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  • a family friend has had hers done. But she spent over a grand on them.

    So it sounds like a good deal based simply on the grand.

    But, she doesnt drink wine or coffee anymore.

    That to me would be quite a sacrifice!

    noooooo, i couldn't give up coffee!!

    but actually i don't drink that much - only a cup in the morning and as i work from home i would make sure to brush my teeth afterwards if i were to get this whitening done. from what i've heard you only need to be on a 'white diet' for a day or so after having it done.

    i'm just trying to get feedback from everywhere before i decide to definitely spend the cash...

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  • No, i can still get the printer from canons website no problem. So it is apple who has discontinued...they just stopped carrying it.

    I can get it just fine through canon, amazon, newegg, and some other sites but then i would not get the rebate!!

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  • Hello, if you look at my other post on the LaCie there is some info that I got from LaCie and some cd/dvd manfs. about the type of disc you need.
    The burner won't be out untill mid March and as LaCie's web page says they are taking pre-orders.

    Artful Dodger, I had planned on buying one of the LaCie lightscribe external burners in the near future, but you mentioned something that caught my attention. Are there only certain blanks that are compatible with the lightscribe capability? I *assumed* any blank without a surfce design would have done the trick, but I guess not. Thanks!

    Yes only certain media will work, TDK, HP (it's their drive in it), Verbatim and only the "+" R media since none of the companies are making any other media as of yet. This was from about 3 or 4 e-mails to different companies that were given to me by LaCie. Also the discs are of a gray scale "etched" quality when burned.
    You will have to look for the Lightscribe logo on the side of the dvd/cd cake packs or what ever they pack them in.
    Hope this helps.

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  • is TPE that rubber found around bumper cases?

    it's probably similar. I know it's similar to TPU but i don't really know the difference between them two.

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  • Download Dropbox... done.
    Keep it simple to set up, it's free and works perfectly. I use it to work on docs from home, work, my laptop and my iPad.
    Pay a little and get a lot more server space.

    What he said

    Dropbox rocks and the first 2GB are free with up to 5GB thru their referral program.

    It basically sets up a folder with subfolders to sync to the cloud.

    I went back to school last year and used dropbox everyday to sync files between my MacBook and Mac mini.

    If I edit a word or excel file in class on my MacBook, dropbox automatically uploads the changes to the cloud. My Mac mini is running 24/7 and downloads the new edited version 10 seconds later 10 miles away from campus.

    I set up my folders with their relative files in each, such as finance, accounting etc.
    Sitting in class, I download my PDFs and power points from the schools server to my MacBook which instantly syncs to my home computer, works cross platform from your MacBook to your PC.

    If you are all Mac, you can buy MobileMe. With the time capsule, and Back to My Mac, you can easily log into and control your home computer, such as reloading your handbrake or torrent queue. In Have both and find dropbox much better. I also have it on my iPhone and iPad.

    Dropbox is what the MobileMe iDisk was meant to be, but much better and free.

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  • doesnt justify the fact that I did multiple other tests throughout the day and realized the temperatures were wrong. Ive had 2 overheating issues after 20 minutes of play and found my temperatures reading at 102-105 degrees celcius before shutting down. Only having the game and windows open doing my tests.
    I've even tried using a friends laptop cooler but that doesn't really do much either

    If you think you have a problem take it to the Apple Store and possibly get another MBP. Why would you want to lose your warranty?????

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  • I also have win. 98. if you would rather have that..., or i can just re-format the drive... up to you
    I will think about it.

    Adamjay-I dont think I can afford it.

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  • In /Library/LaunchDaemons there is a file called

    Just wondering what this is. I haven't been able to find any information about it so far.

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  • Hard to tell, but looks like a spec of dust under the screen to me.

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  • I love macs they are so cool. I'm a little skeptical over the iPod. But that's a different matter. I know Apple are always using iThis and iThat. However I think it is a bit cheeky that they are using there legions of lawyers to steal Cisco's trademark. I know that it has the i before Phone but thousands of products exsist with the i before product names. It's only because Apple wants the name. Hypothetically if you made a computer screen and called it iScreen. Then if apple made a screen and wanted to use your name How would you feel if they took it from you due to their stronger legal forces? Not happy I presume. That is the same thing happening to Cisco. I do have an idea which could help Apple. If they want to hear it they can email me.

    What is your opinion on Cisco and Apple's dispute?

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  • Basically you are freeing memory you did not malloc/calloc.

    Actually there is a malloc, it's embedded in the memcpy.

    void *pointerGivenByInstanceFunction = memcpy(malloc(byteSizeOfElement),storage+i*byteSizeOfElement,byteSizeOfElement);

    EDIT: Sorry ignore that. It's the "read out values bis" loop that's the problem.

    Yes it's as robbieduncan says. In your one-line version, you're losing the pointer the copy of the double on the heap. Then later you try to pass the address of the copy on the stack to free, which rightly causes a crash.

