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  • has a deal been reached about the powerbook g3

    not yet but I havent talked to macgenius yet either.

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  • get ready to wait awhile. I ordered a 27 imac the day they were available. shipping time is jun 15th arrive jun 22nd.

    I see the big delay if the SSD option is ordered. In the meantime the 2010 i7 works well. I wonder why such a delay for SSD

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  • The idea is a nice one but when you actually click on that article they say G4. It is great to hope and wait as i am doing for the PM G5 update. Lets hope they come soon.

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  • Haha, yeah.

    One time, as a practical joke, my friend was sent an unmarked VHS videotape, and when she pressed the PLAY button, she found that the scene where the woman watches the "death" video for the first time was on HER tape. Basically, it was identical to the Death video in The Ring (Japanese version). At the end of that scene, the tape cut out. She freaked out and didn't sleep that night. :D

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  • I use Muc Off ( - works a treat.

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  • I have no clue what he did to say he'd get a "WTF" from Aplle but good going anyway!

    He made jailbreak possible when they thought they closed it...yet there's a WTF moment.

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  • clear the porn out of your Safari history!

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  • Ok so you're obviously not at an Apple store. Best buy? Target? I can't imagine Walmart only getting 1.

    My walmart said they only got 3. WTF!!

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  • The jailbreak is not just software-based... So even if 4.2.1 is shipped with it (I think 4.3 will be on it), unless the bootrom exploit works on the new hardware then it will not be jailbreakable at the beginning.

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  • How long is the queue at the moment?

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  • An obvious & essential 800 point purchase :)

    Don't you have enough games to play through already? LMFAO
    j/k MRU :D

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  • If I buy a family pack, can I get 5 shirts (if I have 4 people with me)? We're planning to be in line really early (school being closed kinda leads to intense boredom). UTC's answering message kinda implies they'll open for the Leopard release.
    I don't know about the 5 shirt thing, but what's UTC? School? I don't think they'll be giving out the shirts are a school bookstore. Just the Apple Store, AFAIK.

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  • I need to find out how to make it so that the user can change the font size... But i'm unable to find an online tutorial on how to do it.

    I want to make it so that in the footer there are 3 different buttons, which will make the font smaller, the same, and then bigger.


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  • I'd definitely be up for it... but no Mac version, right? I'd hate to have to reboot into XP every time to test a new build...

    Other then that I'm an ideal candidate... I work from home, use wired 360 controllers on my Mac, and love 2D games (also have a GBA SP and two DS Lites).

    I'm also a programmer, and am very expereinced in debugging... have even made several home brew games myself, although mostly back in the days of DOS (I've only been a Mac user for a year). ;)

    Feel free to PM me if you haven't filled all the spots.

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  • What exactly are you asking?

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  • and way into high posting, one can be a 601 at 5,000 posts

    i don't know what the next level will be or at how many posts

    it could be the 602, which was not a widely used processor, or the more common 603...but then i wonder if the 603e will be another level or if arn decides the person is a 604...of course, there was the 604e after that

    and after the 6xx levels, there is the G3, G4, and G5 and it's a mystery where those sit at

    and is there a G6??

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  • You're probably good for at least another 5 years haha. With counsels holding back pc games because they are mostly ported over. I can't image you would have to upgrade anytime soon.

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  • Thanks everyone for your replies! Makes me feel much better about buying ram from a company that i've never used before.

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  • I run a windows server at home with my movie collection and it has that uptime and then some.
    In fact the only time it goes down is when the power goes out or I turn it off when I go on vacation.

    On my acer windows 7 laptop, aside from going to sleep I haven't restarted it in months.

    i'm not hosting the stuff myself, so I'm going to go with the .htaccess file route.

    Thanks for all the help - this is great :D

    It works great, and the standard permissions are 644, so that wasn't an issue. Now I need to set up an error page - what error number is that?


    just to clarify, i'm not asking for advice in if I should invest. I understand concerns that apple has hit an all time high, but I strongly believe it will only increase in the next year.

    If anyone has any advice as to how I can do this that would be great.

    ok fine sorry it ticked you off, but it was an innocent question. :(:(:(:(:(:(

    maybe they should Post that discussion

    just noticed that when i lift the imac from the table the sound disappears

    So we have the same issue. Again, mine is a mid 2010 21,5"

    My 23" has the pink tint and I have heard a few people say theirs doesn't, but every one I have seen in person (in 3 different stores) has the tint.

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