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  • Lets find real information. Don't start guessing game (unless you just love the mess you are in). Please contribute on FOIA thread.

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  • He means July 2008, i.e. the last quarter of the year when USCIS feels the need to use up the 140,000 visas.

    If that happens again it will be sick. But it is an easy way for USCIS to avoid processing applications in priority date order. Just have DoS (dept of state) make the bulletin move forward or make current for a brief time, then they can approve applications in any order convenient for them. Then move it back again so no one can send them new applications.

    Think I'm kidding, that's what the 2007 July mess was caused by!

    now there is no order they can approve any application where i-140 is approved, background check is done they will get GC .

    Thats a good thing

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  • Thank you Chanduv23, for the prompt reply.

    Oh, I trust the attorneys to file it correctly, I was just wondering if there was any way of finding out if it was received and processed correctly. With the H1B, 140, 485, etc. you get a receipt notice, but I wasn't sure if that was the case with the G28, probably not.

    The thought of the remote possibility of any correspondence from the USCIS going to the old attorney (for whatever reason), and not making it to me/new attorney in time to respond to it, is a little unnerving.

    Well, anyway, no point losing sleep over these things, although it is easier said than done.

    Again, thank you for sharing your experience here, it is VERY helpful.

    I agree. And this has happened. This happens NOT because new Attorney's G 28 did not get filed properly, it happens because VO may mix it up. Usually when a employer requests a revocation of 140 - in real - what the employer requests is "As this employee has left the company the prospects of his future employment with us is not there and we will not support this 140 petition in future. In other words an employer is telling INS "They will never hire you in future".
    So the VO does two things here. They send acknowledgment letters to the employer and their Attorney on file and send RFE/NOID to you and your Attorney. In this process some mix up might happen. Remember, a lot of VOs are very ignorant about AC21 and they may not follow the guidelines properly. Under the AC21 law it is clear that all you do is to change job to a same/similar position. As long as you follow law nothing must happen.

    Check your online status regularly - if you see LUDs call customer service - verify your address. If you do not get mail in 5 days - call again - if it is 15 days past call and ask them to fax it.

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  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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  • This is huge, It is on the front page as she had promised(Mitra Kalita)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Best way is some of the provisions in Durbin bill to restrict some abuse. Only bad thing in Durbin bill is it is banning consulting with H1bs. Other than this provision everything is good. Instead of opposing the entire bill it is better to oppose only that section.

    Here this is what your views are

    You know what this is?

    This is your tunnel vision....

    You have no clue about the implication of Durin bill but you seem to think that your tunnel vision is the wisdom of the gospel, the entirety of all solutions to all the problems.

    Do you take your child to graveyard when your child is sick? Or do you take your child to a doctor? Durbin Grassley bill is taking H-1B program to the graveyard. But that's ok, let's all subscribe to your tunnel vision and support Durin bill..... If that passes, within one year you will come back to some forum and say that this is the worst thing to happen for this community. But again, that's ok, lets all use this.... The Tunnel Vision.


    You have victory flowing all through your veins... good!!!!

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  • How on earth did EB3 ROW not move?!

    Why should ROW always move forward?:D You think just because your numbers are small, we live for free in the US of A.

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  • This is what the last part of the text says:
    This suspension will last for 30 days beginning on July 2, 2007 and ending on August 1, 2007. During this timeframe, USCIS will determine whether it is able to process these cases within 15 calendar days of receipt. If so, Premium Processing Service will once again be made available for Form I-140 petitions.

    With this rule in effect from july 2nd, what happens to the cases filed before in PP but it is in pending status with an RFE.

    I had received RFE on my I-140 on June 1st and replied back on June 6th but there is no update since then from USCIS.

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  • PAGE 8 :

    E. Untimely Processing and Systemic Problems with Employment-Based Green Card Applications – USCIS’ inability to process enough green card applications and accurately track employment-based green card applications has resulted in a perpetual backlog of employment-based green card applications and widespread issuance of interim benefits. This lack of accurate data also has resulted in the underutilization of statutorily limited visa numbers.

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  • Outlook is very very grim without a bill from what I understand. EB3 India is going to be in a hole and EB3 PDs that are 2006 and later have a really long wait time ahead that they are not imagining. We are all hopeful by nature and look forward to visa bulletins with a positive attitude but such PD folks may be disappointed month after month for several years. For EB2 India it is important to know number of ported cases. EB3ROW folks also need to worry now. Their journey may not be that smooth due to spillover rules and high demand. We need to get data via FOIA to make a better guesstimate. Without such data we will hear various theories, predictions and interpretations from various websites and blogs that may not be always true.

    As I remember our FOIA can take as long as 2 years to get processes. Now that they have preadjusted almost all cases ( Means they have all required information on hand for all pending EB based AOS , can IV push USCIS to work on our FOIA ? ) FOIA result can help us lot to convince lawmakers when CIR time will in sep - oct.

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  • Gurus,
    Need your valuable advice on this serious issue. Involved in shoplifting case, got arrested and plead guilty. Served the community service, and paid fine. Got the �Court Disposition Document� which states that I am all clear. My status is I-485 pending and have EAD, AP documents.
    1. Is it safe to travel to India and come back on AP?
    2. What are the possible chances that visa officer may not let me into the USA?
    3. Do I need to carry any letters from my criminal attorney explaining the situation?
    4. Any one in similar situation, please update me on this?
    5. Please list of documents I need to carry during my travel

    Please reply and post your valuable opinions/suggestions/advices.

