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  • So even though I don't shoot weddings generally* one thing I've noticed anytime I do is that there is never a good amount of time given to the photographer. (Wedding photogs can attest to this!).

    Anyway this last weekend I was at my sisters wedding. They rented a mansion in the middle of the Arizona desert and it was the first wedding that was actually enjoyable! No stress. There were a million incidents that would be traditionally considered "screwups" (the bride and groom seeing each other and hanging out before the ceremony, the bride getting crap all over her dress, the couple kissing before they even gave wedding vows. etc) the list goes on and on.

    Anyway the bride didn't care about any of that, the groom didn't care about any of that, and it was the first wedding I've been to where the focus was on celebration not ceremony. It was fantastic....and...thankfully they took my advice and gave their wedding photographer three HOURS of photo shoot time before the ceremony! He and his assistants got so many great shots as I watched in envy only dreaming of what could be done with that amount of time. (The most time I was ever given was 25 minutes.)

    The wedding was outside too so there were a ton of awesome opportunities, and even inside the lighting was really good. Needless to say I could only dream of shooting a wedding in such a place! (Although the thought of shooting weddings is generally a nightmare :P )

    Anyway there is not much to this post but I thought Id share about the awesome conditions the photog got to shoot in. Anyone else ever get lucky with that much time during a wedding?

    *The only time I shot weddings by myself is for friends who had no money for a photog and were going to rely on a family friend with a point and shoot. I hate the stress and pressure of shooting weddings but will usually go back up a friend if they do a wedding shoot. I have a lot of photog friends and have acted as a secondary for many of them if they need the help.

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  • Oh my god I was literally JUST about to post a thread on the no-quit-chrome problem when I saw this thread... hope you don't mind me hijacking, but I'll just state a couple of things that happened:

    ~woudn't quit, so I loaded force quit from the apple logo in the corner, which wouldn't even do it on the first try, but it quit on the second force quit
    ~reinstalling seems to solve the problem for the first couple openings of the app but then the problem arises again
    ~running the new beta, but I doubt that has anything to do with it cuz I saw THIS testimony, so....

    ANyway, I might just downgrade back cuz Chrome is my main browse, but maybe I'd just switch to safari... it DOES have some improvements in 10.7 :D

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  • But I don't see anything new yet. :rolleyes: :confused:

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  • Yes, but you are limited to very low powered devices, I believe it is 10 ma or less, in effect only the SD adaptor works, to use the USB adapter you must add a self powered hub.....

    Does iPhone need to be jailbroken to support SD Adapter? I was under impression Camera Connection kit only worked with iPad (power issues aside)?

    Have you actually used SD Adapter with an iPhone?

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  • was there a network change made at either locations of the computers? some routers do not support what is required for shared files and back to my mac

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  • Any opinions for my new SSD?
    Mid-2010 MBP13

    Crucial M4 256gb
    Intel 320 Series 300gb

    As far as I can see, I've gathered the following:

    Slightly better track record (MTBF)
    More expensive
    Frequently backordered
    Slightly slower in most benchmarks than the Crucial
    Offers a Mac ISO for firmware upgrades

    I don't really know much about it...
    Bit cheaper than the Intel
    Bit faster
    Smaller capacity

    While I'm here, I'll ask another question. I intend on doing a clean install on my SSD (as opposed to cloning my current drive). Do I need the upgrade kit? Or, can I order an OEM version (they're less frequently backordered)? Will I be missing any screws or cases or useful/vital instructions?


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  • They have pulled the action figure after getting a Cease and Desist order from Apple. Grrrr!

    If anyone got one shipped before they put the kabash on them, you just made a mint. Will be a phenomenal collectible that will now be a very seriously limited edition!

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  • So, I guess Windows needs to update their XP background then, huh?

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  • Posting this from my new 27" iMac, purchased from Best Buy!

    I got the lower base 27" model for $1615 + tax, so I'm pretty happy. The $85 I saved will pay for an extra 8GB of RAM :) Going to have some dev VMs running on this sucker with no problems.
    I got mine ordered as well! i went with the high end 27", with the sale going on it cost me $2038 including tax. i read a forum post on macrumors that said that the imacs are having issues with screen yellowing. i'm starting to worry about it a little bit haha

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  • Custom 10.6.5 made specifically for that model line. As far as I know, there are only 10.6.0 and 10.6.3 retail Snow Leopard disks.

    So I cant do it with a DVD at all? WTH? Seems very inconvenient to need the special USB install media.

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  • I may try putting the computers as columns sometime. I'll see how this version goes firt, though.

    I'm just about to fix the 10/100GB thing, thanks dsharits.

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  • How long do you think it will take to have to knowledge to actually write my own App. That would be App Store quality ?

    Depends on what the App is supposed to do. ;)

    There are plenty of apps in the store that could be written by someone with no knowledge in ~6 weeks on their own, but there are also many that are much larger.

    You will get a better appreciation of this as you make it through the books you have on hand.

    Skip "Become and Xcoder" it's too outdated to be useful .

