A Pink is the “It Girl” on M! Countdown

Having made a fairy-like debut with “I Don’t Know“, the A Pink girls are right back at it with “It Girl” for their follow-up promotions on today’s Mnet M! Countdown.

With just a week’s rest (doubt they had much), the girls are coming back with their their innocent, fairy-like image intact but with a more approachable and outgoing kick to their style.

Their follow-up track, “It Girl”, from their debut album was composed by Kim Gun Woo. The song is characterized as a sweet synth pop track and is noted for its combination of an arpegio patterned synth and cute dance beat. Kim Gun Woo made sure to emphasize the girls’ innocent image with sweet lyrics about a love confession. The repetitive lyrics make for an addictive and powerful track.

Check it out below!

source :allkpop

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