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  • I've read in a few places that doing a restore as new on your phone, and then manually syncing over the apps and playlists, can increase your battery.

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  • Try to reinstall the bootcamp drivers again and see if that helps.

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  • Check the SMART data on the drive and do a short test:

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  • maybe he is agent smith...

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  • definitely something wrong, and any of the things you listed could be the culprit. time to start swapping out components...

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  • thank you for replying! but i think im doing it wrong. i tried to follow the link you had but its not working for me. can you please help walk me through it or anyone else who wants to help me? i started up my mac with the mac os x dvd and went to the disk utility but my bootcamp partition wasnt allowing me to repair it ( grayed out options ).

    That link is for getting an OS X install up and running if it won't boot. That link won't work at all for windows. Flopticalcube was talking about putting the windows install DVD into your computer, and running windows startup repair from that disk.

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  • Hey guys, so long story short I found out that my parent's property insurance doesn't cover my dslr gear and computing gear. Where would you recommend me go to get insurance for all my gear for myself? I'm looking around for hassle-free options now. Preferably online.


    I have every single piece of camera gear, individually at retail value, covered under my USAA Renters insurance. Even with all the gear I have, it is only about $13 a month for Renters + Gear.

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  • "Black Email of Death"
    "Death Grip"?

    What is it about the internet that it encourages everyone to be so dramatic with every issue, even a dead pixel. ("The pixel is dead! DEAD! I could handle a sick pixel, but a dead one?")

    not sure but i think it goes way back to the Windows' Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

    but yeah, i agree - what's with the drama over these technical glitches, and with most small things in life? :rolleyes:

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  • China is becoming the new America: they have all these weird exclusive standards that are different from the rest of the world. If I lived there I'd be constantly using Witopia VPN on my wireless hotspot at home.

    Mc Carthy would have drooled to Chinese Government paranoia. but we are not like them for now at least. :eek:.

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  • I would prefer to see something better than cartoon looking characters. Wasn't impressed.

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  • I'll be there, coming down from bartlesville with my mom, maybe I'll get an iPod Touch too hehe.

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  • Original Quicksilver had a very poor cooling solution with not much in the way of airflow. The original fan blew out if not mistaken. But that makes little sense in my view. I would have that fan sucking cool air from outside and blowing it across that sink into the system. Even open up a few of those holes on the back with a drill if you must its what i did. The big fan above the hard disc moves air to the outside of the unit. Also i dont know how you feel about this but i have notice manufactors are sloppy and stingy when applying the silicone compound between the cpu & sink. Make sure that CPU is coated 100% before mounting the heat sink. Also Quicksilver came with 2 fan guards on the power supply. One on the unit and one on the case. Remove one of these guards for even better flow of air. For example i had a 1.4 Merc extreme that would run all day at 1.47 after i made these cooling mods. quicksilver for the most part baths the componets in other componets heat and then sends that air across the sink out the system. Reverse that for better cooling. good luck.
    he is right i now own this beast if machine and i have it running at 1.47ghz
    it run quite cool, considering. Drilling the holes in the back will bring down its resale value, but if you plan to keep it it is a good option.
    If you are not using and dont plan to use your pci slots i sugest, putting an out fan down there for just a little more additional cooling.

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  • Something sounds wrong there. I get 4 or 5 hours battery life on my DSi (bought earlier this year so it's not old), my 3DS gets 7 hours battery life on DS games.

    Hm, we're getting around 11-12 hours on DS games - though we do play with the screen on the dimmest settings. Not sure what impact cranking the brightness up has? (Though if memory serves, it's always killed batteries) The 3DS was getting about 6, although we only flattened it twice before sending it back.

    Looking up Wikipeda, these are the official stats:

    3DS playing a DS game: 5-8 hours
    DSi XL: 13-17 (4-5 max brightness)
    DSi: 9-14 (3-4)
    DS Lite: 15-19 (5-8)
    DS: 6 - 10

    So it's pretty clear that cranking up the brightness does massively reduce battery length, but the DSi is capable of far out-running the 3DS if you keep the brightness down.

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  • Oh I'm sorry, wrong meeting.

    Wrong meeting? errr… how many do you actually go to??? :eek: ;)

    As for Time Team - did they find an actual full henge? (Well all the post holes)? I can't remember either... (I thought it was the local work camp and an explanation of the ritual landscape?)

    I thought they found evidence of the post holes in a circle, and outside of that circle they found human remains, I do remember the ceremonial walkway between the sites, and the theory that they'd built a dock on the nearby river etc.

    But like I said it's all rather fuzzy though. *strokes chin*

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  • i got the same problem. no sound through line in.
    you know - i havent tried a USB mic but i shouldn't have to.
    why should i buy a usb mic when the one i already got should work. it does on my pc

    and i do have the sound voulme all the way up.

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  • Do we really need more rules, when the people breaking them aren't likely to know of their existence in the first place????????


    Agreed, I think we should be less concerned about the number of question marks in a title and perhaps what the OP wrote.

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  • Ya Im having trouble finding a base install thats not an update. Any help? Thanks for the speedy responses guys I appreciate it

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  • What we really need is a Windows Keynote player downloadable for free off of Apple's website. ...Apple could probably throw one together in a day and iWork sales would skyrocket (not to mention the switching potential of the Windows users watching such a beautiful presentation on their piece of crap :D).

    yep. that would sell iWork to me. dam uni being MS based.

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  • Yes but i want it to work so bad :eek: There has to be someway to make it work and my digital camera has an mpeg record function.

    Help i paid $300 bucks for this camrea i doont want to have to spend on isight

    You might also try the free osx usb webcam driver. There is a list of supported cams hereclick here (http://webcam-osx.sourceforge.net/)

    Hope this helps. Worse comes to worse, you can probably get into a cheap usb cam for about 20-30 $$.

    I've used eBay to buy AppleCare. The pricing is very competitive.

    I have three letters for you.... DRM.
    The Netflix app is very well protected.
    They do this to prevent stream recording/capture.

    Well, I finally got something else different to the 6701s:

    Project 6067
    TPF: 5min 11s
    PPD: 7906

    Not bad, especially for just 60W of power.


    nice! so i wonder, is it capable of bigadv units? (not that i'd do that, but knowing that it could)

    Yep, your photos are nice.. but in today's digital world 99% of all current dslr camera equipment is capable of producing better work than 99% of all current photographers will ever accomplish. As others pointed out, professional success is more about marketing and sales than skill truthfully. I know some really crappy surf photographers that travel the world on some company's dime, while I am stuck on the east coast shooting masterpieces!:p:cool:

    Unless you just find a different angle of something and portray it in a new and unique light that hasn't been exploited already; then you may really be on to something.;)

    Clark Little (http://www.clarklittlephotography.com/) did it right, with a combination of honed skills, proper use of light and processing, he's revealed the surf in a way never quite seen by the average viewer and yet is appealing to folks who have never even been to a beach. Some risk also was involved.. but you've seen his pics even if you don't know who he is...

    The second example is really significantly front-focused, and is shot at f/2.8, so I don't think your focus and recompose technique is to blame (I'd expect a lot less change in focus using the slight focus and recompose you've used here).

    Did you lock focus on the eyes and then recompose? Is it possible that you re-focused after you recomposed?

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