    From Apress Learn Objective-C on the Mac ( gets far better reviews than "Objective C for Absolute Beginners"

    "Beginning iPhone 4 Development" also gets good reviews, but may require some previous knowledge, and "Mac Programming for Absolute Beginners" is so new it does not yet have any reviews on Amazon.

    I would suggest Kochan's "Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (2nd Edition) (" as an alternative place to start. It is the "standard" book for learning Objective-C 2.0 and as such many folks are familiar with its content.

    You need to do what keeps you engaged. If that means working on iOS apps on the hardware, do that, if you learn better by developing a fundamental base, you will generally spend a lot of time on console (text I/O) stuff that will help you develop the underlying knowledge you need.


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  • Yeah, I don't have the phone anymore. Thanks for the interest though.

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  • Take your pirating elsewhere.

    clearly he stated he installed a trial version of My3G

    reading + you = fail

    OP that's part of the trial, once you purchase My3G the ads are gone.

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  • Glad it's free this year. Good to learn about some new stuff coming out that hasn't yet been made public :)

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  • This is what you are looking for. I took a screen shot from the page of the Air 2010's service manual.

    yes, that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

    But could you also give me a link to that manual, because it that I've searched a lot a places using various search terms, and could not find it.

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  • Ive managed to download a few videos (paid dev) but it doesnt seem to work for my right now. Don't know how I should manage to watch most of this stuff though. Over 100 hours lol. Really great suprise from Apple.

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  • Hi all,

    I need to scan some photo prints in for archiving, and I'm not real satisfied with my current scanner (Canon) which I've used the past couple years. It seems to have problems picking up subtle color gradients, so the pictures wind up looking overly contrasted. In talking to others, this seems to be an extremely common problem. Anyone know of a solution?


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  • I use the MX1000 and it's a great mouse. I also use a Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical (has 2 optical sensors), which is much better for quick response use (ie games), but for general desktop use I prefer the MX1000.

    Hi Guys & Gals,

    I'm going to make the jump to an Intel SSD this weekend to replace my stock 320GB (5400 RPM) Drive in the 2010 Mac Mini.

    Those of you that have actually done this, did you find that the Logic Board really needed to be shifted at all? I've been looking at the OWC installation Video and it would seem to me that the drive will lift out over the Logic Board without moving the board at all. It would mean that I would only have to detach the first SATA and two heat connectors. The least amount of connectors I have to pull the better I would assume. Also, I'm thinking that the black vinyl covering wrapped around the 320GB drive is there to protect the moving/electrical drive components on the bottom of the drive, which I would not need on the SSD. I know that I need/should replace the piece of tape to hold the heat sensor wire on the new SSD.

    Any help would be great.....:)

    2010 Mac Mini (2.4MHz - 8GB RAM Intel 80GB SSD(pending)) Air Port Extreme, 2TB Mini Stack External Dive, 16GB WiFi iPad, 32GB iPhone 3GS.

    I have not done an SSD per say, but I have made a little side business upgrading the hard drive on 2010 Mac Mini's and selling them on ebay. After having done 10 or so of these, yes you do need to pull the logic board out slightly. The hard drive will not lift up enough to give you the angle you need clear the logic board with out pulling it out.

    That said, only pull it out enough to see a small gap of air between the black beisl in the rear and the alum case.

    WRT the heat sensors... I have found that the smallest amount of rubber cement works well if you you loose the adhesive when transferring the sensor. 8/10 times you will have plenty of stick left though and wont need to add any.

    The black cover I have also assumed was there for air flow as well. If the SSD has a smooth surface, and no logic board to short, you probably can do away with it.

    I put on order for the i7 and the 2Gig Video Card, would this machine handle somewhat serious gaming within 2 years time frame,

    The 6970 card is 2 years old, since it can handle current games fairly decently, it will definitely not in 4 years (it would make it a 4 year old card).

    Like others I have some computers on all of the time. I have two linux boxes and it is easy to run folding in the background and I can never tell. In fact on my Slackware machine I don't even use a GUI, so I have folding on one terminal window and I use Telnet and IRC on other telnet windows. That is about all the Slackware machine does so it can handle a little folding.

    Regardless of if my systems make a difference, or I score very many points, I could possibly be doing some good and I have contributed to the team and I think it would be neat to build a Folding cluster of old Macs and Linux boxes.

    I don't need a killer graphics card by all means, I need something for under $20 that can just use to display things. I'll b planning on running Mac OS X 10.3 (Or 10.2) and I just need something so the machine will work.

    So nothing fancy, just an ATI PCI card, the G3 currently has some PCI graphics card that came with my PowerMac 9600/233, it says "Twin Turbo 128 MA Rev 3.7" on it, and has the old Mac style port, not VGA. I might sell the PowerMac 9600 so I'll want to put back it's original card and get a cheap one for the G3. :)

    iGary, I think you do need the help. I mean, just look at your signature. ;)

    I think that his signature is very nicely colored. Wishing you luck with your dilemma. It wouldn't hurt to meet the person though.

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