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    Dual core iP5 would be nice, not needed though

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  • Hello everybody.

    I have a question about putting the bottom case (plate) back.

    Is there a special (or recommended) order to put the screws in to ensure that the bottom case is properly aligned? To avoid wobbling, creaking etc.

    Maybe there is some kind of a "service manual" for the Air 2010? (there used to be one for the original Air).

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  • Basically you can't do this in one line.

    Ah, that is unfortunate... Ah well, so be it.

    Thanks for the replies, robbieduncan and jiminaus.

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  • i am finding that Safari 5.1 is almost unusable on Lion. It drops all internet connections and i have to use network preferences to reboot if you will just to get it use my wifi everytime.

    the bookmark bar doesn't work and on and on. im using chrome and its fast as heck on lion. too many bugs to use lion for everyday right now...

    That has nothing to do with Safari, it's the Wi-Fi changes Apple made in Lion (issue that will be fixed eventually).

    What do you mean the bookmark bar doesn't work?

    i have the latest developer build of chrome and the latest build of firefox as well and they both work perfectly for me on lion...

    I'm using Chrome on Lion, just sucks that the new scrollbars and full screen options aren't there yet.

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  • :) was it not also usable as a computer , if i remember that right it had a logic board of macintosh's from that time with some alterations , but could be used for internet access and OS 8 would run on it , only not meant to be a macintosh , so i guess apple placed it in the wrong market ,instead of selling it as a games console they should have sold it as a macintosh able to be used as a games console could have been a hit :D

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  • none...get an iphone

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  • does the battery works with ibook g3?

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  • Originally posted by Eniregnat
    6.) If your dog does pee on the screen, it should just drip off. If it doesn�t, you dog may be diabetic. Glucos in the urin will cause it to stick.

    OMG that's the funniest "tech help" answer I've ever heard.

    LMAO :D :D :eek: :D

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  • Yeah there is a major problem with backlit wireless keyboards: The batteries aren't going to last for months anymore, are they? Where is all that power for the lights going to come from?

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  • The Vodafone ad above is still there. It is annoying as hell since it sits right underneath the browser tabs and to avoid it you have to move the cursor around it. Any chance of getting rid of it?
    Thanks for letting us know.

    Is it exactly the same ad as in the screenshot above, or a similar one? We may need a new screenshot, and we need to have the latest URL it links to.

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  • Good time to buy in my book. Apple stock in particular, especially because of all the release events in the pipe line this year.

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  • Cheers for your feedback guys! :)

    The animation is a little bit choppy in parts as I had to remove so many frames and change timings to get the overall file within the size limits.

    Anyway, bit of background on my entry...

    I wanted to use a character of some sort and Newton seemed a good choice because of the obvious connection with the apple; this also has some personal relevance because I have a degree in Physics!

    I've got a PowerBook myself, but the reason why I chose to drop an iBook on Newton's head is because the white shows up better (since I gave him grey hair)... also when I first signed up to MR I was interested in buying an iBook and my very first post was in the "New iBooks Next Tuesday?" thread. I had to change the text to Wednesday what with the recent releases, but I thought that including this all-too familiar thread topic kinda captured the boards :p

    I've got some ideas for other avatars too, but not sure if I'll have time to execute them...

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  • I know there is some software that lets u bypass the firewire requiremtn.

    I got one a while back that iddnt work, where can i get some software that will allow me to use it. I need the tried and true. I hate getting my hopes up and downloading stuff just to get it not to work :confused:

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  • ...and you thought it was difficult to get an iPhone 4 now. A three-week waiting list? Ha. Just wait until the iPhone 4 goes on sale in China. How about a three-month waiting list? :eek:

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  • Is there any reason you can't figure out how to use copy paste from the screenshot within preview?

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  • +1 for OWC. They are an excellent place to buy from. Good warranty, good customer service. And yes, all memory is just rebranded from the original manufacturer. Apple memory isn't made by Apple. OCZ memory isn't made by OCZ. You get the idea.

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  • Not NCAA 2008. Perhaps next year.

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  • very nice guide! thank you for posting :)

    we need more people like you helping out in the community!

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  • sorry I hope things get better for you, it must have been a sad sad day

    hi guys, i repaired the windows using the cd but it still goes to the black screen with the blinking cursor on the top left after holding option and clicking my bootcamp partition... any other solutions?

    About a week ago I got a new MBP 17". I wanted to upgrade the RAM, but let the sales guy talk me out of it. Well, my last day to return is this saturday. Would I be able to get the "upgrade" price if I took it in or would they try to make me pay full price?

    I think I should be able to get the upgrade price as I could still return it and buy a new one with the memory I want.

    Anyone have any experience with this?


    Open the in the Utilities folder. Bring up the context menu on each log listed on the left hand side and hit Reveal in Finder. It is perfectly safe to delete them all. Yes those logs will get MASSIVE. Afterward you should empty the Trash.

    Okay !!

    But do you think after 5 years of use it be more 15 GB the logs?

    Has anyone tried the litescribe on the new lacie burners?

    File->Take Screen Shot

    Thanks. Though it is quite cumbersome compared to the keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots (

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