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  • PD for family based visa is based on the date you file your I-130 for your Spouse. Nothing to do with the Labor certification.

    For unmarried sons and daughters of GC holder same PD is given as of parent - I saw couple of documents.

    I am not sure about (2A) cases.

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  • Call the office and tell them you did not get the answer to the questions and issues you raised and want to speak with the person who handles immigration policy matters. Follow up with this person. Letters go to junior staff and issues get lost unless you contact the senior staffers and seek appointment from them.

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  • Hello All,
    just wanted to share my Finger Printing Experience.
    I am july 2nd filer, EB2.
    NSC -CSC - NSC case.
    Got my FP done today,
    however I noticed that on my ASC notice, my SSN has been printed incorrectly.
    I called USCIS and made the correction.
    I was surprised & furious at the same time, by seeing this mistake from USCIS.
    Their system is so bad, they are not even verifying the Name to the corresponding SSN. Had I missed to notice, I would have been stuck either at FBI name check or by a querry from USCIS later for a long long time.
    Already the wait is long enough.
    Anyways, dont relax just seeing your EADs and APs, watch every detail on whatever they send.


    Did you ever file a Service Request for your FP?

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  • GOD bless you dude for this news...

    I have been hoping for EAD at least and I can happly wait for 2-3 years for my GC

    if the dates are current I and my fellow non EAD holders at least can file for EAD...

    If not current, they should allow to apply for 485 for the ones that they are at least 1 year far away from the current cutoff date if not 2 years (as per current bulletin, they should allow to file 485 up to October 2006 priority date), this way USCIS can borrow some time to pre adjudicate the cases, also easy for them to approve the cases once they are current.

    USCIS talked about 2 step process (1) Registration and (2) Adjustment of the case by taking out the concurrent process, this was supposed to come in place last December, but postponed to this June, even we are in July, no news yet on this.........if this process comes up in place, every one can file for final stage as soon as they are clear with 140, not sure whether they will give EAD or not? Any body has updated info on the 2 step process?

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  • Ummm thanks man. Tuts would be hard to do for my graphics. They basically just comes from my style of art. And everyone has a different style. Get what I am saying? But I'd be more than willing to let you take a look at the .psd's. You might be able to learn alittle from them.

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  • Your employer cannot revoke approved I-140 after 180 days of filing of I-485. AC21 portability law clearly says that. Your employer is playing with the lifes of employees. He cannot win any case in this situation. You better look for another employer and move ASAP. Also, you cannot keep PD as it is somebody else's PD. Eventhough you/your can try appealing with no chances of winning, but you/your employer is trying to spoil the life another person who got GC.


    My employer revoked the i140 of a person after 180 days. He did not reveal this information to me and used labor substitution for me.

    The other person used AC21 and got his 485 approved. INS has denied my I140 since a 485 has already been approved and there can be only one GC on one labor. INS says that once the 485 is approved that job ceases to exist.

    My company is saying that they have done this in the past and got approvals. They are saying that they applied the I140 substitution long before the 485 approval of the other person.

    Now they are saying that they will appeal that the other guy never had the intention of working for the comapany.

    Is there any chance for the I140 approval and using the existing labor ? If not will the INS help me keep the Priority Date.

    Does anyone have knowledge of such cases (or) know the results of such appeals.

    Thanks !

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  • Yes if you look at cnn-ibn you may see such a heading .. but there are thousands of vernacular language media that 90% of its population read everyday and even completely indian English media which is celebrating Diwali just the way they should. Yes foreign investments are there but they are not as big as they are made out to be . If Citibank would like to invest today whom will it invest with - GM or Tata Motors? Money is just something that change hands and flows where there is the greatest potential.India has her strengths and it will beat the odds.

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  • do you know where i can find the exact text to make this certain?
    or is there any?Only H1B expenses should be paid by employer. If employer pays anything else - it's his good will.

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  • I got mmy EAD for both of us, and AP Approved and received on 09/20.

    EB2/PD-Sept'2004/I-140 Approved.
    I-485 - Sent July5th. - Transferred ---> WAC ---> back to NSC
    EAD- Card Received
    AP - Approved.
    AD -?

    Contributed $100 for Rally.