    Basically you can't do this in one line. You could, though, cast directly to a double pointer and still free it, like so:

    double *pointerGivenByInstanceFunction = (double *)memcpy(malloc(byteSizeOfElement),storage+i*byteSizeOfElement,byteSizeOfElement);
    double returnElement = *pointerGivenByInstanceFunction;

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  • It could, but it doesn't have that much space. I would hook it up to an external raid array.

    I would recommend a Drobo S. (

    It is not cheep, but I have 9 gigs of drives in it, 6 available. Great product, keeps your data safe, it's fast, and easily expandable.

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  • The word "New" is all over this ebay listing. I see that in the top area it shows refurb, but this listing seems to be a little misleading. One of your headings even says "Brand New." This combined with using an actual iPhone box that didnt come with this item seems shady to me. I may be the only one, but honestly i guarentee that who ever wins this item thinks they are getting an actual brand new phone, not a refurbished product.

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  • camera stabilizer would be awesome... im on a cheap budget..

    Search b and h. What's your budget? What sports do you shoot? Do you cover the whole game or just get highlights?

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  • Paolo,

    Thank you for your reply. I did everything you suggested-again and even wrote it all down so I could try permutations. Bottom line, it will recognize the guitar input but not a microphone n:confused:or my two keyboards. I have the unit with me today ready to return to B&H. appreciate your help!

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  • My name is Kyle Brown and I use a Macintosh.

    It came yesterday, only nine days after being announced so I was thrilled. Opening the package was like christmas. Everything was so neat and tidy.

    I have always had a secret passion for Apple. When I got my first real computer back in 1995 I think it was a 486/66mhz AST from RadioShack that actually stood the test of time much better than most. I had asked and asked for a Mac, but my parents knew better I guess and I joined the PC world. After that I got a Gateway PIII 600 when I entered high school, which seemed like a supercomputer to the previous model. Then off to college I got a 1.4GHz Athlon model (from NuTrend.. highly recommended) which I still have and actually like. I really had no problem with Windows.. but the mac.. it just seemed a lot more fun.

    At the beginning of the Summer I wanted an iMac.. then an iBook.. then an iMac. Finally I decided I'd go pro style w/ a PB. But, oh the wait until the 15". To make a long enough story short I ordered my 15" Tuesday morning before my 8AM class (EDT). Thus began the countdown....

    Yesterday when I sat down and opened my computer I couldn't get over the technology and design that goes into it. It's artwork.. not just a computer. It seems to have a life of its own.. it is a technological being. Using yesterday was amazing, everything was so simple so tight. So beautiful. I had no problems with the screen, the latch, or warping. Yes, there is a gap, but its supposed to be there. I took some pictures, but they aren't that good... too excited to focus.

    As I continue my Mac journey I would like to thank everyone for keeping me company over the last few months and for always being polite and helpful.

    My name is Kyle Brown and I am a switcher.

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  • I believe you have to be 18 to work in an apple store, I may be wrong. maybe that is just my local store

    Oh Then I'll be able to apply in a few months

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  • There should not be any DMZ, firewall is completely disabled...
    Besides, I receive packets from online open port checker (as I mentioned), so I seem to be able to receive packets from outside my LAN...
    what I do not understand is why I cannot establish a connection with a telnet call...

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  • Wow. I got there a few minutes before the store opened, counted at least 300 people in front of me and a few hundred more behind me. I expected a line but that was insane. There was one person left in front of me before I could get Leopard and one of the geniuses told him "Sorry, we just ran out." He was joking though. I was about to rip his eyes out of his skull and shove them up his ass so he could watch me kick it.

    Actually it feels fine in lecture. Though I must admit I'man upper classman, so all my courses are like 30 people max, and they're all in my department at this point. As to the 2GB RAM question, well I don't know cause i've still only got 512 in this beast (soon to have another gig on order) and I know that the mac chokes a bit on not having enough memory when I've got a bunch of things open. The only reason I know it's memory bound is my old dual 867 Mac handles some things better than my powerbook does, and the only difference is my powerbook is lacking in RAM.

    I guess Judgment Day is over, but how will I know whether or not to come up out of this bunker?

    Just in case I think I'll stay down here. I have a 3-year supply of water and canned food.

    Is this why we have a ratings system now?

    Skynet took over MacRumors!!:eek:

    It seems now it wont take the cd at all... When I restart I do hear the drive kinda setting back in place but the cd doesn't even go in it now...

    I burned a DVD today but now its not even taking the cd in...

    What should I do

    i spilled vine in mine and took everything apart and dipped in alcohol 95% or more(motherboard and keyboard and fan) and cleaned it with a toothbrush ,let it dry and put it back, is been 4 months now and everything works fine.
    try that.

    Dane Cook for Joker would be epic!!

    ugh no though i do like him im sorry if its any one other than Seth than fail.

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