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  • Just check Apple's site here:

    This will tell you the status of your AC. If it's not correct, call Apple and tell the your sitch.

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  • Tifrere Pink Nail Polish

  • rats, i didn't see anyone there...:(

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  • Some of them !

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  • A two second google search... (

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  • Right, I have been wondering of getting lenscoats for my lenses (at least the ones that I can get them for), not for camouflage but for actual protection. I have seen them in action and sometime the lenses just take a hit or two and that neoprene neatly takes the hit. They make them in black which is what suits me best. BUT the question is does anyone else use them? Are there alternatives since they are pretty pricey and from the looks not quite 100% fitting.

    Someone also suggested camo form tape which also absorbs the hits, albeit less so, but is a helluva lot cheaper.


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  • Lookup your candidates in the reliability survey.

    Yeah I have. The WD seems decent but noisy. Can't track the Maxtor down though.

    I'll keep looking.


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  • i keep looking for the next picture in the series...:P

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  • BUT

    Considering that IOS 4.3 just want GM today - it would then show that iPAD 2 will be shipping with 4.21 on it.

    which IS jailbreakable.

    But when u first connect it to iTunes it's gonna ask you to update to 4.3 which we will just decline for the time being....

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  • Anything of interest in your logs /var/log/httpd/*?

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  • So unless they are buying this as a gift for someone else, what exactly is a second one providing?

    Chances are its for someone else; whether it be a gift, for their kids, wife, etc.

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  • I also got what I wanted; 32gb White on Verizon.
    I was about 80 something in line and was out of the store by 5:55. I'm impressed who quickly the sales were handled.

    Love my 1st iPad and the smart cover is sweet!

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  • All of my favorite mac sites: (still there are more)

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  • Feet With Pink Nail Polish.

  • Haha. I agree. The guy's like nightcrawler. Kind of goofy, but I liked the logo thing in the end, that was nicely done I think.

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  • I like updates for Mac OS X.

    Ha ha! I thought I was the only one. This is one of the great things about owning a Mac.

    Rich :cool:

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  • How about...




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  • hello

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  • To put it simply, TechCrunch was plain out wrong and don't want to admit it.

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  • When I click the search box in IE6, the submit button does highlight, but I can still type in the text field.

    It might be the button:active declaration in the CSS that IE6 is hiccuping on.

    I just checked again and the "Go" button gets highlighted and I CAN enter text and search. My IE6 was installed automatically with XP Pro.

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  • a celebrity spokesman will add street cred ... I am sure your Client will agree

    Even if they did, would it matter. Most guys have them in cases anyway.. only part of my beautiful iPhone I can see is the screen :mad:

    Interested in the Apple Floppy Drive. Could you snap some photos? How much will shipping and handling be to 94303 via USPS? Thanks.

    if you get a google voice number (FREE) and download that app on your ipad you can use that number to text.

    I have google voice on my iphone and ipad and use it to text because it is 100% free!

    Does this mean we're going to die? The article doesn't say so.:D

    If his phone is being synced over-the-air with Exchange, then make sure that "Sync Address Book Contacts" is unchecked in iTunes.

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