    Appreciate all your inputs.

    Have a nice day!!!

    Thank you,

    You should be ok. Just in case , carry all your documents including the disposition with you.

    - cheers

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  • those people are too busy on the tracker threads now

    "Those people???". What do you mean by that? These are people who are trying to get permanent residency on their own right, based on the skills they have honed for years. I don't like the condescending tone of your voice. What makes you better?

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  • Hey gc_in_30_yrs,

    We didn't hear back from you. Please let us know the information you got from USCIS. Here lot of people waiting for your post (Prabably GOODNEWS from you).

    Thanks in advance

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  • 1. If you are in IT field, you don't even have a grasp of software development lifecycle and the part QA plays in it. A good QA cycle is essential for a good quality product. It is your ignorance about software development cycle that makes you say good QA guys are not an asset for a good product and they are not smart as developers.

    Well I am not a software engineer but I do understand the role it plays so I do know im not dumb. Thank you for your words of wisdom.but I wouldnt agree with the fact that people have to be flown in from other parts of the world for this, yes there are corner cases in every product validation cycle which needs really talented people the vast majority do not do that

    A tenth grader with enough common sense can do good software development. India produces lot of people with good common sense and analytical thinking. That is one of the reasons for India's software boom.

    IMO if you don't have a patent in your name, you are not high skilled enough.

    2. How many consulting companies do you know do charge their candidates for filing H1 ? I haven't come accross any. It is illegal to do that. If someone is doing that, ICE is after them.

    Do come out of your own imaginary world, I can forward you a dozen emails my wife gets from these so called messiahs of the IT industry. 3.

    All I can say is you are as ignorant as some of the anti-immigrants in this country. You haven't seen the real world.Come out of your little world and look around to see the real world.

    I am not anti-immigrant at all. There are good and hopeless people in every aspect of life , I see the H1-B visa or any employment based visa scheme as a prized posession and only the best should be allowed to lay claim on these ones which unfortunately isnt happening.

    4. Yes, you are for whatever suits you. What about getting yourself a preferential treatment for H1B visa and GC ? Sounds good ?

    No matter what I explain to you, you'd always be giving me a raw deal, I am not even going to explain myself.

    BTW I am curious why you are referring to "consulting companies" as consultants. "consultant" and "consulting companies" mean different things.

    OK thats a biggie I should have known better I'd be clear the next time around. Due apologies.

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  • Sent it on July3rd reached USCIS on July5th

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  • we will see more of this as elections near..


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  • After you wait for 7-8 years in your category for your visa your thougths will change. I have MS from an american university + work experience. Our lawyer decided to file EB3 in 2001, they convinced the company that EB3 is easier to get approved. i am still waiting for my GC, in the mean time i have gained a lot of experience, i am still an EB3 for USCIS. There are many in a similar position.

    People talk about unethical practices etc. i feel that they ones who jumped the queue and used agressive lawyer already have their green cards. Most of my friends are already thinking about citizenship (and ROI after USC..that is a different forum :)).

    Its people working in multinational companies who follow the law by the book are the ones who get screwed, its just my observation and opinion ..good or bad, i dont know...

    When there is a overflow, I strongly feel that it should flow to all the categories and that is called equality. Some inefficient people in Decision making authority at USCIS framed a rule on visa overflow and they are following it. If the rule is not much logical/ethical to most of the people, then anyone can voice their rights against it.

    Just for example, a team consists of one project manager(EB1), two tech leads(EB2) and 6 Developers(EB3). The demand is based on no. of vacancies exists on the market, that means a lot of EB3, less EB2 and few EB1.
    As per this rule, USCIS is not actually feeding the hungry.
    Regarding the country quota, US is not favoring/helping the foreign countries by giving GC to those people from them. So, it makes no sense at all when it comes to immigrants but I can understand the bureaucracy behind it.
    If they are implementing the country limit then it should be like 0.00001% of that country's population, I feel.

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  • Purgan,
    I respect your green dots which tells you are responsible IVean, however my suggestion is not to post NumbersUSA links.

    Why give them free publicity on IV resources.
    Just ignore them.

    Many friends and foes read IV forums so just keep this for our discussions only.

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  • called today

    Yes, I used nycgal's and made little modification to the intro part. Picked up the IV intro from our home page. Also emphasized on the skilled-immigrants rather than just legal immigrants. Still need to send it to Mr.Sturgeon.

    Good luck finding one that covers you till the end AND is low on premium! The cheapest premiums are that of term insurance, and it is intended for such situations where you have taken measures to invest in other places such as real estate, equities, bonds, cash etc, AND you are not counting on earning any return on the premiums you have paid.

    This insurance is plain and simple. You pay low for covering you for a certain period of time - 10, 20, 30 years.

    Btw, if one is 35 years old and buys a 30 year term insurance, you are covered until the age of 65. What is your point?

    Term Ins is the best choice.

    What you need to cover is risk agains your life and it covers it.

    Term = Covers risk
    Whole Life = Covers risk + Savings

    My father have worked for 40 + years in LIC back in India, driving braches and their Developement officers to get new policies and business. As per him, Term is the best as what you need to have is to cover the risk against your life and it does. About savings - so called cash value is all creatures of agents and ins. companies to run their INS businesses and within that business a BANK or Investment company.

    I don't have one here in US so far. Planning to get one in next few weeks.

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