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  • If point sysem is introduced the big losers are immigration lawyers as they cannot make money in multiple stages. So no wonder if they oppose. Of course there is some limitations but its sucess depends on rules and regulations. Also there is going to be a Cap and there is going to be a provision to prevent displacement of US workers as the worldwide demand is always here. But main advantage is it will bring down the work load of various agencies like DOL and INS also employers.

    the reason why we will not find justice is that our suffering is creating profits for the people with power and who vote.

    your freedom is reduction in their profits. exactly the slave-master thinking. they will try their best to delay your freedom.

    at my last employer (a large, respectable financial firm), they kept saying "GC next year" till they said "GC last months of 5th year". I was just a few months from that time, but i quit them in disgust anyway. doing GC with them would have meant another 5-6 years with those creeps.

    this is classic zero-sum thinking. you'll see it everywhere in the US. you just have to be sharper at seeing politics. only you can protect your interests.

    my advice to IV is to associate with some labour union. those guys are corrupt, but at least they have some power.

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  • eFiled on 07/28 at NSC
    Soft LUD on 08/30 after sending support docs.
    No Approval yet.

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  • Last call...any more preditions? Magic figures will arrive soon. I guess, no predictions worked well in the past. I vote for predictions as well as Magic figures. :)

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  • I am suprprised if IV is working towards abiltiy to file 485 and hard country limit...Just want to know how IV is working towards these 2 items...
    If any of these two wont show out in coming bill,..then I would say goodbye to IV..because all other items in bill were there without IV;s interaction....

    Can somebody calrify if these options will anyway include in this means of ammendements...

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  • And they say why Albert Pinto "Plassey" is an angry man?

    My current H1 is expiring soon. My 3 year H1 extension is pending. I had receipt notice but NJ DMV at Wayne refused to accept that. My current License is valid only till the middle of the next month.
    Any body in the same boat? What shall I do?

    I was in the same situation, waiting for my L1 extension to come through and license was to expire on Aug 30th, went to 2 DMV's in different counties both had a different reason to say NO!!! One thing they had in common was that they need a letter from employer and also that they need the original receipt notice applied for the extension, I took them to a different DMV in Bergen county (one of the adjacent counties to mine) and had to speak to the supervisor who was a little confused and i told her that my cousin got his DL extended for 8 months while his visa extn was pending then looked up something okayed the it was terrible time running around...some of the DMV's were so bad the supervisors were out right rude did not even want to refer to their logs or whatever, well there is a provision for DL's to be extended for 8 months or 240 days while visa extn is pending, so try talking to superviosrs at DMV. Good luck...

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  • Hi,

    I have 3 yrs degree + 1 yr PG diploma. I have been working in industry for past 17 years, and don't think any degree or even doctorate would add much to my qualification for the job that I am doing.

    I am currently filed in EB3 category, and new company I am changing job to are ready to refile my GC. But they won't file my GC in EB2 category, as I don't meet the 4 yr BS requirement.

    My son will be in the highschool in 4 years, and I don't want to spend a lot of money on getting MS to myself. But for the GC I am looking for fastest and cheapest way to get MS program. I have no idea how it works, what qualifies me for a degree, what can I get credits for. Any inputs would be appreciated.


    Seems like your end goal is to get GC, have you considered option of waiting for your son to become 18 so that he can sponsor you for GC? That might be an even faster option than EB2, considering the current backlog.

    This is of course assuming that your son is a US citizen.

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  • I have an nre repatriable demat acct thru icici - it took all of 5 mnths and over 30 calls to cust svc to get the acct opened. The acct was mainly for utilizing the indian stock opts given by employer. You can trade as an NRI but online trading is not available for US residents on nre demat accts - u can however trade thru a broker like sharekhan etc.

    All dividends are credited only to your NRE savings a/c - not to regular savings a/c. Any stock sale requires an authorization number which the broker can provide. Taxes on capital gains must be paid only if you sell within a year of purchase - the percentage is the same as for Indian citizens. There is no tax on long term cap gains

    Since we do not have any taxable income in India, and many NRIs make charitable contributions regularly, the tax liabilities are usually not very high

    Also there is a very informative section on for NRI taxation. You are not required to file any tax returns if you are in NRI status and are within the exemption limits.

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  • gk_2000,
    no need to stop laughing....ur loving kids will be laughing more loud than yours in future, when you become old.

    if you have no parents...or no good parents...please don't post stupid comments.

    i know, all honest people will support this.

    this is not new...i saw a website for this....which was signed by 100's 1000's people...could not find it now.

    all honest people will support what??

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  • If anyone has better suggestion.

    Guys, I know what a deshi company can can do to you for only 200$ or 300$. I am the burning example. I don't see how to open a thread and I found this thread is some what relevant. Please check this and put your valuable comments/experience/suggestions.

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  • I believe they might have assigned a visa number to you. Please raise a SR or take infopass and try to find out more.

    I was current in 2008 and then got RFE for me and for my spouse in 2008. We provided the evidence then. The status changed from RFE to RFE Review on Aug-1-2010.

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  • I dont think this bills has anything favourable to legal immigrants... It better to apply as the other category ....

    I think someone finally saw the light here.

