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  • sikkinixx - The DS is region free yea. And is your cheap DS game friend ;) I mean 20 quid for Pokemon Diamond :eek:

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  • Hi all

    i just picked up the new 27" imac and switched it on. And it is constantly humming with a low dimming sound. Its high enough to notice it when around 2 meters from the machine.

    Is this normal on all imacs? i must admit im getting pretty tired of listening to it so if that is the standard I dont look forward to using my imac :(

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  • I think people try to prevent multiple songs from the same artist showing up at once... but we then forget to go back...

    we'll get 'em in there...

    I'll talk to the other admins


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  • My mom has officially banned me from ginza at night and says I have to go the shibuya store. What time should I start to line up?

    UPDATE: Going early to show my inner fan boy :P

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    30 second fix

    duplicate layer, layer mask, invert mask, brush in afflicted area on right side, adjustment layer of levels

    new layer, clone brush / black paint brush over the white fringe edge that is left


    awesome! thanks.

    I knew there had to be a way and I was at my wit's end b/c I couldn't make it work.

    I do appreciate it and I'll make sure to credit you in helping me when I explain to the client. As much as I wanted to do it myself, I just had to ask b/c this photo deserves to be fixed properly :)

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  • best advice- talk to an insurance agent who knows the details of their plans and what is avail. No one on here can speak accurately as all plans as they all work different for diff companies.

    I would start with your parents agent.

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  • Quick question. When Steve announces a new iWork and iLife today, will the Apple Stores have it?

    I guess my question is, are the new products sitting in the back room of Apple Stores, just waiting for the Keynote to be over, so they can be put on the shelf?

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  • Current iOS on Verizon does not support video airplay

    It does have audio airplay however.

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  • My favorite brands:

    Computers, accessories: Apple
    Cars: Toyota
    TV, Bluray,etc..Samsung
    Speakers, stereo stuff. Harmon-Kardon, Yamaha
    Cameras, Printers... Canon
    Motorcycles... Yamaha
    Rice cookers, microwaves,etc.. Sanyo
    Furniture... Ikea
    Appliances... Magtag, Whirpool
    Vacuum cleaners... Filter Queen

    Groceries... Whole Foods

    Clothing... JC Penny, Tall Girls (now LTS) Macy's, Soma
    Shoes... New Balance
    Jewelry... Yes, please!
    Fragrance... Clinique
    Watches... Заря, чайка

    I didn't say I actually HAVE all this stuff...... It's just favorite brands! ;)

    Have Fun,

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  • Apple
    G by Guess jeans
    Canon cameras
    HP printers
    North Face
    Under Armour

    to name a few.

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  • If it really just is a link the press and hold the icon untill it starts shaking and the press the "X" on the corner. If that works be happy if not pay for a new ipad.

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  • Heyyy everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has seen or owns an iPhone 4 replacement back that happens to have a kickstand?

    I know there are plenty of cases out there that have kickstands, but I think a replacement back with one would be pretty cool.

    And if not, can anyone recommend a nice thin clear case with kickstand? Thanks!


    EDIT: Too many Forum tabs open... Whoops! =\

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  • keep and enjoy it

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  • The simple answer is that if your company is not making enough money to pay a trademark attorney, you don't need a trademark... these are business protections, and without revenue you have little to protect.

    Even if you did pay for a trademark, it does not appear you would be able to protect yourself in court (a potentially far more expensive process)... this means that your trademark would soon be invalid because if you do not actively protect your trademark, you lose it.

    The high cost of some of these processes can be seen as a deterrent to trademark squatting... not that much different than the people who buy up domain names hoping that someday they will be valuable.

    In terms of your specific company (r.e. your PM), because of the strong possibility that many other entities share the same name, I do not think that you would be allowed to take ownership or copyright over it.

    Agree, those who don't understand copyright or trademark should either read and

    or hire a professional.

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  • Very good point on the friend of marriage thing. Britney Spears is pretty clearly a very big friend of marriage.

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  • Great story, and congratulations on your purchases!

    Glad to see another person has finally "seen the light!"

    It sounds like your building an excellent Mac family.

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  • ok, i've waitd long enough.
    is MWSF going to introduce any new products lik say a new iPod?
    I've been holding off on the purchase until after the MWSF, so is it ok to order it now without having it be outdated in two days?

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  • I guess I'm even more lame in Terminal than I thought. The volume name is "New Volume" and I'm having trouble changing to the correct directory. Terminal keeps telling me No such file or directory.

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  • oh yeah. that's BONO's signature edition red iphone, like the red card at starbucks.
    it saves people from aids in africa.
    everytime you order take out on your RED iPhone it cures a little baby and buys an emo kid a pony.

    Check out Rick Steves for some ideas. Granted, the man's always checking out churches (which is fine if you like history type stuff) but he also has some fantastic recommendations for out-of-the-way places too.

    Dusseldorf is beautiful, and relatively low on tourism compared to Berlin or Munich (albeit Munich has the Englischer Garten which is clothing-optional). Still, I'm more of the "spend a month in one place" type of traveller than move around so much.

    And if you're in Amsterdam looking for sex, avoid the places that give you a free t-shirt. :D


    Interesting, I bet the wait for this will be insane.


    I am at UConn am was thinking of going but now i hear the coop may be selling it for only $70 so I will have to look into that before driving and paying more.

    Is this confirmed yet? I'm at UCONN as well and was just going to head down to WestFarms but if the Co-op will have it for $60 cheaper then I'll wait!

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