I got the impression that she has no idea when they are going to do this and start filing again, and I got something like a best of luck look from her. I am freaked out now.

    Any of you out there know if any companies are still filing PERMs? I am on a EB-2 in Software.

    Also, if I join a new company, can I file a PERM immediately? Or is it just best of luck to me?

    Looks like I have to look into a Canada visa / Australian or UK visa or better go back and spend sometime in India. Any thoughts from any of you more enterprising folks out there? I have little knowledge of the process (my fault!) but I am stressed and freaked now.

    You are undergoing what a lot of H1Bs go through.
    They do not care about greencard on H1B thinking that it will come whenver the company applies until it is too late. They enjoy the first 3 years of H1B enjoying America and dollars and do not bother about IV or advocacy or contributing money to IV. I have seen such people even telling others it is a waste of time and making fun of IV. After 3 years they renew H1B thinking that they still have 3 more years. But once 6 years are about to expire they worry that they will have to leave US of A and the land of opportunities. It is at that time they try to start greencard process and check out IV. These same people then start contributing to IV and take this effort seriously.

    You still have time of 1 year and 9 months and that is good enough to get your labor through. Good luck and hope you find help from people here.

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  • ^^^^^^^^

    comments from folks?

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  • Hi friends,

    Can we start working for the new company immediately once the transfer petition is mailed i.e. without waiting for the EAC number ?

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  • My friend also faced similar situation like your case sometime back. But at that time he is having his previous employer valid H1.

    You have two options.
    1. Change to new employer and apply H1B thru Premium. The reason is your employer is having issues with USCIS. Hence he is not willing to do Premium.

    2. If you dont want to change your employer, you can apply another H1B from your current employer under premium as the current petition is not allowing to do premium.

    Good luck

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  • Hi,

    The H4 was automatically cancelled when you got your H1. This is 100% confirmed data..

    You are wrong here. Unless the H1b is used and the applicant gets a paycheck on h1 ststus you cant conclude the COS from H4.

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  • After eight years my husband is almost able to work (waiting for EAD) and my son has aged out for derivative benefits and is on an F1 with no realistic path to permanent residency and eventual citizenship.

    I agree, those who crossed a border illegally or overstayed are now looking at the American Dream being handed to them.

    The DREAM act, if it stays in the legislation will give the children of the illegals state tuition rates (I work for the university my son attends and found it hard to get in state tuition rates for him) and they will also get conditional residency and will be able to apply for their own green cards after five years.

    Amazing really, that we are seeing and hearing this in the land we chose to live in which claims to be a land where the rule of law is paramount.

    Thank you for your advice. My last M.Sc. and Ph.D. is from the USA. My Ph.D. is about manufacturing of aircraft brakes with Honeywell.

    EB1-B or EB-2 is more suitable for me?
    what bothers me is that I am not cited in the literature yet and I do not have awards.

    Your profile does not sound enough for either EB1-OR (aka EB1-B aka EB1-2) or EB2-NIW. As pointed out before, if your employer is unwilling to "sponsor" you (i.e., not willing to sign a support letter), then you can go only with either EB1-EA or EB2-NIW. All other categories, including EB1-OR require sponsorship from the employer. In general, the lowest non-retrogressed preference level is the best bet. If you were born in Egypt, then that is EB2 (standard EB2 sponsored by your employer). For people who were born in India and (mainland) China, it is EB1.

    How about, those who made incorrect predictions to pay $50 to IV?:D

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