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  • We see a lot of these articles every day praising illegal immigration. How about creating a google group with volunteers that will pick up such similar articels and post a rebuttal, either online or through another website?
    The one we discussed yesterday was about how illegals contribute to the economy by paying $1.5 Billion in income tax for an estimated 15-20 million illegals.
    This was estimated from the 2010 Census data.
    We could initially post these rebuttals online on probably a section of the IV website and also send it to other news sites.
    People who are good at parsing excel/MDB, csv sheets will be useful.

    Most people are not aware of our issues and contributions to society.

    Were you part of the call yesterday on the Filing I-485 when PD is not current....we do have plans like these...and take part.

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  • Before going to senate STRIVE BILL has to pass in congress. When this is going to happen?

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  • As far as contacting AILA goes, could we have someone from core who knows them come forward and help us voice our concerns if we're able to gather some support for this?

    This can turn into an ugly backlog pretty soon if nothing gets done about it. I read last month that they had 146k pending I-140 cases.

    My point is not TSC or NSC - my point is we all sufferers should now unite and create pressure. I cant do alone , you cant do alone.
    How do you want to contact AILA - why they should suddenly listen to a bunch of 10 stray immigrants like you , me ??

    One thing i dont follow in your post how EB3 becoming U affect Processing times of I-140 ? I-140 doesn't depend on "Country of Origin" or "Retrogression".

    Let me know !

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  • I signed contract on my house and now looking for a mortgage. I’m looking at eLoan, LendingTree, credit union and a few banks/lenders listed in Bankrate.com.
    I would appreciate if you can share any information regarding any of the lenders, your experience dealing with them or any other useful information which will help me make a informed decision.
    I’m at Houston, TX.
    If you are one of them who would like to remind me it’s not an immigration related question….I’m an immigrant and I have a question….so would it make it immigration related? :)

    Thanks for your time.

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  • I received receipt nos. from CSC. Later i received EAD also. Today i received mail from USCIS stating that my case is transferred to Nebraska. :(
    Does anyone know that what is the processing speed on getting mail receipt from CSC? my checks were just got encashed last night 9/12/2207.

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  • They might thinking to deport you asap!!!!!!!! Just kidding!!! I dont have much hope from these guys. My finger print medical expired last year and I didn't get any letter or call.

    Anyway having + Attitude and is good thing.

    :)) Good one! I know...won't be surprized to see that happen either! :))

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  • Gurus,
    I�m bachelor. I�m planning to get married in another 6 months. Should I apply for I-485? If I should, can I add my spouse later to the I-485 application before I-485 is approved and priority date is not current. :confused:

    Here is one of my friend in the similar situation planning to do. He is filing 485 without any medical exam. Certainly, he is going to get query and after query you have 40 days (double check this number) to reply. So, he'll get some time to go and do wife hunting.

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  • Prem : It is their will, they can issue it again, if they feel that considerable time has passed and they want to check if you are still employed on terms mentioned in your Labor.

    No one can question USCIS, they can even deny an approved application. It is not a give and take exercise with them............. it's a one way street.:)

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  • sbind,

    Going to Initial Review after approval is scary but normal when you get done FP after approval. I think if you have the I-797 approval then there is nothing to worry about. If you follow a thread in tracki*t you will know that couple of people also got similar status change after FP.

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  • EAD bole too....Daily Ticket
    GC bole too....Quaterly Pass

    Illegal Immigrant....without ticket...:).....freeloader

    And what is ctizenship?
    Lifetime pass :)

    Mr. Vayalar Ravi , Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs,is coming to USA on June 27,2006. He is coming to Washington DC on July 4 to meet Indian Ambassador and Indian community. We should try to meet him personally and explain the problems we are facing. He can talk to US counterparts and do something for us.

    Let us organize an event to meet him on July 4. Since It is a holiday, lot of people can meet him and chat with him.

    Any comments from IV Core Team ? Can we contact Indian Ambassador to arrange a meeting with the minister ? is it possible ?

    Given a choice (with comparable role and growth) I will be more inclined to spend few years (~5) in Europe, post MBA.

    Was just trying to make sure if there was a easier way to maintain my GC, at the same time complete my studies in parallel.

    Per all your suggestions, there are ways to walk that tightrope, but its not very straight forward...Also I am not looking into deferring my studies for a year..

    Will go ahead with resignation...

    Thanks again for all sincere advise and wishes.


    Good luck! All the best.

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