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  • yes it would be nice to be able to purchase before 250

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  • What is this!?!? A joke? A mistake? An ad posing as software?

    "My Cat Roscoe" at (

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  • I just picked up a D-Link DI-524 802.11g router at Best Buy two days ago. Perhaps not the most feature-rich router out there, but there were 40 dollars in rebates, bringing the price to $20. At that price I figured I could make a foray into wireless networking in my house. So far it seems to be working well. It was very simple to set up, and it seems to provide reasonably good coverage. No problems yet!


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  • Well, if you also part it out, how much for the case/PSU/mainboard and whatevers left?

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  • I dropped by around 9 and there was seven people already lined up.. kinda hard to say.. im in an area where there is only one AT&T Store..

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  • Does the dent nulify the applecare? Will send paypal as soon as I find out for sure that these are stil FS>.wouldnt want to send Paypal without knowledge product is still available.

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  • i'm not getting there before 5:00 for sure. just depends on when i get home from work i guess (you know how bad friday traffic can be)

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  • any were between $200-$1,000 depending on who your selling it to

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  • How do install lion on a external?

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  • SL has been rock solid for me...can't remember the last time i even had a crashed. You've probably something over thats being screwing up somethings. Maybe rebuild launch services, repair permissions, run cron scripts, clear out your cache and do a file systems check.

    SL for me has been arguably a better OS than Leopard with the exception of it's expose implementation.

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  • To answer your question, I just upgraded from JB 4.3.1 to JB 4.3.2 without restoring. Just updated to stock 4.3.2 in iTunes, then ran redsn0w over it to jailbreak, then reinstalled all my JB packages.

    Not sure if not going through a full restore will have any adverse affects, I certainly haven't noticed any yet though!

    Oh okay, I'm gonna try it now with 4.3.3.

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  • Too bad resolved cannot auto-close the thread.

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  • We have 4 g5's in the room I work in and NO windows. Gets VERY TOASTY.

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  • Unless I've really missed something - the only time a Keynote has made it to iTunes was MW'07

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  • Hi.

    I'm a new Mac user after having dealt with PC's for way too long, and I'm certain that I'll never look back to Windows ever again. I love my MacBook Pro to death, and I especially love Mac OS.

    I have some money to spend, and there is a nice looking iMac G4 on a surplus website that I am extremely interested in purchasing if the price is right. Right now, it looks as though the price will stay pretty reasonable given that there is only 1 day and 21 hours left until the auction ends, and current bid is less than $65 dollars.

    Here's the iMac that I'm interested in buying: From the pictures it looks to be a nice Mac.

    I'd love to know anything and everything that I should know about this iMac whether the information is good or bad. What can you tell me about it?

    From the pictures, it looks like it is running Leopard, so that seems nice (even though I'm used to Snow Leopard on the MBP).

    There are a few things I'm hesitant about. Because it is a non-Intel Mac, I'm basically out of luck if I want to watch YouTube videos, play games that require Flash, etc. Right? YouTube does have a HTML5 beta version of the website, so would that work on a non-Intel Mac? I mainly browse forums, Yahoo! chat, etc. I should be fine, I think. I wouldn't kill me to watch YouTube videos or anything that required Flash on the MacBook Pro.

    Would I be able to browse the internet using AirPort on this iMac?

    Is there anything else that you think I should know before potentially buying this Mac?

    Thank you SO much! I appreciate it! :)


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  • -Freg3000

    Sounds to me indeed similar to trying to capture an analog tape through a digital camera.

    Is this the case?

    If not, can you tell me your setup?

    If it is, I'm afraid your only choice is to capture with iMovie - save everything else for FCX.

    It's not all that inconvenient - exept you'll be importing non-intuitive clips names "Clip 01", "Clip 02", etc. You'll have to rename them in your browser to keep your sanity.

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  • Hello,

    Soon, I will hopefully buy my first iMac. It's going to be the 21,5 inch based model. But reading the posts here on the forums makes me hesitate. Most of the threads are just about problems with the iMac. So I wanted to know what you really think of the iMac.

    Remember: I'm not going to do extraordinary things with it: replacing hard drives, adding more RAM, or driving the software to it's limit, etc.

    To do so I want you to give a score out of 1 to 10.

    Please help out.

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  • Apologies, the site is my own and is written in ASP. so no blogging etc, essentially something that will allow me to edit HTML page but with the ability to FTP download and reupload

    If it's written in ASP then that means it's dynamic. Not going to be a whole lot you can do without using visual studio or something like frontpage.

    I don't know of any WYSIWYG editors for the Mac that are familiar with ASP syntax.

    I wonder when macminipaperweight will come out :D
    That's my best design so far :o I saw this guy on techtv who happened to take 8 plasma displays (his work gave them to him for free) and a mac mini to make virtual windows in his house. Pretty awesome concept. Having guests around, hearing them say "woh... your neighbourhood is beautiful", when really you live in apartment up against a brick wall :p

    The labs, and just having 5000 other developers in the same place to discuss things with, have always been the main reasons to go to WWDC in my opinion.


    I acree with mnkeybsness, there really is no need to partition your drive.

    The original need to partition drives was when computers could only access 2gb at a time, so you had to partition a particularly large drive to get use of all the platter space.

    There is no limitation like this nowadays. As a result it's actually detrimental to partition as your machine thinks i has more than one drive, but the platter is still read from a single armiture - thus will wear out the drive sooner.

    The first thing you should do is start the puppy up, and see what happens. If the drive needs formatting, pop the OS X disk in, and find Disk Utility. Erase, format, and innstall.

    I would wait until there is a tear down by ifixit to confirm or refute that. In the past you had to buy brackets and other cables i believe to do this yourself. Its a pain and you may want to wait for TB external SSD drives which would be faster and less of a pain than opening up your iMac

    External 1TB SSD would be heaven, considering it won't be inconveniently stuck in your iMac for the price you pay and you can use it on whatever.. but I heard that won't happen any time soon?

    In regards to the OP.. from what I've heard from an Apple professional over the phone, is that I can update my 1TB to 2TB or an SSD in a few years if I want to via a technician.. so yes, these ones are possibly upgradeable if the previous weren't?

    I just couldn't believe that this guy from Apple was trying his best to convince me NOT TO spend an extra �450 on the SSD option, very friendly and helpful; was talking me out of it for a good 20 minutes. Which says something. Seems pretty genuine to me.

    Me too...downloading now.

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