    Cant you guys see the HUGE change that this is. Get out of the whole legal-illegal pissing match. This change will make the US immigration system in line with that of the UK. You get here. You stay here for 5 years. You apply and be granted Permanent Residency. Thats it.

    Will that open the floodgates? Sure they will. How will they be countered? By making it very very difficult for employers to hire foreigners. If you are already here, you are fine.
    Employers who hire illegal folks will face tough sanctions. the new eVerify system will probably now be mandatory for all. That takes care of those employers who were in the Dont ask, Dont tell (not talking about the military policy towards gays here) attitude. It wont weed out everyone and there will still be some guys who will work for cash, etc but it will reduce this significantly.

    Employers who abuse the H1 system will now have to do lots more to prove that they couldnt find a qualified US worker. The desi employers that everyone loves to hate will find it very hard to stay in business anymore.

    The big IT companies like TCS and Patni who pay 40-50K to someone with 7 yrs of work exp (like I was) will now be forced to hire from the US market thus eliminating the chances of abuse. Unfortunately it will depress IT wages in India because these biggies will need to show some kind of cost savings to do work offshore otherwise most companies will decide to bring the work back since its just not worth it to handle the hassles of offshore work. But overall it will bring some kind of balance.

    All a person now will need to do is get here and manage to hold on to some job for 5 years and you will be through.

    Lets see how much of this bill actually makes it out. As far as I can see, I am prefectly fine with refiling my application under this new category. The hell with EB based green cards. USCIS can take the whole EB1-EB2-EB3 and stick it where it belongs.

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  • Whether we like it or not...this is a reality. I have had a neighbor where both the husband wife was working. They brought their parents every year... because it was cheaper than Day Care.

    But they didnt bother to drive Benz and BMW.

    True, have seen many folks do the same.
    Though their pride says no. Not sure what's so shameful in that :)

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  • DO you have or aware of a format we can request the employer for unpaid leave? Appreciate if you can pass this along

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  • When does the new fiscal year start?

    I would use "Visa Year" but not "Fiscal Year" for Visa related matter.

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  • I do appreciate your detailed reply - especially on these forums where civilized discussion is a thing of the past.

    My apologies for nitpicking on the DONOR definition and Congratulations on the new management philosophy you are going with. I hope you succeed in your endeavour.

    Still I've some open issues. If you look at the poll, there isnt a single person who voted NO. We should expect to see a healthy mix of Yes,No and Dont Care. But the way the poll has been put and partly the wording, partly the current IV environment, people are sceptical of putting their real thoughts publicly. This excercise is futile if you have minimal 'NO's --- hope you are getting my point here. The only thing you might end up with is x number of YES and hope to translate the YES into more dollar value for IV and there will be some YES who are already contributing monetarily.

    You are right in saying that we need to increase dollar contributions but tying it to frequent updates is not a practical thing. There are reasons IV Core cannot share their strategical plans with the masses and this is true in most places. By saying donate more and get more updates, we are setting us up for failures esp. if we expect 'real' updates. Even in an ideal situation, you will not have real changes every week and certainly not regularly.

    And once again thanks for the healthy discussion.

    All those who have voted - thanks for your response so far and agree with the sentiments expressed. For those who have not voted yet, please take the time to log in and vote - YOUR OPINION COUNTS!
    All I am really advocating is more transparency ...which should lead to more involvement as well. Thanks for your time.

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  • there was a signed petition for this...i lost the link.
    anybody knows the link?

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  • I read the views .. that talking to lawmakers makes the difference.
    I'm a little surprised here.
    The long wait for the GC is an age old issue. I know folks who came here in the 80's and 90's and went through the same issues. There were brief periods when the process did speed up .. but by and large it has been the way it is.
    Lawmakers can say .. 'oh I did not know it took 7 years to get the green card." But I find that tough to believe that no one knew this until we went and said this to them? (h1 quotas get extinguished in a day .. and everyone knows this ..
    The situation is still the same. CIR also puts out there .. the need for Immigration reforms. So pretty much everybody out there knows what the issue is. Now what can we do to make them move on it quickly.

    I agree that getting together educated folks is difficult .. since they have no Union (like workers) and are not as close as blue collared folks. And that's the main reason why an illegal immigrant rally can get a million people on the street .. whereas a legal immigrant one gets in a 1000 people or 2000.

    To summarize:
    1. I think people in concern know that the immigration process is inefficient
    2. Unless there is sufficient sustained pressure, nothing can change.

    I would say this .. the question is this ... how can we get a huge rally going in key cities in successive weeks, so we get noticed and we can send across a stronger message?

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  • Does anyone know whether hard copy of Labor approval is required for filing Form 1-140. My Labor status shows certified, but my lawyer is conveying that they have not received my hard copy of approval to process Form I-140 and 485. Can some one tell me if we can take a print out of Labor approval from online status and use it for filing 140.

    it is required by law. if lost in mail, then you have to do special documentation with i 140

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  • Yes very nicely put.

    Yes all of you that are posting on this thread. please leave USA and go back home. Lets see how many people actually do it.

    Its a good thing, and I fully support it. Afterall it will make my line shorter and wait lesser.

    Little harsh but true.

    12:09 Pm


    Hi all,
    my priority date is jan 2003.first ours was at TSC and then it was transferred to VSc and now it was transferred to TSC.

    Wow !!! did you check with an Infopass?

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