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  • I'll take the both the Orange and Pink socks if they're still available.

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  • Standard RAM: 2 GB
    Maximum RAM: 8 GB*
    Details: 2 GB of RAM is installed as two 1 GB modules, no slots free.

    *Apple officially supports a maximum of 4 GB of RAM. Originally, this model was only unofficially capable of stably supporting 6 GB of RAM, but as confirmed ( by site sponsor OWC, it is capable of supporting 8 GB of RAM if updated to Boot ROM Version MB51.007D.B03 and running MacOS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard."


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  • The point is, it ISN'T corrupted, and I have tried resaving pictures. There is nothing wrong with the pictures themselves, and my first thought was that it was Apache (2.0.52) but I don't see how that could be the problem.

    After a little more testing, they load fine when I use localhost as the address, but not when I use the no-ip address.

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  • Hi,

    I know there are many threads on it. But nowhere have I been able to find a clear answer as to whether it is possible or not to perform the following:

    - I have an internet box from which I get the connection to Internet
    - I have a third-party (Linksys) router that does my routing and my wifi
    - My home is built in a way so that I cannot get wifi everywhere (possibly because the Linksys has crappy range), though I think one extra spot would help

    Can I use an Airport Express device to extend my Linksys' wifi coverage?
    Many threads exist but all contradict on whether it is possible or not to extend non-Apple-based networks with an Apple device.

    If not, does the following architecture work?:
    - Linksys still there to be doing my wired-ethernet routing
    - One Airport Express device plugged to the switch of the Linksys and that delivers wifi
    - A second Airport Express plugged in another room that only extends wifi provided by the first one

    If this still is not possible, what would be? By now, if you're still reading, you must have gotten a clue of what I am trying to achieve ;)

    The thing I'd like to avoid is to have to replace the Linksys by the Airport Extreme that could do my wired-Ethernet routing and still have to get an express one for range extension...

    Thank you.

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  • I wouldn't be surprised if they are planning on coming out with a Thunderbolt-equipped Time Capsule considering they are adding them across the Mac lineup.

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  • This is really amazing. If I turn the power switch on my monitor off, your avatar stays exactly the same, while every other avatar disappears!

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  • i would put down like 100-150. becouse of the hastle / possibility of having to pay for it to be fixed.

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  • you can add ram, hard drives, displays, etc. all after you get the computer. i'd recommend getting the dual processor because you can't upgrade to that later on.

    i think dv lets you capture roughly 5 minutes for every 1 gigabyte of hard drive space. you could probably only capture 350 minutes with the 80 gig hard drive. so upgrade later :)

    and... i like .mac... if you do get it... you should sign up under me... ;)

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  • (

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  • The system call does not write to the file. ideas?

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>

    int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) {

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  • I know you have to re-jailbreak everytime you reboot or run out of battery, but does this include restarting springboard?

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  • Have you tried firing up the Terminal program in OSX and using the ftp command-line interface?

    Does that freeze up as well?no and i have no idea how to do that. terminal is a bit intimidating.

    im using Verizon DSL. Im connected to a wireless router.

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  • Amoeba

    Amoeba is an awful place to buy used CDs - any location.

    It's fine for vinyl and even new CDs releases, but the selection and prices are superior at any of the online places mentioned above - eBay, Amazon, and even SecondSpin.

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  • Cool.
    Any comments about the battery life?

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  • I know we'll know for sure real soon, but I was just wondering if there's any expectation one way or the other regarding how likely the ipad2 will be jailbreak-able, either with the current apps or with current known but unused exploits.

    way , way wayyyyyyyyyyy too early to tell, iPad2 is a whole new device, new processor, new firmware (with new drivers to support the new devices), new interfaces, new internal devices, most of drivers are going to be updated, HDMI out support, so all those changes mean that pretty much anything we curretnly have is pretty much useless, until someone can get their hands on it and on the 4.3 GM release, there isn't much work that can be done.

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  • OH NOOOOO!!!

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  • .

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  • I mean when clicking on the input box instead of it focusing on the input box for text entry, it instead focuses on the submit button.

    While ie6 is not my target platform since the site worked so far without any alterations i don't mind supporting it.

    IE6 is not very forgiving. If it works in Firefox then you most likely have html error(s)... things like missing close brackets /> and table cell <td></td> can effect that in IE6 where other browsers assume it's there and will still work. Have you tried and html validator?

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  • I would install it in the HD. It's not that buggy but I wouldn't keep it as my only OS. Nice Photoshop job! :D

    But I think you really need to cram in a lot of battery power for listening to the phone at high volumes. It's not like you are listening from earplugs or such. And where would the mic/speakers for talking/listening go? My father's mini-Motorola phone mic/speakers aren't that small.

    Thanks for the input every one! One of the sales reps just called and I'm going to order it online, high end 27in, should have it in 5 buisness days or less. It's my first Mac and I'm pretty excited to say the least!! :D

    I am a Apple Fan boy through n through. Well i like to call myself the MAC daddy haha!

    I have just come across the mac mini server. I want it!!! But not sure it can replace my current set up.

    In my garage, i have a Dell 390 workstation with 4 TB of space. I manily use this to keep all my movies, music, and media on. I stream my movies from it via shared drives to my WD TV Live box. Which i love... I use programs like, Vuse / Handbrake actually they are the most common apps i use. Eventually id like to be able to back up my external drives from my imac to the server.

    Just wondering if the mac mini server could replace that. As the Dell is power hungry, large and just plain ugly. But it does have 4TB worth of space.

    Could the mac mini replace this setup, and if so how?

    Are you talking about the mac mini or the mac mini server?

    if it's the dual HD server, then you won't get a built in DVD drive.

    Personally if you want to keep power down, i'd invest in something like a qnap TS410 NAS. It'll take 4 drives, up to 8TB and will allow you to protect the data by using RAID 1,5 or 6. You can plug your existing external drives into it. It has built in mac/win/ftp sharing, upnp, itunes sharing, iphone access and will draw less than 40 watts at peak usage. Then use your dell for ripping dvd's. I'm assuming it's a hackintosh if you are running handbrake?

    amazon linkie (


    EDIT: just noticed your question to the other poster. This is indeed headless and can do bitorrent in the background.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one going? ;)

    Is it too late to ask for one?

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